The Bobby Pin Revelation

I wear a bobby pin (or many) in my hair almost every day. By the end of the day between 50% – 75% of those bobby pins are gone. I have lost thousands of bobby pins. I know other women have, too — I wonder, where do they all go? It seems like the streets should be littered with misplaced bobby pins, right?

Well, anyway — I discovered something that will  change our lives forever!

You know how there is a squiggly part on one side of a bobby pin? WELL, beauties, that part of the bobby pin is actually significant and not decorative. The squiggles are designed to hold your hair and prevent the bobby pin from falling out! So when you put on a bobby pin, put it on squiggly side down (“facing” your scalp)  so that it can “clip” the hair and hold it in place.

Okay, sit down. Take a breather. Who knew, right?!

Insanity. Everything I knew about bobby pins has been infinitely changed for the better.

Let’s raise our glass to losing less bobby pins!

If you are one of those insanely smart people who already knew this, I commend you! You’re a genius.
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5 responses to “The Bobby Pin Revelation

  1. jess caudill

    I also had a bobby pin revelation: squiggly side down (towards your scalp) prevents them from falling out so easily.

  2. :) This made me smile. And good to know, too! I’m going to try to remember to do squiggle side down.

  3. Yes!! I’ve love 100’s of bobby pins. I recently discovered that the squiggly part is meant to be worn down side too! My mind was blown.

  4. haha… I just found this out too! Life changing.

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