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Comfy Cozy

Question for other bloggers: How much time do you spend on an average blog post? For me, I spend anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour on a post (this doesn’t include planning or shooting content). I have been doing this for a really long time, so I have my posting regimen down to a science. However, as the holidays come up, I spend a bit more time making my posts feel as magical as the season (or at least I try to). Anyway, I was wondering how long other bloggers spend on their posts. I’ve never asked, and it would be […]

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Twirly Skirt

This is one of my favorite skirts ever. It was made by Rueben Reuel, a designer that Beyonce wore. So basically whenever I wear this skirt I am just as famous as Bey. But seriously, Rueben makes beautiful pieces. I love them all! Shoes: Old, but love these | Skirt: Demestiks, love this | Top: Sincerely Sweet Boutique  

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It’s basically holiday party season

If you’re excited about dressing for the holidays but don’t want to go too crazy because people judge, disguise your holiday enthusiasm with a cardigan! That’s what I did, at least. Shoes: Necessary Clothing (very old, but I LOVE these) | Dress: Shabby Apple | Cardigan: Tracy Reese (similar) | Bracelets: KJP (Get 15% off using CLAREKJP) | Necklace: Manic Trout

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How to Dress Up Flannel

Fall and flannel are like peas and carrots (except peas and carrots are gross, flannel and fall are delightful). Anyway, you probably want to wear your fall flannel as much as possible, but flannel can be hard to dress up. Therefore, our cozy flannel tops are usually delegated to weekend lounge wear. It doesn’t have to be this way! Flannel can be dressy if you style it right. The key is to have fancy details. I chose this gold belt as my focal point and went from there. Skirt: Express (old, but love this) | Shirt: Humble Chic c/o | Bag: Rebecca […]

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Friday Fab Four

I got Hannah her first apple cider the other day (which was also her first taste of juice! Double milestones!). Her drinking apple cider made me wonder what the difference between apple cider and apple juice is. Basically, apple cider is ‘raw’ apple juice. The more you knoooowwwww! This might be sacrilege to some, so prepare yourself. My husband bought Oreos the other day and they were not as delicious as I remembered. They tasted like chocolate and chemicals. I soon realized that the chemical taste was the filling. The filling was ruining everything! So I scraped the filling out and replaced […]

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Laid Back Fall

Whenever it gets cold enough to wear a sweater I always think of this SNL clip. Shoes: Marc Fisher LTD: Jeans: Gap | Sweater: J. Crew | Bag: Charming Charlie (love this)

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3 Halloween Costume Ideas For Lazy Girls Who Are Also Broke

Maybe Halloween snuck up on you this year. Or maybe you’re like me and you spent an insane amount of money on your toddler’s costume so now there is no money left for you. Either way, Halloween is here and you need a costume. Here are three costume ideas that are insanely easy to cobble together and should cost little to no money at all. They are also fairly warm, so you don’t have to worry about a post-Halloween cold. EARLY 2000’s MARY-KATE/ASHLEY Remember all those photos of Mary Kate and Ashley from the early 2000’s? They were always wandering […]

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Don’t just ‘Put A Blazer On It’

Dressing for a corporate setting can be incredibly difficult. Especially if your work is really conservative and you feel limited to suits *shudder*. I feel lucky because even when I worked in a corporate setting it was never so stuffy that I had to completely compromise my personal style. However, I did fall into fashion ruts a lot. My solution was to wear a black dress with a blazer and heels. That got boring and repetitive really quickly. It also felt like I wasn’t wearing a lot of my clothes — and I have a pretty strict policy about not letting […]

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Fall Layers

I do this every year. I get really excited that it is ‘fall’ and I bust out all my fall clothes. Then I proceed to wear all of my fall clothes at once and complain because I am sweating profusely. The only problem is — despite what the calendar might say, it doesn’t really feel like fall at all. It feels like late-summer with cool winds. When the weather actually gets cold, I will be huddled in my house, standing by the nearest vent pumping out warm air, guzzling hot tea, and begging for summer to come back. But for […]

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10 Fall Coats (Under $100)

Seemingly overnight summer went away and Fall is here in full force. If you’re in the market for a new Fall jacket, here are some options below! This faux leather bomber is beautiful, versatile and on sale for $99. I love this coat because it isn’t too heavy, and it has a hood! It is perfect for this transitional season. P.S. — it’s only $89. This beautiful pink duster is great for layering, and its girly pink color will keep the cold-weather blues away. ($73) I love these oversized coats. They remind me of Jackie-O. The grey color of this […]

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