Freezing Fists

blue colorblockingI would like to take a moment to commend the amazing men and women of the fashion blogging universe for taking outfit photos all year ’round. That ish is hard. So hard, I have developed the dreaded freezing fists.

What is freezing fists you ask?

Well, friend, freezing fists happen when you go out to take outfit photos and your fists get so cold that they involuntarily ball up into tiny frozen fists in a commendable, but ultimately failing, effort to warm themselves. Freezing fists are often found in every outfit photo taken between the months of November and March. Please see the photo below for an in-depth analysis:

freezing fistsSee if you can spot freezing fists in the rest of the pictures below.

blue sweater and jeans

blue on blueJeans: J. Crew | Shirt: J. Crew | Sweater: Brooks Brothers (worn here)


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11 responses to “Freezing Fists

  1. bahahahaha move to NC. it’s still like 60 degrees here!! lol – love this look!

  2. I want your headband! Your pictures always look good even if you have freezing fists! Love it. :)

  3. Amy Rood

    Can I suggest cute mittens?

  4. Oh, I love your sweater and headband! You never know: Freezing fists might be the next new modeling trend… :-)

    * Celebrating completion of my blog update with a J Crew gift card giveaway. Check it out, and enter to win:!*

  5. i second the suggestion above! find yourself some cute fingerless mitts to assist with the picture taking! or stick your hands in your pockets (front or back) to help matters out!

  6. Haha! My archives are full of freezing fists. I spotted them earlier in the year in my blog posts so have tried to cut back on it!

  7. Just bought that same gingham shirt from J Crew! Gotta love flannel :)


  8. I love your checkered top!!! You look darling!

    Rachel Ashley

  9. You look pretty in this outfit. I also agree with th joyandsunshine that you might be the next new modeling trend. Thanks for sharing this beautiful photos.

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