Brunch at the Theater

A theater in the area has recently transformed into a yummy restaurant. The best part — it’s child friendly so Hannah can live her best life without getting any side-eye from the baby haters. Shoes: Asos (old, but love these) | Skirt: Club Monaco (old, but this one is so cute) | Top: Sincerely Sweet Boutique 

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Friday Fab Four!

Uhhh, did you know you can buy swimsuits on Etsy?! Is there anything this site can’t do??? Hannah has been wearing overalls a lot this summer. They are SO CUTE. I put her in her little Martha Washington bonnet and she looks like a presidential farmer. I love these. I made my first homemade pizza! It was delish, except next time I am adding mozzarella to the recipe. Also, if you don’t have a pizza stone but you want to ensure your pizza crust is crispy, preheat your baking sheet to 500 degrees for 15 minutes before you put your pizza […]

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wrap dress

Ballerina Chic

I am not a ballerina. In fact, I might me the most inflexible person ever. I can’t touch my toes, and I have not been able to for as long as I can remember. People always say, ‘oh Clare, you should come to yoga with me! Don’t worry, you can go at your own pace”. And I am like, ‘my ‘own pace’ is laying on the floor feeling sorry for myself so I’ll just do that here at my home. Thanks.” Regardless of my complete lack of ballerina skills, I do like to dress like a ballerina. I love the clean lines […]

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effective shopping

10 Ways to Shop More Effectively

Sometimes people say, ‘Clare, can you just go shopping for me?!’ This makes me think that maybe I have a future as a personal shopper. But as of now, I don’t shop for people. I can help you make your shopping more fruitful with a few tips and tricks I use each time I shop. Don’t pay full retail price: This is admittedly a recent thing for me. I used to see an item and buy it without shopping around first, waiting for a sale, or checking to see if there is a coupon online (spoiler: there is always a coupon online). Now, I […]

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Keeping in Casual

I am not sure about you guys, but I have been getting eaten alive by mosquitos and spiders and other awful creepy crawlies that live outside. So I have been wearing pants (despite the humidity) to keep the critters away. I definitely need a good bug spray, stat! Also, prepare yourself to see more of this hairstyle. It is so easy and humidity-proof! Score! Shirt: C. Wonder (old, but love this) | Shoes: J.Crew Factory (similar) | Jeans: J. Crew Factory | Bag: Clare V p.s. Another piece I wrote for Mode is live! It is all about the insane […]

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Friday Fab Four

Summer is here and getting a good sunscreen is even more important than finding a cute swimsuit. If you don’t wear sunscreen, I am giving you all the side eye. You should wear sunscreen every. single. day. No excuses. Since you rub sunscreen directly onto your skin, it is important to find one that isn’t laden with nasty chemicals. Here is a list of good and bad sunscreens. Alas, a lot of the commercial favorites like Banana Boat, Coppertone, and Neutrogena are on the ‘naughty list’. I got this sunscreen for the summer and so far I really like it. I read […]

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The books I read in May

Now before I begin, this was a light reading month. A few things happened all at once: my freelance work tripled, Hannah started crawling, and I rediscovered podcasts. Basically this meant that I was either working, keeping Hannah from hurting herself, or listening to podcasts. Also, I should note that I did read two Walking Dead volumes, but I promised I wouldn’t talk about those until I finished the series — whenever that will be. This series appears to be endless. Ok, let’s recap May. The House by the Lake: I don’t want to start off negatively, but I am going to […]

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floral two piece

Flower Power

I am loving this floral two piece from Trunk Up Boutique. The particular look isn’t even officially on the site yet, but it will be later this week. I definitely recommend picking it up. I always like when you can buy a set like this because it ends up being so versatile since you can break up the two pieces and wear them with different items. Shoes: Nine West (similar) | Two Piece: Truck Up | Clutch: Nordstrom (love this) | Jacket: J. Crew

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pineapple shirt 2

Pineapple Summer

I hope everyone has a relaxing (and reflective) Memorial Day! It is a dreary day here in Virginia so we will be spending the day chillin’ in front of the tv chasing Hannah around the apartment. Shoes: Sweetest Stitch | Jeans: J. Crew | Shirt: Romwe  

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Friday Fab Four

Friday Fab Four took a brief hiatus, but now it’s BACK! Woot! J.Crew has some really cute bathing suits that are on sale! Get ’em while they’re hot! I am on a quest for the perfect sun hat for Hannah. I need a hat that is cute, goes with everything, and has a chin strap so she will keep it on her fuzzy little head. There are a lot of ugly sun hats in this world. But this one seems to fit all my criteria. Also, my grandmother said something that perfectly summarized my struggle with buying baby clothes. I was complaining because […]

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