Your Mom Goes to College

Is the title of this post inappropriate? I always feel like a Napoleon Dynamite reference is necessary. Also, these photos were shot at the beautiful Columbia University. So yea, the title is spot on.

Shoes: Frye | Jeans: The Gap | Belt: H&M | Shirt: Target | Blazer: Zara (last year) | Headband: Gift (from J. Crew) | Bag: Kiosk at the mall years ago | Glasses: Elizabeth and James


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15 responses to “Your Mom Goes to College

  1. Claresmom

    And I thought this was going to be about ME!!!

  2. erhmahgerd loveeeee this outfit. loveeee those boots. loooooove that blazer. love this whole thing!

  3. I’m with Molly….I LOVE everything about this! Best outfit EVER!

  4. I need that blazer in my life. It’s amazing.

  5. what an adorable outfit! i love it!!

  6. You’ve got skills!!! Great movie and great look girlie:) I REALLY want your jacket, if you find you don’t want it after this post please send it to me. Thanks love! xoxo

  7. Have one looks beautiful! I’ve been looking at your blog and I liked it a lot, and as you combine your style, you’ll always gorgeous!


  8. bunnymysweet

    Classing up the joint I see ;) I love the bag and boots together!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

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