Friday Fab Four

I haven’t done one of these since before Christmas.

Okay first and foremost, I have to share this article I found about the best cookies by state. I want to make them all this year! Hmmm, maybe that can be a new blog challenge??

As you know I can’t shop for myself this year. However, I can shop for Hannah. Though I am trying to cut back on that, too. I only want to shop for her when she jumps to the next size. Also, we have some epic hand-me-downs from friends so I will only buy her stuff when I really want something special. I discovered this site called Octer that basically has anything and everything you could want all on one site. Their selection of baby clothes is insane. Everything from Burberry coats down to basic cotton cardigans. It’s pretty awesome.

Sorry, but I have to include two food posts this week. Have you ever ordered anything from Shari’s Berries? Well, they sent me a package of Christmas goodies. I have to admit I was lukewarm about the idea of getting mail-order treats. But then I opened the box and tasted something. OMG, guys, it was really delicious. I especially recommend their caramels. My husband would have probably eaten the whole box in one sitting if I hadn’t fought him off. They were SO good.

I just started using DuckDuckGo and it’s pretty great (am I late to this party?? lol). It is a totally private browser. You don’t have to worry about tracking codes following you around and retargeting you with annoying pop-up ads. Definitely download it if you haven’t already.


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