Jazz It Up

Let me tell you, putting together an outfit when it is super cold is definitely a bummer. It is not easy to look cute and be warm. But, I have a secret weapon that will save us all — JEWELS! I have been stocking up on jewelry like a crazy person. I can throw on my winter uniform (i.e. a sweater, a button down, jeans, and boots) and jazz the look up with some cute costume jewelry. Presto! The outfit is cool.

Sweater: Brooks Brothers similar here | Necklace: J. Crew


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7 responses to “Jazz It Up

  1. I’m a necklace junkie myself:) Love your jewels and it’s perfect with your cozy sweater!

  2. Looove that necklace! I never want to spend money on jewelry, but they’re so versatile and can dress up an outfit so well! Maybe I’ll get some the next time J Crew has a good sale…


  3. Love the necklace! Totally takes your sweater tot the next level
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  4. I definitely agree! Nice jewellery can definitely spice up a winter look.

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