7 Wedding Guest Dress Ideas

Something Lacy: Lace is perfect for a wedding. It’s special, classy, and always appropriate. Now comes the hard decision. Should you splurge or save? Something Classically Black: It is perfectly fine to wear a black dress to a wedding. Make sure the material is light and it doesn’t weight you down, though. This is a lovely option. Something Preppy: For a more classic style you can’t go wrong with ruffles, and pink. Pink is always a good idea. Something Formal: A formal wedding is hard because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress you can only wear […]

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The Books I Read in April

This picture has nothing to do with books, but it is so cute of me and Hannah getting ready to go a Coachella theme party. Hannah is rocking her tie-dye dress and ‘flower crown’. The Light of the Fireflies: I can’t decide if this is a genius books about the psychological effects of abuse or if this is the single most masochistic book I’ve ever read. I am leaning towards option two, sadly. This book is similar in plot to Room, but it focuses on an entire family who lives together in a basement. The book starts off promising but quickly […]

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Friday Fab Four

Is your mom a GoT fan? This shirt is perfect for Mother’s Day. I wish they had one that said ‘Mother of Dragon’ for those of us with one kid or ‘Mother of Dragon Dog/Cat’ for pet moms. But that might be getting too nitpicky. Hannah has little teeth now. I want to start teaching her good dental habits early but she is not too keen on the idea. Right now, I have been trying to wipe her little teeth and gums with a damp wash cloth, but she is NOT here for that. She clamps down her little jaw, turns […]

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spring style

Spring has sprung

I realize I have been trying to say ‘spring is here’ basically since January. I think it is finally safe to say that spring has officially arrived. I really hope so, Hannah is growing out of all of her coats and I am ready for her to wear her cute summer things! Is that too much to ask? I mean her little summer rompers are just too adorable to be sitting in the closet. Flats: J.Crew factory (similar) | Skirt: Zara (old, but love this) | Top: Express: Similar, but denim | Necklace: Manic Trout | Hat: Target (similar — and maybe […]

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coil ring

A Mother’s Day Giveaway (On Instagram)

I wanted to pop in to tell you that I am giving away TWO (one for you and one for Mom) gorgeous coil rings, just like the one that’s pictured above, on Instagram today. The ring is from one of my favorite online jewelry shops, Ann Revere Jewelry. I wanted everyone to know so they can enter! Okay, that is all for today. xo

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10 Months With Hannah

Hannah is ten months. I can’t believe it! This month has definitely been a favorite because she changed so much. She is a whole new lady! Hannah Updates: Hannah is now a lady on the move. She crawls! She says dadda, uh-oh, woof-woof, and she also says momma but I don’t think she associates it with anything. She is super friendly. She used to be my tiny grouch. Now she loves everyone and is super smiley. She is so adorable with her outgoing ways except she wants strangers to hold her and that’s NOT gonna happen, sister. #notsorry She has […]

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Friday Fab Four

  Is it ever okay to spend $400 on a top? Well if it was I would absolutely get this shirt. I have been obsessed with acai bowls lately. Hannah and I eat them almost every day. Now I am on a quest for other smoothie bowls to try. This one looks so yum! Though I would have to omit the matcha powder from baby girl’s bowl. My child is literally all over the place. I can’t take my eyes off of her for even a second! I have to put her in the exersaucer when I am not right there beside her because she is […]

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03 (1)

5 One Piece Swimsuits To Get You Through Summer

  One piece swimsuits are a must-have this summer (thank goodness). If you’re dying to ditch the bikini I have selected my top-five one piece swimsuits that are anything but boring. Whenever I think of swimwear, I always think Mara Hoffman. Her colorful designs and flattering silhouettes are impossible ignore. This scalloped suit is super flattering and the color is beautiful. This is one of my favorite swimsuits ever — so of course I had to include it on my list! If you’re willing to splurge this suit is just wonderful. I love the little cap sleeves and the classic black […]

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florals and stripes 3

Floral Belle

Do you have a go-to look? A silhouette you know you rock the heck out of? Mine is a form fitting top and a full, a-line skirt. I go back to this look over and over because it works for me and makes me feel like a glamazon. If you don’t have a go-to look, find one asap! It makes getting dressed so much easier. If I need to buy something new or get ready in a pinch I have a default silhouette to fall back on. So instead of having a ‘I have nothing to wear!’ meltdown it’s just a matter […]

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white blazer 2

Springtime Fresh

I am thinking this crisp, white blazer might be a go-to for me this summer. I love a blazer, but I usually go for black or navy styles. This white one is great for spring and summer because it’s so versatile! Now all I need is a blush pink blazer and my blazer arsenal will be complete. Also how cute is this Manic Trout elephant necklace? I think deciding between the elephant pendant and the giraffe pendant was one of the hardest accessory decisions I have had to make. Ultimately I decided on the elephant because I just loved the blue beads. […]

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