Trend Alert! Rosy Cheeks

You know that rosy look you get on a cold day? Or when you go running — something  I know nothing about, but I am sure rosy cheeks happen when you run.

Well y’all, that rosy look is really cool right now and you should stop skimping on your blush immediately. I am actually really excited to give extra rosy cheeks a go. I personally love blush. As Bobbi Brown (I think), in her infinite wisdom once said, blush is “instant prettiness’.

photos via fashionising


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4 responses to “Trend Alert! Rosy Cheeks

  1. All that blush gives such a healthy look to the skin… I love it!

  2. racheltr

    Such a gorgeous look! I must try :)

  3. I love the look of rosy cheeks! I love pretty pink blusher.

  4. Well, rosy cheeks in the cold winter make me very uncomfortable. I will try to get rid of it.

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