Here Comes The Sun

It has been a really tough few days here in the USA. I don’t usually talk about politics or social issues here because this is a fashion blog, it’s not exactly heavy hitting stuff. But I do want to say a few things.

I think in times like these, compassion is so important. Compassion and the ability to understand and acknowledge your position of privilege. If you read this blog, you are likely a person who enjoys a relatively high degree of privilege. No, you aren’t a millionaire — but privilege isn’t always about extreme wealth. You are privileged because you have access to the Internet, access to a computer or a smart phone, you are probably using your computer or smart phone in a safe environment, and you have some disposable income to purchase clothing you don’t need.

I think we often forget that there are people who don’t enjoy any of the privileges we enjoy every day. There are people, right here in America, who live every day in misery and fear. We often hear these people called ‘thugs’ or ‘white trash’ or ‘ghetto’. We say these things about them because we can’t possibly fathom their daily despair, so they must be lazy or stupid. Something must be wrong with them

This is where the compassion part comes in. You should try to educate yourself about your privilege. You should try really, really hard to understand that you have the ability to do amazing things without even thinking about them simply because of your race, socioeconomic status, family structure, sexual orientation, geographic location, or gender.

Remember that ignorance breeds hate and fear. There is no more room for this kind of ignorance. It is so important to acknowledge and understand the systems that exist that have created the social climate we live in, and it is so important to be smart right now.

Okay — I am getting off my soapbox now :). This is what I’m wearing.






Dress: Humble Chic | Shoes: Aldo (old, but these are cute) | Bracelet: KJP

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