Cinderella’s Boxing

layered t-shirtI rarely wear t-shirts. I think t-shirts are pajamas and shouldn’t see the outside of your house — unless you are in a sorority and it is Rush Week or you are ill and have to make a quick NyQuil run. However, if a t-shirt is witty and makes me smile widely upon seeing it, I will abandon my rules and purchase it. I got this shirt from and it is now my favorite thing. Cinderella’s Boxing! I want to join this made up gym. Who’s with me?

cinderella boxing

layers and colored jeans

layers and colored jeansShoes: Asos | Leg Warmers: Target | Jeans: Urban Outfitters | Chambray: J. Crew | T-Shirt: and in black here| Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger | Mittens: My husband’s grandmother


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13 responses to “Cinderella’s Boxing

  1. Jessica

    Love the t-shirt and I usually feel the same way! As in, I usually don’t wear prints, but that is too cute. I also love the leg warmers and your “husband’s grandmother’s mittens!”

    p.s. I totally bought a dangly, big pearl necklace as inspired by toi!

  2. I love that shirt! And I’m in awe of how you managed to still make it look fashionable! Jealous!

  3. I love this whole look, especially the red lips and the jeans. Don’t you just love They have some of the best stuff, including cute tees.

  4. That t-shirt is essentially the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! Amazing!

  5. Rocker chic! I love! And that lipstick is a perfect olor for you :)

  6. This is such a cute shirt! I love the rocker chic!

    Rachel Ashley

  7. CinZilicious

    WOw, i hardly wear t-shirts either cuz they look too casual and i normally don’t go for that look, lol..BUT! i gotta say, you nailed this babe!!! You look so causal yet chic in it! I love how you placed a denim shirt underneath your t-shirt!!! I’ve got a denim shirt too so i might consider this layering style=D

    By the way, love you in those shades, soo gorgeous looking!!! and love your last post, the pout is just too CUTE!!!!


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  9. Sarah

    Really liked the t-shirt layered over the denim shirt. Would love to see what it looks like with the jacket.

  10. hi! where’s the necklace from? I bought this tee for a friend and then kept it for myself, and in the process of searching for a photo of it when i was coming clean with her (HA!) found your post. i love how you styled it and am looking for a necklace exactly like yours. i can find close versions, but i like yours specifically!


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