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Final Days of Fall

fall styleI think the Ginko trees are the last trees with their pretty Fall foliage. I feel like once they lose their leaves it will be winter for real. Boo! Winter is the worst!

preppy style

preppy details

fall style

fall styleShoes: J.Crew Factory | Skirt: ChicWish (old, but love this one) | Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft (old, but this similar one is way on sale) | Jacket: J. Crew (old, but love this coat!)

A Dress A Day Till Christmas Day: I got so excited about Hannah being five months I forgot to post a dress yesterday! So here are two picks for today.

  1. Have a formal holiday event? This dress will make you look like a movie star AND it’s under $100.
  2. I’m a sucker for fit and flare silhouettes and lace details. So when two of my favorite things come together in one dress, it’s a home run find! Oh and this dress comes in five colors. Woot!


Friday Fab Four

So I decided to accompany Friday Fab Four posts with a Flash Back Friday image from an old outfit post. They are fun to look at and, if anything, they will showcase just how long I keep (and wear) my clothes. Also I have bangs in this photo. I must not be tricked by them. They may look good for this snap, but overall bangs were a giant pain in the butt. Click on the image to see the original post

winter style

This is great time of year for one piece pj’s. Victoria’s Secret has some super cute ones, that are shockingly not cheesy.

This isn’t a food recipe, but these simmer pot recipes will make your house smell great for the holidays.

I love discovering online shops for baby clothes. This shop is pricey, but super cute. If you have a friend who is expecting, a piece from this shop is special and sure to please the mom-to-be.

I found an amazing online toy shop. All the toys foster learning. Even better, they are wood and hand made and affordable! If you have a baby or child on your Christmas shopping list, you can get them one of the shop’s gift sets!

A Dress A Day Till Christmas Day: This dress might be my favorite one yet! You can really wear this frock anywhere. I love the ruffle details. See all my dress picks on my Pinterest board.

Fair Isle Fab

fall styleI love Fair Isle sweaters because they are festive, a touch hokey (in a good way), and a perfect go-to piece for the holidays. You just have to find the right Fair Isle sweater. Some of them can be hokey in a bad way. You want to make sure you strike a balance. I think this one is the cutest one I’ve seen this season.

fair isle sweater

fair isle sweater 2

fall sweater

Boots: Frye | Dress (worn as skirt): J. Crew Factory (similar) | Sweater: C.Wonder, which is now out of business (still love this one so much, though) | Hat: Smathers and Branson

A Dress A Day ‘Till Christmas Day: Ok, I know I am forever talking about J.Crew Factory, but this little lace dress is SO cute. It’s perfect for work, a family dinner, or a cocktail party. The only thing is it looks a touch too long. It might need a trip to the tailor to get taken up a few inches. Check out all my holiday dress picks on my Pinterest board.

Fall Prep

fall styleThis is the best time of year for layering because you can layer for looks instead of warmth. I mean when else can you wear a puffy vest and sandals? No other time, that’s when.

ALSO, I recently became obsessed with The Gap. I used to shop there in high school, but I stopped in favor of more trendy clothes from Express. Y’all I LOVED me some Express in high school. I once bought a tank top with a giant sparkly flower on it and nobody could tell me nothin’ with that tank on!

Anyway, back to the Gap. I sort of forgot about the place until Hannah arrived.  The Gap has some of the best baby clothes because they are 100% cotton, can be washed a lot, and they don’t have weird little sayings on everything. Also, they constantly have sales, which is helpful since Hannah grows out of her clothes so quickly. I decided to buy a pair of  Gap jeans while I was getting Hannah some new duds and they were amazing. So yea, now I love The Gap.

fall style

fall style 2

fall style Shoes: Necessary Clothing (love these!) | Jeans: Gap | Top: Gap | Vest: J. Crew Factory | Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane | Hat: Gap

A Dress A Day Till Christmas Day: You guys, I forgot to post a dress on Friday’s post! So today I am sharing two dresses. In honor of the holidays I chose one dress that’s a tiny bit naughty and one dress that’s nice.

Your Winter Coat Guide

I only have one good winter coat. Most people I know also only have a single winter coat. Coats are expensive. You can’t just go around buying parkas like they’re cheap Forever 21 sundresses. Choosing a winter coat can be daunting because you really only get one shot. Then it’s over and you are stuck with your choice for the season. You really need to pick a coat that is both warm and something you can see yourself loving long term. I selected a few of my favorites below.

winter-styleBoots: Nordstrom (similar) | Leggings: The Gap | Sweater: H&M (similar) | Chambray: J. Crew Factory | Scarf: Brooks Brothers (similar)


  • This coat is the stuff dreams are made of. Ruffles, faux fur, two color options, double breasted, gilded buttons. There isn’t anything about this coat that isn’t lovely.
  • Despite being patterned, the chic black and white coloring makes this coat wearable and unique. I love how it’s oversized, but still has classic, clean lines.
  • J.Crew is the queen of cool coats. Their Chateau parka comes in ten gorgeous colors. This parka is also one of the few coats that will keep you warm AND cute. Usually those two things don’t go well together.
  • Everyone loves a fuzzy coat. This coat is the perfect blend of casual and upscale detailing.


  • This coat is super cute, insanely cheap, and comes in multiple colors. While I don’t think it is warm enough to get you through winter, it is perfect to get now for holiday layering.
  • Sometimes I see prices at J.Crew and I’m like — wait what? Sorry, no. Momma’s not a millionaire. Thankfully, there’s the factory store. So if a Chateau parka will break the bank, this Vail parka is a great alternative.
  • H&M always comes through on the coats. I am obsessed with this one. I love both colors, too! Want. Want. Want.
  • I’m not sure if a poncho counts as a winter coat (okay, it doesn’t), but this one is too cute not to include. I mean it has a faux fur lined hood. So cute!

A Dress A Day Till Christmas DayWant to show off your midriff without making your relatives blush? This dress borrows from the crop top trend but ensures that your Great Aunt Mildred won’t spend the entire duration of the family Christmas party giving you side eye over her eggnog. See all my dress picks here.

Fall Maxi

fall maxi I bought this maxi when I was pregnant and it did. not. work with the belly (insert sad face). Though it is slightly big, it is much better now post-baby. Like, much better. I should have taken a photo of what I looked like in this dress when I had my baby belly. It would have been a great Monday funny.

fall maxi

kate spade bag

fall maxi

felt hat for fallDress: LuLu’s | Shoes: C. Wonder (love these) | Bag: Kate Spade | Hat: H&M | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (obsessed with these!)


A Dress A Day Till Christmas DayReady for something merry and bright? This bright pink fit and flare dress is great for a fancy party. The pink color is way, way on sale, but if it’s too bright for your tastes there is also a beautiful blue version.

Summer Recycling

wearing white in fall/winterThe problem with being hugely pregnant then having a newborn during the summer is that you don’t get to wear all of your summer favorites. A lot of my favorite summer pieces sat unworn in my closet all through the summer. But by golly, I’m going to wear them now! I don’t care what season it is.

Wearing summer pieces in the fall and winter is possible. It is just a matter of how you wear them.

  • Stick with heavier materials: If you’re going with a summery pattern, make sure the material is a heavier cotton. You can absolutely wear lightweight chiffon or more flowy cotton pieces, but you’ll be more pleased with your outfit if you wear those materials in darker colors.
  • Pair your summer pieces with fall/winter staples: A cute wool blazer, a fun hat, and some great boots with ensure your outfit looks seasonally appropriate even if you’re wearing summer pieces.
  • Layer, layer, layer: Stay warm, and give your summer pieces a new look with some crafty layering. Have cute summer crop top? Try pairing it with a high waisted pencil skirt and a cute cardigan. Finish the look with a tailored jacket and booties.

In these photos I took one of my favorite summer pencil skirts and paired it with a fall-weight chambray, a long coat and booties. The pattern on the skirt is bright and summery, but I think the finished look is perfect for fall.

fall style

fall style

fall styleBooties: Nordstrom (love these!) | Skirt: Express (old, but this one is super cute) | Coat: Zara (old, but this one is similar) | Chambray: J.Crew


A Dress A Day Till Christmas Day: Talk about business in the front, party in the back! The LBD gets a makeover with this sassy number that is oh, so sweet from the front, but shows just enough skin at the back. ALSO, my friend Cori had a great idea to make a Pinterest board of all the dresses (she’s a genius). If you miss a day, the board can be found here. xo

A Dress A Day Till Christmas Day

holiday dressIt’s officially the holiday season, y’all. Halloween is over and we are weeks away from Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years! I don’t know about you gals but this is my biggest time of year for buying new dresses. I spend a lot of time scouting for cute holiday dresses so I thought, why not share them with all of you?

Every time I blog up until Christmas I will add a link to a cute holiday-appropriate dress at the bottom of the post. Note, the dresses will always be $150 or less. They will preferably be under $100, but NYE sparkle dresses tend to get a bit pricey.

Let’s get started. The dress above is from last year, but this one is similar. It also comes in black.

Get ready for much more holiday dress inspiration in the weeks ahead!

Marty McFlyGirl

fall styleThis outfit reminds me of a glam Marty McFly. Though in hindsight I should have worn my puffy vest OVER my jean jacket. A rookie, error. I will try harder next time. Or maybe I will build a time machine and go back in time, reshoot this look, and repost it! OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH, tricky…

fall layers

fall outfit

fall look

fall lookShoes: Necessary Clothing (old, but love these) | Skirt: Express| Shirt: J. Crew Factory, similar | Vest: J. Crew | Jean Jacket: J. Crew | Sunglasses: Amazon (buy them in bulk)


In the trenches

trench coat for fallFashion experts tend to go on and on about ‘fashion staples’ that you must have in your closet. Many of these staples are not necessary, but a trench coat is! It is very necessary to get a trench coat in your life. They go well with everything and a solid trench will get you stylishly through the Fall and Spring seasons.

I will admit that buying a trench is a bit of a pain in the butt. So I compiled some shopping tips so you get the trench you want the first time (Unlike me. Don’t be me.):

  • Be sure to buy a classic trench in a classic color. The first trench I ever bought was baby pink. I loved it at first, but then I realized that a baby pink trench is not exactly wearable. There would be a day when the weather was perfect for a trench coat. But, alas, I would need to put together an outfit that goes with a dumb baby pink trench. Ugh, bad choice. Bad, bad choice! Always just get the khaki or stone colored trench. Learn from my mistakes. Do not buy a trench coat in a novelty color.
  • Make sure your trench is fully lined and made of good, thick fabric. Sometimes you’ll get a trench and it is just a thin piece of nothingness. That is not good. You want your trench coat to be both stylish and warm. Don’t settle for less than that.
  • You can splurge on a trench but you don’t have to. Yes, a Burberry trench is the gold standard. But don’t feel bad if you can’t get one. I got my trench from J.Crew Factory and I looove it!
  • Size up. I almost always wear my trench with bulky layers. Your trench should never be tight or pull so the safest option is to size up!

trench coat for fall

trench coat for fallTrench: J. Crew Factory | Shirt: J. Crew | Dress: J. Crew Factory (similar) | Boots: Nordstrom (similar) | Sunglasses: J.Crew Factory (similar)