Friday Fab Four

A few weeks ago, my husband, Hannah, and I went to the apple orchard to get pumpkins and do other fall activities. They had apple cider slushies at this orchard. I was hesitant to get one because I was worried they would be weird and syrupy-sweet. My husband ended up getting one and it was the most delicious drink I had all year. I immediately began daydreaming of how much more delicious an apple cider slushy would be with bourbon. Of course, the internet immediately answered my prayers with this recipe.

Regardless of your views on the election, we can all agree that the rampant sharing of fake, click-bait, exaggerated, or opinion-based ‘news’ was out of control. From insanely exaggerated articles by Occupy Democrats, to grating, ear-splitting rants by The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren, we all need to demand a better, more credible news cycle. We also, myself included, need to understand that just because a person on the Internet says something you agree with, doesn’t mean it is news. Anyway, use this link to determine if what you are sharing is shady news.

For many people, it is wedding planning season. Many brides spend months DIY-ing their way to a picture-perfect wedding. I have never been crafty, so the only thing I DIY’d was my candy bar, which involved me pouring candy into glass jars.The cynic is me questioned whether DIYing was really cost-effective, or if you actually ended up spending the same (or more!) buying supplies. I also believe that time is money, and I would rather do other things than spend eight hours making paper flower arrangements. Anyway, I stumbled upon this thread, which has some great advice on DIY weddings. There is awesome, smart input from people for and against DIY.

In lieu of a funny video, I wanted to share this article about the London Fog tragedy in 1952. Here’s what happened: this super-thick, deadly fog descended upon London and killed thousands of people! Sounds like a horror movie, right?? Well, it really happened and here’s why.


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