The Coldest Woodswoman

I know you are probably thinking– Clare! That flannel shirt, those boots, do you have anything else to wear? Yes, I (sort of) do. But these items are so very warm and I was in Upstate New York this weekend so I needed my warmest duds. I even layered my flannel with a turtle neck! It was that serious.

Shirt: J. Crew | Turtle Neck: H&M | Belt: H&M | Jeans: Zara | Boots: Frye


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13 responses to “The Coldest Woodswoman

  1. these pictures are seriously stunning, clare. OBSESSED with this look.

  2. i love this look! layering that turtleneck under your shirt is genius :))

    C’s Evolution of Style

  3. You are beautiful!! I love your style!! :)
    Follow you from Spain!

    My blog is:
    I wish you like it!


  4. I swear I dreamt of those shoes. I love them! You wear them so well.

  5. Claresmom

    OMG!! I LOVE these pictures of you!! Excellent look!! Julienne agrees !(she’s home!!!!)
    P.S. Very cool that you have an international following (proudparentpermagrin)

  6. this is such a fun fall look. i am always looking for ways to add color to my fall/winter layers and have never thought to wear a blouse/flannel OVER a warm sweater rather than under it. Will defs be trying out this look.
    P.S. I just found your blog and you are so hilarious! I am now following and can’t wait for more posts.

  7. i Think this is one of your best looks! From your hair, to your socks, to your nails.
    Keep em comin’

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  10. Lars Inge Gundersen

    This looks so great!Really like the turtleneck under your shirt,the jeans,the socks into your lovely boots!You are just looking faboluos in this!

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