Obsessed with Downton Abbey

If you aren’t watching Downton Abbey, you should start. There is literally nothing not to love about the show. Unless you are not a human. In which case, I am not sure why you are on the Internet.

Don’t let the fact that it comes on PBS deter you; this is not your grandmother’s TV. So, after you finish reading this post, start watching the show. The Onion (a trusted, totally credible, not joking news source), said watching an episode of Downton Abbey is like reading a book!

I found these photos of my favorite three leading ladies. Ah, they are the best.

I saved the best for last. Check out the Downton Gals at ‘da club!! Can you tell who is who? Don’t worry if you can’t, I gave you the answer.


All photos via The Fashion Spot


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8 responses to “Obsessed with Downton Abbey

  1. Courtney

    love this pics! and I want all of those outfits!

  2. Claresmom

    Love it!! Love it!! Love it!!!

  3. i am so dying to watch this show! Now that the 2nd season is done, i have ample time to watch…no excuses!:)

  4. They are pretty! Very tall! I love their dresses too! <3

  5. Never saw this show, but will check out after this recap. Have a great weekend, Clare!

  6. Awesome pics;)
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. kca

    THIS IS MY FAVORITE SHOW!! But, Clare, I love these pics of the girls “out of costume”…they are still so stunning :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. OMG, who ISN’T obsessed with Downton Abbey, even after the season is over? Great set of pics too Clare! The gowns are just gorgeous.

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