The books I read in May

Now before I begin, this was a light reading month. A few things happened all at once: my freelance work tripled, Hannah started crawling, and I rediscovered podcasts. Basically this meant that I was either working, keeping Hannah from hurting herself, or listening to podcasts.

Also, I should note that I did read two Walking Dead volumes, but I promised I wouldn’t talk about those until I finished the series — whenever that will be. This series appears to be endless.

Ok, let’s recap May.

The House by the Lake: I don’t want to start off negatively, but I am going to anyway. I have little respect for writers who place their flimsy love stories during WWII. It is incredibly lazy storytelling. The writer doesn’t need to establish any original conflict or create any sort of unique plot or setting when you just write a story set during a major war. The two key characters are a German boy and a French girl who are in love when WWII breaks out. It’s like — hmmm I wonder how that will turn out?! The book basically writes itself at that point! Basically, the author lifted this story (which actually IS fascinating) and made a book out of it. The story bounces back and forth between present day and the doomed German/French lovers. If you are looking for a light, moderately researched love story this book does entertain. Just don’t expect a lot from it. This is not All the Light We Cannot See.

The People In The Trees: I don’t curse a lot on this blog. Mostly because I don’t curse a lot in real life — but this book was f*cked up! OMG. This book is not for the faint of heart. Despite the difficult subject matter, I can see why some people would find this book quite boring. It is VERY long — 385 pages to be exact — and there is a lot of plotting and explaining. I did find the writing lovely and intricate and incredibly well thought out. I don’t know how to explain this book or if I could really recommend it, though. It’s really haunting and sad and beautiful and weird and SO disturbing. I definitely want to read her other book, A Little Life, I am just really scared to!

Okay, that is all. I told you this was a light reading month. I have been listening to too much This American Life to read my usual amount. Sorry not sorry.

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