These photos of Gemma Ward remind me of those rare but wonderful, lazy Sundays when you wake up at noon and start to curse yourself for wasting half of a day. But then your smile and realize that you have

n o t h i n g  t o   d o

So you spend your day relaxing, watching happy movies, reading engaging books, drinking sweet tea and praying that Monday will never come.

*I hope you find some time to relax this week*




d79086b0d92cPhoto credit | Photographed by Michael Thompson | source Fashion Gone Rogue | via Ecstacy Lover


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18 responses to “*Relax*

  1. i love her lip color!

  2. Ela

    I know just the feeling! Lovely photos, Miss Clare!

    You love gummies too?!? Yay!
    I have this *quirk*, which S DETESTS with a passion, of squishing anything gummy when I walk by it – like candies at the grocery line – of course I only give them a squish while they’re in the package…I don’t want vendors to not be able to sell them, it’s a weird OCD thing, try as I might I can’t help it. LOL, why did I just tell you that?

    Have a great night and a nice lazy weekend! xx

  3. These photos are stunning. I love her lipstick in the top photos. They’re so dreamy…

  4. Hey Clare. Great photos. She’s so beautiful. I’m glad the week is about her. I’m hoping to rest and relax some this weekend. Take care. Cheers!

  5. I solely agree with you! I luv this first photo of Gemma, it’s sooo PRETTY !!!
    P.S. I have such a busy week but I am trying to fit some relaxation in somewhere but it’s not happening as of yet! I hope YOU get to RELAX !!!

  6. i would like to relax away my entire life. seriously. the grind is SOUL-CRUSHING. but tomorrow is friday and i will stop my bellyaching…NOW! :)

  7. Whose Gemma Ward? Shes kinda cute and all, but who is she?

    Praying Monday never comes is kinda sad, since if Monday never came it would mean you either died, or the end of the world happened, in which case you’d too be dead.

  8. Ohh for the weekend to arrive and I love lazy Sundays, I too wish they would never end. These photos definitely evoke that emotion. ;O)

  9. I’ve been fortunate to have a few of those weekends this summer. Sadly, this weekend wont be one..but I hope that yours will!

  10. I’m definitely relaxing today. Its the first time in months that I have no plans at all! It feels good. I love the pictures. They’re perfect for a lazy day.

  11. Stunning, darling!


  12. lovely pictures, I love the natural nude “just got up from sleeping” look, hope you’ll have a great weekend :)

  13. These pictures are just so stunning. Gemma is gorgeous! :)

  14. Ahhh this is exactly what I’m doing come tomorrow after three straight days of 8 hours shifts lifeguarding. Albeit not quite as attractively as Gemma.

    And thank you for your comment! It made me smile =)

  15. Oh woah, yes I know what you mean! Sunday is my favoruite day!
    This is gorgeous


  16. No joke, I slept in until noon today and it was heaven. The hubs got the bambino up, fed him and entertained him so I could sleep. Heaven. Hope you’re having a fabulously lazy weekend!

  17. i love gemma ward! i love her red lipstick. when i was younger, i made a mini magazine out of one of my mom’s issues of vouge with her in it. i haven’t seen her lately in fashion magazines, which is a shame because she’s a great model.

  18. These images are so beautiful. They definitely capture the feelings of a perfect, breezy summers day.

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