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Summer Lovin’

Summer is my favorite season because I can leave the house without fear. In the winter, I spend the entire time hoping I will be warm enough when I get outside and dreading that first blast of cold air. I always feel an immense sense of relief when I get outside and I am automatically warm. Also, I get annoyed by those little belt loops on dresses. This dress has them. It’s like, don’t tell me what to do, dress! Maybe I don’t want to wear a dumb belt. Shoes: Sweetest Stitch | Dress: Banana Republic (love this one)

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Purple Swag

I’ve worn this dress before on the blog, but I never liked the way the light looked. It seemed like anytime I wore this dress it was either dark out (because, I mean, it IS more of an evening dress). Or it started to rain so we had to shoot inside. But I finally got the chance to shoot it properly! This is one of my favorite fancy dresses. This dress is also pretty easy to wear as a top if you pair it with a midi skirt. Shoes: Kate Spade (love these)| Dress: Asos (I am obsessed with this)

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Five Cute Sundresses Under $50

Fact: You don’t need to spend a lot to look amazing. Here’s proof. I have to start with a black dress because I have such a hard time resisting them. This dress is a little more than $30 and is perfect to wear basically every day this summer. A flowy beautiful maxi dress for $30? Yes, girl! I love this dress because you could dress it up or down. Are you dying to try the off-the-shoulder trend without spending a lot of money? This dress is so cute and is only $38. I love the cut of this dress. It […]

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The Many-Faced Skirt

I am not sure if you watch Game of Thrones, but this skirt reminds me of The Many-Faced God except not so dark, and also cute instead of scary and weird. I got this entire look from a new online obsession called Oliver’s Attic. If you love a good summer party dress and/or an adorable full skirt this shop is absolutely for you. Everything is so unique, it was hard to pick a favorite piece! Skirt: Oliver’s Attic | Shirt: Oliver’s Attic | Shoes: Old, but these are similar

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Brunch at the Theater

A theater in the area has recently transformed into a yummy restaurant. The best part — it’s child friendly so Hannah can live her best life without getting any side-eye from the baby haters. Shoes: Asos (old, but love these) | Skirt: Club Monaco (old, but this one is so cute) | Top: Sincerely Sweet Boutique 

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wrap dress

Ballerina Chic

I am not a ballerina. In fact, I might me the most inflexible person ever. I can’t touch my toes, and I have not been able to for as long as I can remember. People always say, ‘oh Clare, you should come to yoga with me! Don’t worry, you can go at your own pace”. And I am like, ‘my ‘own pace’ is laying on the floor feeling sorry for myself so I’ll just do that here at my home. Thanks.” Regardless of my complete lack of ballerina skills, I do like to dress like a ballerina. I love the clean lines […]

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effective shopping

10 Ways to Shop More Effectively

Sometimes people say, ‘Clare, can you just go shopping for me?!’ This makes me think that maybe I have a future as a personal shopper. But as of now, I don’t shop for people. I can help you make your shopping more fruitful with a few tips and tricks I use each time I shop. Don’t pay full retail price: This is admittedly a recent thing for me. I used to see an item and buy it without shopping around first, waiting for a sale, or checking to see if there is a coupon online (spoiler: there is always a coupon online). Now, I […]

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Keeping in Casual

I am not sure about you guys, but I have been getting eaten alive by mosquitos and spiders and other awful creepy crawlies that live outside. So I have been wearing pants (despite the humidity) to keep the critters away. I definitely need a good bug spray, stat! Also, prepare yourself to see more of this hairstyle. It is so easy and humidity-proof! Score! Shirt: C. Wonder (old, but love this) | Shoes: J.Crew Factory (similar) | Jeans: J. Crew Factory | Bag: Clare V p.s. Another piece I wrote for Mode is live! It is all about the insane […]

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floral two piece

Flower Power

I am loving this floral two piece from Trunk Up Boutique. The particular look isn’t even officially on the site yet, but it will be later this week. I definitely recommend picking it up. I always like when you can buy a set like this because it ends up being so versatile since you can break up the two pieces and wear them with different items. Shoes: Nine West (similar) | Two Piece: Truck Up | Clutch: Nordstrom (love this) | Jacket: J. Crew

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pineapple shirt 2

Pineapple Summer

I hope everyone has a relaxing (and reflective) Memorial Day! It is a dreary day here in Virginia so we will be spending the day chillin’ in front of the tv chasing Hannah around the apartment. Shoes: Sweetest Stitch | Jeans: J. Crew | Shirt: Romwe  

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