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The Books I Read In September

I read two books in September. Both were good. Once was really good, the other was just good-good. Here’s they are!

Yellow Crocus: I had been avoiding this book for months. Usually, I don’t like to read slave books written by white authors because they always seem to dissolve into the Happy Slave Narrative: no matter how many atrocities a slave must endure they are secretly super happy to be serving their well-intentioned masters. I hate that. Thankfully, this book only did this a little bit, and overall it was quite good.

I think this book faltered because it tried to do too much. It tackled the mothering relationship between white babies and their black wet nurses/surrogate mothers, it tackled the marginalization of white women during slave times, it tackled the inter-plantation slave trade and the devastating effects it had on black families, and it tackled the Underground Railroad. Ultimately, this book did the black slave/white baby relationship narrative best as this was the primary focus of the book. The rest of the story lines ended up reading like afterthoughts and made the book feel a bit scattered.

However, I do recommend this book. Especially if you don’t know much about the day-to-day lives of black slaves.

MaudeThis book was on my Kindle Unlimited. I am very happy I picked this one up. I loved the way this book was written. It was very conversational, and it felt like you were chatting with a friend. Maude tells one woman’s really incredible (and sad) life story. It’s hard for me to fully explain this book. It is just one woman’s extraordinary life. The book does explore some interesting topics regarding motherhood and marriage. I definitely recommend reading this one.

What are you reading?

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  • Reply Keya October 5, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    Ive read both! And my sentiments exactly.

    Check out trail of broken wings, its on Kindle Unlimited too

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