Happy Easter!

Happy Easter weekend to all you lovelies! I hope your weekends are a-mazing — and full of candy.

Here are some fun things for you to do:

Buy a fuzzy bunny hat for your tiniest friends.

Pick up one of these adorable bunny figurines off of Etsy.

Sport these Louis Vuitton bunny ears to your Easter dinner

Make these delicious Cinnamon Bunny Rolls

photos via the fashion spot and tumblr


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8 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. The little guy’s ADORABLE!!!!

    Happy Easter Clare!

  2. That first picture is adorable!!! I love it!!!

  3. A) i want that baby
    B) Lets makes Cinnabunnies!!!!

  4. Have a great Easter too. Love the first picture. So adorable.

  5. Cutest post…ever!!

    Happy Easter, Clare!

  6. The LV bunny ears are hot! If only I could pull them off at the supermarket.

  7. CinZilicious

    Hope you had a happy Easter…love the baby in the bunny hat, sooo adorable!!! and yum bunny rolls=D


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