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Friday Fab Four

So I decided to accompany Friday Fab Four posts with a Flash Back Friday image from an old outfit post. They are fun to look at and, if anything, they will showcase just how long I keep (and wear) my clothes. Also I have bangs in this photo. I must not be tricked by them. They may look good for this snap, but overall bangs were a giant pain in the butt. Click on the image to see the original post

winter style

This is great time of year for one piece pj’s. Victoria’s Secret has some super cute ones, that are shockingly not cheesy.

This isn’t a food recipe, but these simmer pot recipes will make your house smell great for the holidays.

I love discovering online shops for baby clothes. This shop is pricey, but super cute. If you have a friend who is expecting, a piece from this shop is special and sure to please the mom-to-be.

I found an amazing online toy shop. All the toys foster learning. Even better, they are wood and hand made and affordable! If you have a baby or child on your Christmas shopping list, you can get them one of the shop’s gift sets!

A Dress A Day Till Christmas Day: This dress might be my favorite one yet! You can really wear this frock anywhere. I love the ruffle details. See all my dress picks on my Pinterest board.

10 Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts That Aren’t Wine

Thanksgiving is next week, you guys. Many of us our going to someone else’s home for The Big Feast. I’ve never cooked Thanksgiving dinner myself, but my mom has — let me tell you, it looks hard. So if you’re going over to someone’s house for dinner, bring a gift for the cook. She or he deserves it.

Also here is a picture of me and Hannah because she’s cuter than a picture of a Turkey.

preppy style

Here are some fun hostess gift ideas that aren’t boring. Not that wine is boring. It’s delish. It’s just that, you can do better — especially on a major holiday:

  • A cute ornament for the Christmas tree is sure to make your hostess smile.
  • Everyone needs a mobile phone charger. Goodness knows these iPhone batteries can’t hold a charge worth a darn. This one is as cute as it is practical.
  • A witty mug filled with luxe tea bags is a simple gift anyone would love.
  • Every girl needs cute sticky notes, amiright?
  • A jewelry dish is an essential item, and therefore a perfect hostess gift. Women should have a trinket dish in every room. I think I would lose a lot less bobby pins and earrings if I had a jewelry dish in every room.
  • Whether it’s a old sorority shirt, a shirt from your favorite concert, or some other special tee, everyone has an old tshirt they love. With this kit they can turn that tee into a lampshade. When I write it out it sounds kind of dumb. It’s actually really, really cool and would make a perfect gift for a crafty girlfriend or neighbor who’s cooking you a turkey dinner.
  • Flowers are always a great gift. Bring them in a cute vase so your host remembers the gift even after the flowers wilt.
  • For an extra special hostess gift, give the ultimate in home fragrance with a Jo Malone candle.
  • A pair of festive studs are perfect to help your host celebrate the season.
  • Pom-pom hats are all the rage this winter, and are surprisingly flattering on most face shapes. A cozy pom beanie in a neutral color is a great gift.

A Dress A Day Till Christmas Day: A good sweater dress is hard to find. They are either too bulky or don’t feel quite luxe enough for a special occasion. This one is a great combo of both warmth and unique details that make it feel fancy.

Friday Fab Four

fall shopping

‘Tis the season for a new statement necklace. I firmly believe that jewelry can entirely revamp an outfit. Pair your favorite LBD with a chunky, sparkly, colorful necklace and it will give your old dress a whole new look.

I made this lasagna soup for dinner this week. It was extra yum, full of flavor, easy to make and also a unique dinner idea.

I am getting really excited to do Christmas with a baby. I have begun scoping out a stocking for Hannah. Pottery Barn does the most classic stockings, in my opinion. I love these fair isle ones!

Speaking of Christmas, I discovered THE GREATEST gifting website ever. Literally every unique gift you could ever want or dream of is sold at this little shop. Go ahead and cancel your Friday night plans. You have some shopping to do.

Friday Fab Four

kate spade heels

I have a thing for crotchet cowl scarves. I’ve thought about learning to crotchet a couple of times — but then I’m like, ‘naaaahh’. So instead I buy my crotchet goods. This oatmeal hood/scarf is so darn cute.

For some reason, I think rainbow cakes are THE coolest. These rainbow cupcakes are a super cute option and they actually look easy. Time consuming, yes, but not hard.

I think this hat is technically for baby boys, but screw gender boundaries! The little antlers are so cute. I want one for Hannah.

And now for something completely fascinating, but maybe a bit pointless: I bring you — Sheepoflage.

A Dress A Day Till Christmas Day: This lacy number is way on sale for a limited time. It is the prettiest periwinkle. Light blue may not be a traditional holiday color but the peek-a-boo lace style makes it perfectly special for a party. Nab it while it’s on sale. See the dresses you missed on Pinterest.

What I’ve Been Reading Lately

I feel like I haven’t done a reading post in so long. In reality, I just did one at the end of September — but still it feels like so long ago. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been reading lately.

reading listThe Martian (finished): In my last reading post I had just started this book. I finished it and it was great. This book is definitely a feel-good read so I recommend picking it up to read during the gloomy winter. Despite being science fiction, the writing was funny and smart and fast-paced which makes it easy to get through. The Martian also made me realize that if I ever got stranded on Mars I would last for about three days, maybe five days if there was enough water in my spaceship. I think I would give myself the same time table if I was stranded here on Earth, too. Survival skills are hard, and I’m an indoor kid. So yea.

Paper Towns: So I got this book because it was on sale and it seemed like it would be entertaining and mindless. I somehow didn’t make the connected that this book was written by the same man who wrote The Fault in Our Stars. So Paper Town was actually really good, thoughtful, and slightly profound. I mean it didn’t change my life or anything, but it was a lovely book. I must say, John Green writes awesome teen fiction. I love my Young Adult novels and John’s got skills, yo.

A Dance With Dragons (aka the 5th Game of Thrones book): Okay this book was over a thousand pages so it kind of hijacked my reading for the month of October; hence why this list is so short. Book five was better than book four, I will say that. However,  I still feel like George R. R. Martin is trolling me with these books. For example, one chapter would be all action packed and exciting, and the next chapter would be 40 pages of one character crossing a camp to go to a well. I’m not kidding. There was actually an entire chapter where a character is carrying a bucket to a well! I still have every intention of reading his next book, but I’m on to the trolling, Georgie Boy. You can’t fool me!

Okay that’s actually it! I told you GoT hijacked my reading time tremendously. But I’ll be back with my fall reads in a few months.

A Dress a Day Till Christmas Day: This dress is perfect for an office holiday party or a fancy get together at a significant other’s house. This dress is figure flattering, is super classy, and the slightly lowcut back is a great statement. For a more conservative look you could pair this dress with a blazer and low boots. To turn every head in the room, pair it with a statement necklace and heels.

To see the dresses you missed, check out my Pinterest board.

Friday Fab Four

autotuneI saw this on Instagram and it gave me all the lolz.

ANYWAY, Friday Fab Four tiiiime:

  • Remember those bow heels everyone had last season that were sooo cute but soooo expensive? Well, just in time for the holidays, there are cheaper versions out there now, people. Get yours here or here!
  • Yesterday I made this for dinner. It may have changed my life with its deliciousness. It’s basically the perfect Fall recipe — it isn’t complicated and it’s delish. Did I mention it’s delish? Cuz it is.
  • So you know how cows and giraffes and monkeys have babies and BAM! they are basically fully functioning cows, giraffes, and monkeys just days after birth? Then you have human babies over here and it takes them months before they can even roll over! And you’re all like, ‘Why are you letting the animals win, babies?! Whyyyy??’ Well there is a reason humans are one of the few mammals to give birth to completely helpless offspring. The more you knooooowwwww!
  • This haunted house video may be from 2010, but it will never, EVER get old. It gets really good around the 1:08 mark.

Have a good weekend and Happy Halloween!

Friday Fab Four

momma and babyIt’s that time again! Friday Fab Four time, that is. I am rounding up the four coolest things I found on the on the Internet this week (in the specified categories, of course).

  • It’s blanket/plaid scarf season. You need to get yourself one, girl! Don’t worry, I did the shopping for you. I love this one, this one, this one, this one and this one.
  • Okay, if apple chips aren’t the perfect Fall snack than I don’t know what is. These look amazing and also really easy to make. Note, you do need a mandolin slicer to make this recipe, though. I don’t own a mandolin, but I am tempted to purchase one just so I can make these. I actually had no idea a mandolin wasn’t just a tiny guitar-shaped instrument favored by Renaissance musicians of yore! You learn something new every day.
  • I love bows for Hannah, but I REALLY love bonnets more. They are much more wearable and just as cute. I want to buy all these ones with pom poms.
  • This 100 Years of Halloween costumes video is going viral. Honestly, if you think the sexy Halloween costumes of today are annoying, at least we aren’t wearing that costume from the 1930’s. Scary Town, USA, people!

Have a great weekend!!!

It’s the most snail mail-y time of the year

I know it’s still October, but let’s be honest. We are all thinking about the holidays in one way or another. I know I am!

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is mailing out my Christmas cards. I take the Christmas card creation process very seriously, and begin prepping months in advance. One of the first things I get is a new address stamp because they. are. awesome. They beat the heck out of sticky address labels and make your envelopes look so fancy! Also, it’s shockingly therapeutic to stamp envelopes. The holiday season is a stressful time so you gotta get your zen where you can, ya heard?!

address stampsThis year, I got my address label from Uncommon Goods. It’s super cute and has a great rustic vibe. There are three font options. I chose Twigs and I love itHowever, I kind of like Brushstrokes, too, and I maybe have a bit of FOMO over my choice.

address stamps 2

Since we’re on the topic of holidays, Uncommon Goods also has some really awesome gift ideas. For example:

This owl eyeglass holder that literally gives me life. That’s just one example of their great home decor options.

This Map of Our Hearts is the cutest wedding gift idea ever.

New Yorkers of the world will die over this coffee mug.

If you’re into art, they have amazing options from local artists.

Happy shopping and stamping! xo


Friday Fab Four

ashley rebecca paintingI spend a lot of time on the Internet. The amount of time I spend searching the web would be embarrassing if it wasn’t so fun and I didn’t always find the coolest stuff ever. In honor of my love for the ‘net I am starting a new weekly feature called the Friday Fab Four where I will share four of my favorite Internet finds of the week. Every week I will include:

  • a fashion piece (always for under $100)
  • a recipe
  • something baby related because I’m obsessed with my child
  • something random that doesn’t fit into a category above

Here we go!

  • It’s all about seventies style this fall and I love this black swing dress. I can see it paired with boots or tights and heels; layered with a blazer; paired with a floppy hat, the options are endless.
  • This three cheese lasagna uses ground beef AND sausage AND three types of cheese AND delicious carb-filled noodles. It’s impossible not to love this dish. I watched the how-to video twice just because the lasagna was so amazing to behold.
  • Babies only like you because you’re pretty.
  • The painting featured above is by Ashley Rebecca  and it’s titled “New Orleans”. It’s also mindblowingly amazing.

Have a great weekend!

My Post-Baby Reading List

First, I want to apologize majorly for being gone so long! I realized that I tried to get right back to blogging after Hannah was born and that just wasn’t feasible. So I took a break. But I promise I am back now. Thank you for being understanding!

Now, let’s talk reading. I have been reading a lot. When Hannah naps I really look forward to relaxing, even if it’s just for five minutes, with a book. It’s therapeutic and it makes me feel like ‘me’ again — even if my nails are chipped and there is spit up on my pants.

Here’s my post-baby reading list:

Modern Romance

The first four Game of Thrones books: It’s crazy to me how something can start off so strong and get so terrible so quickly. The first three Game of Thrones books are awesome. They provided a level of detail and character development that the show simply can’t provide due to time constraints. I am a huge fan of the Game of Thrones show, so reading the books was like truly getting to know the characters on a deeper level. I realize that last sentence sounded insane, but it’s true.

Then book four happened. Now let me remind you that the GoT books are LONG. Like, longer than Harry Potter. When you read Game of Thrones you are making a full commitment of your time and your life. Another thing to note about the GoT books is that they are detailed as fug. George R. R. Martin describes everything, especially food and clothing. In the first three books this added a great layer of color to a great story. In the fourth book it was like reading a boring medieval, fantasy cookbook. Seriously. There were pages, and pages, and pages describing what people were eating. This would be fine if there was also some action. There wasn’t. There were just pages of freaking food descriptions. I forced my way through book four and had to move on.

The Girl on the Train: I will admit that I only read this book because everyone else was reading it. It was good. It wasn’t great. I felt like it fell apart a bit at the end. I liked the effort though. The concept of the book is rad, and the main character was really interesting. However, I do find it strange that people are comparing this book to Gone Girl. This book is not Gone Girl — not even close.

The Good Neighbor: I sometimes read the ‘recommended for you’ suggestions on my Kindle against my better judgement. This book was a recommendation from Kindle. The folks at Kindle must be smoking something because this book was not my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, it was entertaining. Especially if you’re looking for a quick vacation book that you can read in a day. I personally recommend reading this book on the beach after two to three glasses of wine.

Modern Romance: For the record let me say that I am obsessed with Aziz Ansari. I was hesitant to read this book because I love Aziz so much. I was so disappointed with Amy Poehler’s book, Yes, Please, that I was nervous this book might make me think less of Aziz the way Yes, Please made me think less of Amy (I’m sorry Amy, I still love you deeply. Parks and Recreation is THE funniest. You were robbed at the Emmy’s this year.). Modern Romance was not a typical comedian book. Instead of being a moderately boring biography, Aziz wrote a hilarious, in depth study about dating in the digital age. He partnered with renowned sociologist, Eric Klinenberg and actually did a crap load of research and focus groups to put together a really informative book that is also laugh out loud funny. If anything, this book made me love Aziz even MORE. Get. This. Book.

The Martian (in progress): I am only about fifty pages into this book but I am hooked. It is so smartly written. It’s so smart, I am learning about space stuff. I don’t even care that much about space stuff! That’s what makes this book so great — it somehow juggles the sciencey, nerd stuff with really great writing and creates a totally readable story. This is really hard to do. I am looking at you Devil in the White City with your boring history chapters! Anyway, read this book. I bet the movie will be really good, too!