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Let’s talk unmentionables

undiesAlright ladies, it’s time to be honest with ourselves for a minute. Our underwear drawers could probably use an overhaul. Sure, you have 3-5 fab pieces, but the rest of your underwear drawer has probably seen better days. Nothing matches, your bras are stretched, your panties (hate that word) have faded. It’s time to give your underwear drawer some lovin’!

There’s a reason fashion experts call underwear ‘foundation garments’, your bras and panties are the foundation of a great outfit. It’s time to rehabilitate your undies, lovelies!

Take it easy on the crazy colors: That bright pink bra is great — okay, it’s more than great — but you should stock up on black, white and nude bras and panties before you go for novelty colors. However, that does not mean you need to go full on boring, girl! Go lacy, get something with fun embroidery, try for subtle pops of color in the stitching, just because you bought a neutral color doesn’t mean you can’t feel sexy or special.

Okay, now you can get the crazy colors: Once you feel like you’ve stocked up on your neutrals, now you can go crazy. Buy fun underwear! Trust me, when winter hits (curse the thought!) and you’re bogged down with tons of layers, a fancy, lacy, matching bra and underwear set is like a tiny piece of sunshine hidden under your sweater dress.

Don’t skimp on support undies: When you’re faced with a difficult skirt or dress, it is easy to just throw on a thong and call it a day. No way, mami, you gotta stop doing that. Thongs not only show off every wobbly bit in your backside, they also tend to cut into your love handles giving even the slimmest girl a muffin top. The worst part? Thongs still show panty lines! They are just thong shaped lines instead of brief shaped. Invest in some great supportwear and put your best body forward under dresses and skirts. Save the thongs for more forgiving bottoms.

Don’t be afraid to diversify: Bras and panties comes in all shapes, sizes, and fits. Try them all! From lacy to seamless, you will not only find new ways to feel totally glam under your clothes, but you’ll also have plenty of different cuts and colors to choose from so you can avoid that ‘oh, sh*t’ moment when you discover you don’t have the right underwear.

What are your favorite underwear tips?

Bra: Leonisa (c/o) | Underwear: Leonisa (c/o) | Necklace: J. Crew Factory (similar)

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Two Pieces, Three Ways: Look Three

crop top and full skirtThis is definitely my favorite way to style a cropped top. This styling method is easier to wear day-to-day compared to look one, and much more dressed up compared to look two. The high waisted, full skirt balances out the risque look of the cropped top and creates a gorgeous silhouette that is flattering on basically anyone.

Sorry there aren’t many photos of look three. It started raining on us! But I have worn looks similar to this herehere and here.

floral crop top

full skirt and crop topShoes: I can’t remember, they are sold old. They are just basic black pumps, though. | Skirt: Express (similar) | Shirt: Express


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Two Pieces, Three Ways: Look Two

detailsLook two is a signifanctly more laid back way of styling the skirt seen in look one. The slouchy sweatshirt top (similar) takes the skirt down a notch, making this a perfect look for brunch with friends or even a causal day at the office.grey sweatershirt and floral pencil skirt

floral pencil skirt

grey sweatshirt and floral pencil skirt

floral pencil skirt and grey sweatshirtShoes: Zappos | Skirt: Express | Top: J. Crew Factory (similar here and here)



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Two Pieces, Three Ways: Look One

matching crop top and skirtI got this rad cropped top/skirt set (yes, I have a problem) from Express. I bought it because it was just too fun to pass up, but there are also so many different ways to style it. I decided to share three of these looks on the blog this week.

This is look one. Honestly, this isn’t super wearable for every day. But it is perfect for a fancy beach outting or summer date.

heart sunglasses

sunhat and heart sunglasses

floral crop top and skirt


shoe details

matching crop top and skirt with sunhatShoes: J. Crew Factory (WAY on sale) | Skirt: Express | Top: Express | Necklace: J. Crew Factory (sold out, but this is so pretty) | Hat: Target (so old)


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It’s all in the details

leopard clutch.jpgCut off jeans (jorts?) and a white tee can be taken to a whole ‘nother level with the right accessories.summer details.jpg


details.jpgShoes: Milk and Honey (p.s. these were my ‘something blue’ at my wedding | Shorts: Express, they were old jeans | Top: Asos (similar) | Clutch: Clare Vivier | Necklace: J.Crew Factory  


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Take a bite out of summer

summer preppy fashionLet’s talk about Rocket Pops and my intense love for them. I could eat them all day errday, y’all!

Also, funny story about the Rocket Pop: After we finished using this popsicle as a prop, it was time to start eating it. Being the nice person that I am, I asked my husband if he wanted a bite of my popsicle. He did. Then he proceeded to bite off the entire red part. I was both impressed and intensely jealous. Good thing the white and blue parts are my favorite anyway! Moral of the story? Share your Rocket Pops with caution, y’all. The end.

summer style

summer style details

summer preppy style

summer fashionShorts: Asos (similar) | Shoes: J. Renee (similar) | Top: J. Crew Factory (similar)


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Surfin’ USA

surfboard sweater and orange shortsI agonized over whether to call this post ‘surfbort’ or ‘surfin’ USA’. In the end, the Beach Boys won over Beyonce because I felt that the Beach Boys meshed better with this all-America ‘fit.

Yes, blog titles are something to agonize over. Developing appropriate titles is a legitimate concern, peeps.

orange shorts and surfboard sweater

surfboard sweater

summer outfit

summer styleShoes: J. Crew Factory | Shorts: J. Crew (on sale!) | Sweater: J. Crew (on sale!) | Necklace: Macy’s (old, but this one is gorgeous)


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A Day at Coney Island

wonder wheelI spent the day at seedy, crazy, cool Coney Island this weekend. Coney Island is pretty far away from where I live in Harlem, but with the help of the fabulous folks at Blacklane Limousines, a little black town car got me and the hubby there quick and in a hurry (and in style, of course)! Woot!

So here’s the thing, I had all these grand plans of taking cute photos of the carnival food I ate. But as soon as I got my hands on that hot funnel cake I immediately ate it. So you just have to imagine the carnival food as there are no photos of food below.

However, I did get a photo of me and the Zoltar:

coney islandFull transparency: Zoltar’s fortune was pretty lame. Then he kept begging me to give him more money for a better fortune in a somewhat forceful tone that I wasn’t entirely cool with.

The beach was great for people watching, though! However, I really must wear a longer skirt next time. The wind was not my friend on Coney Island and I am pretty sure I flashed everyone multiple times.

coney island



coney island 2

coney islandShoes: Keds | Skirt: c/o Rosegal Vintage | Top: Zara (love this one) | Sunglasses: J. Crew

And another big thanks to Blacklane for carting us around all day! xo


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Outfit Post Outtakes

Get excited, another installment of everyone’s favorite post is here. Behold more outtakes for your laughing pleasure:

outfit outtakeThis photo might seem unassuming at first, but look closely. You will spot a trio of photo bombers in the background striking poses. This is why I usually avoid shooting in public places at all costs. But when the light is this good, you gotta do what you gotta do.

outfit outtake 5Sometimes taking artsy photos in nature works — other times you end up looking like you’re trapped in a picture of a rare sighting of Big Foot, where you are Big Foot.

outfit outtake 4“Let me just sit down in these flowers for a second and pick my nose.”

outfit outtake 3Bird poo? Dandruff? The world may never know.

outtake 5It wouldn’t be a proper outtakes rundown if there wasn’t a photo of me judging something harshly. I even had to remove my sunglasses for this judgement. The world needed to see the full force of the disapproval on my face.

outfit outtake 2And last but not least, a photo of me making the most horrible face in the world. LOL! I actually can’t look at this photo without laughing out loud. Also, what am I doing with my arms?!


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Standing in the sun

cropped top and full skirt 3Yup — still loving crop tops.

crop top and midi skirt

cropped top and patterned skirt

crop top and full skirt

full skirt and crop top.jpgShoes: Nine West | Skirt: Etsy (also work here) | Top: Nasty Gal (also worn here) | Sunglasses J. Crew | Necklace: J Crew Factory


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