Friday Fab Four

I have been wanting to buy a pair of pom pom sandals for a while. But I was not about to spend $200 on the pair from Net-A-Porter. Like, come on, people. I gots student loans. I found this pair on Etsy. The woman who owns this store hand makes some pretty epic shoes. Be sure to look at her entire collection. So we are having Hannah’s first birthday ‘party’ this weekend. I am not doing anything extravagant because she literally has no idea what a birthday is or why it’s important. HOWEVER, I still had to Google birthday ideas just […]

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12 Months With Hannah

Hannah turned one year old yesterday! It’s crazy that she is a year old — but mostly it is really exciting. She was the best little baby ever, but she is so much fun now that she is bigger. Though I will say, I thought she would be ‘older’ at one. In my mind a one year old is like a toddler, but she is still very much a baby. So that’s good — she isn’t fully grown yet! Hannah Updates Hannah should be walking in the next month or so which is awesome, but also scary. She is already a […]

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Summer Lovin’

Summer is my favorite season because I can leave the house without fear. In the winter, I spend the entire time hoping I will be warm enough when I get outside and dreading that first blast of cold air. I always feel an immense sense of relief when I get outside and I am automatically warm. Also, I get annoyed by those little belt loops on dresses. This dress has them. It’s like, don’t tell me what to do, dress! Maybe I don’t want to wear a dumb belt. Shoes: Sweetest Stitch | Dress: Banana Republic (love this one)

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Purple Swag

I’ve worn this dress before on the blog, but I never liked the way the light looked. It seemed like anytime I wore this dress it was either dark out (because, I mean, it IS more of an evening dress). Or it started to rain so we had to shoot inside. But I finally got the chance to shoot it properly! This is one of my favorite fancy dresses. This dress is also pretty easy to wear as a top if you pair it with a midi skirt. Shoes: Kate Spade (love these)| Dress: Asos (I am obsessed with this)

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Friday Fab Four

Okay, I know the first part of Friday Fab Four is supposed to be about fashion, but I am making it about beauty today. I tried a new makeup remover/cleanser I would like for you guys to know about because it works and it’s moisturizing. It’s this cleansing balm by Colleen Rothschild and it’s so amazing! Get it. Your skin will thank you. Oh and I got you guys a 20% off code! Use CLARA20. You won’t regret it. I know it isn’t even July, but I went ahead and got Hannah a winter coat. I feel like last winter I wasn’t as prepared as […]

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Five Cute Sundresses Under $50

Fact: You don’t need to spend a lot to look amazing. Here’s proof. I have to start with a black dress because I have such a hard time resisting them. This dress is a little more than $30 and is perfect to wear basically every day this summer. A flowy beautiful maxi dress for $30? Yes, girl! I love this dress because you could dress it up or down. Are you dying to try the off-the-shoulder trend without spending a lot of money? This dress is so cute and is only $38. I love the cut of this dress. It […]

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The Many-Faced Skirt

I am not sure if you watch Game of Thrones, but this skirt reminds me of The Many-Faced God except not so dark, and also cute instead of scary and weird. I got this entire look from a new online obsession called Oliver’s Attic. If you love a good summer party dress and/or an adorable full skirt this shop is absolutely for you. Everything is so unique, it was hard to pick a favorite piece! Skirt: Oliver’s Attic | Shirt: Oliver’s Attic | Shoes: Old, but these are similar

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Brunch at the Theater

A theater in the area has recently transformed into a yummy restaurant. The best part — it’s child friendly so Hannah can live her best life without getting any side-eye from the baby haters. Shoes: Asos (old, but love these) | Skirt: Club Monaco (old, but this one is so cute) | Top: Sincerely Sweet Boutique 

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Friday Fab Four!

Uhhh, did you know you can buy swimsuits on Etsy?! Is there anything this site can’t do??? Hannah has been wearing overalls a lot this summer. They are SO CUTE. I put her in her little Martha Washington bonnet and she looks like a presidential farmer. I love these. I made my first homemade pizza! It was delish, except next time I am adding mozzarella to the recipe. Also, if you don’t have a pizza stone but you want to ensure your pizza crust is crispy, preheat your baking sheet to 500 degrees for 15 minutes before you put your pizza […]

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wrap dress

Ballerina Chic

I am not a ballerina. In fact, I might me the most inflexible person ever. I can’t touch my toes, and I have not been able to for as long as I can remember. People always say, ‘oh Clare, you should come to yoga with me! Don’t worry, you can go at your own pace”. And I am like, ‘my ‘own pace’ is laying on the floor feeling sorry for myself so I’ll just do that here at my home. Thanks.” Regardless of my complete lack of ballerina skills, I do like to dress like a ballerina. I love the clean lines […]

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