Another Brick in the Wall

blue gingham, layered cardigan, a-line skirtThe sun came out in picturesque Harlem which made for bearable outfit post shoots. Hurray!

Also, you may notice that my new bangs are a bit shorter. They are because I decided to go big or go home. So I had my stylist cut them short and blunt.

However, short, blunt bangs require even more TLC than longer, swoopy bangs. For example, when I washed my hair after my stylist cut them, I didn’t realize that one has to style one’s bangs when they are wet.

Since I failed to do anything to my bangs when they were wet, when they dried they stuck out straight forward. They didn’t stick up or to side, they stuck straight forward and I looked like a full-on crazy person. Instead of simply re-wetting my bangs and starting again, I immediately began panicking and my husband thought my my Alfalfa-inspired bangs were just hilarious. Then, in my hour of need, the blow dryer and flat iron only made the situation worse. So I had to tie a scarf tightly around my head and sort of glue my bangs to my forehead and hope for the best. Luckily, the scarf worked, and in the morning all was well again with my bangs.

But now I know. Always style bangs when they are wet.

gingham, cardigan, and an aline skirt

layered blue gingham and an a-lineShoes: Brooks Brothers | Skirt: Asos also worn here | Cardigan: Forever 21 (old) | Shirt: J.Crew


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8 responses to “Another Brick in the Wall

  1. i LOVE your bangs!! seriously – you pull them off so well. and this outfit? well, just another SERIOUSLY amazing look on you.

  2. jonathanochart

    Gorgeous look! I especially like the two-toned skirt. You have fantastic style, thanks so much for sharing (:

    – Jonathan I

  3. Love the bangs, love the outfit, and love your background in these photos! So cute

    xo Emily Beth

  4. Ohmygod Clare, this absolutely hilarious. Look great too!

  5. Nice bangs and skirt :)

  6. Hey sweety !!! you look amazing in this outfit !

    Come to see my new POST

  7. Ok, you are seriously stunning in all your pictures! Can I please look like you!?

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