Green on green

green stripesHappy St. Patrick’s Day all! Here’s to hoping warmer weather with follow soon.


end of winter styleStriped sweater: J. Crew Factory | Jacket: J. Crew (similar) | Chambray: J. Crew Factory | Jeans: J. Crew | Shoes: Keds.


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My favorite places to shop online

I might be a fashion blogger — but I don’t like shopping. I don’t like leaving my apartment. I don’t like the lines. I don’t like the trying things on. It is annoying.

I shop online, y’all. Online shopping is the bees knees. Tip: If you don’t like online shopping because you struggle to find your size, I recommend knowing your measurements (bust, hips, waist, inseam) and using sizing charts. As we all know, some stores’ sizes run big and others run small. So if you have your true measurements that will really help to reduce the disappointment that comes when something you bought online arrives too big or too small.

So, I hope that helps with your online shopping adventures. Here are my go-to online shops.

my favorite online shops |Clarabelle.jpgdo you like my statement mitten? lol.

Asos: Asos is the QUEEN of online shopping. There are so many things to choose from that suite a wide variety of styles. They also have a huge amount of great plus size, petite and maternity choices. Asos caters to all shapes and sizes. But that is only part of what makes this site great. You can also customize your search by size, color, and price. But the absolute best part is you can watch the clothes come down the runway. Seeing a full 360 view of the clothes move on the model is super imperative. Especially when you’re taking a chance and buying a piece that you wouldn’t usually wear. The runway shots basically take all the risk out of online buying.

J. Crew Factory: In case you didn’t already know, J. Crew’s Factory store is online. Yes, ONLINE! They also have the absolute best sales ever. I am talking 30%-60% off. However, know you are getting factory clothes. The clothes are adorable but the sizing is always huge, so have your measurements ready.

Etsy: If you want unique or one-of-a-kind clothes, etsy is the only option. I have found some of my favorite pieces on etsy like this and this. It definitely takes some digging. There is some ugly stuff on etsy, I can’t lie. But when doesn’t a girl have to kiss a few frogs before she finds her prince (princess? I don’t know what gender clothes are.).

Bonus – Revolve Clothing: This site can get a bit pricey, but the clothes are so on-trend and cute. I couldn’t not mention this site.


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Casual Critters

casualI am trying to wear a lot of green this week in honor of St. Paddy’s. Also, anyone else really, really looking forward to finally wearing a sundress or something that isn’t a sweater?? Cuz I am so ready for Spring/Summer outfits.

casual outfitBoots: Frye (old, but available on ebay) | Jeans: J. Brand | Shirt: J. Crew | Sweater: Asos (old, but love this)

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It’s cold. Stay inside and read something.

You guys — this winter is endless. Soon I am going to be dressing like this on the blog. All I have wanted to do is stay inside and read. So read I have done, lovelies. Here are the top five books I’ve read this five books I read this winter

In no particular order:

  • A Lucky Child: I am a sucker for a Holocaust memoir. I find them so grounding and enlightening. This memoir is from the perspective of a child and it is so beautifully written. Read it.
  • Dark Places: You’ve read Gone Girl. It was great. You were shocked. Now it’s over and you want something with just as many sinister twists and turns. You should go read Dark Places now. In my opinion it is even better than Gone Girl. It is incredibly broad in scope and will stay with you for a while. Actually, you should read all of Gillian Flynn’s books. Sharp Objects is also great.
  • Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls: David Sedaris is my favorite — but I will say he is at his best when he is speaking about his family. I was shamelessly laughing aloud on the train, y’all.  To note, you should be familiar with Sedaris’ writing style before you start this book. Holidays On Ice is a great Sedaris starter book.
  • World War Z: You are probably like, ‘wait, Clare, are you talking about that silly Brad Pitt movie?”. Well, sort of. I actually bought this book because I thought it would be an easy read I could plow through while I waiting for my next shipment of books from Amazon. Oh girl, I was so wrong. World War Z is some in-depth ish! It is nothing like the movie (I am actually confused about why they even called that Brad Pitt movie World War Z). Even if you aren’t a zombie fan, this book provides a powerful look at a world devastated by an uncontrollable plague. Note that this book starts of slow… like text book slow. But stick with it. Trust.
  • The Fault in our Stars: The tears. The tears. You guys, the tears! This book was so sad — but really, really good. A must read. But prepare yourself for the sadness of it all.
  • Honorable Mentions: Old New York, Sharp Objects, Sarah’s Key


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I’m going through a ball cap phase

casual styleMy husband’s hat collection is no longer safe. Baseball hats are now my casual outfit staple.casual .jpg

everyday styleShoes: Zara (old) | Everything else: J. Crew


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Black and White Style

black and white

black and white styleBlack and white never goes out of style.

Shirt: Asos | Skirt: Asos (on sale!!) | Shoes: C. Wonder | Bag: White House Black Market


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4 Beauty Products That Changed My Life

four beauty products that changed my life.jpgI have always been a bit of a product junkie. Products come, products go, but in the end there are a few that I could never give up. Ever.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment: I use this product mostly for my lips. But it also works well for cuticles, knees, elbows and other pesky dry spots. For lips, this product is extra amazing because it isn’t one of those chapsticks that just makes your lips more chapped.

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil: I know I have already raved about this product, but it is the bees knees. I swear my face has been transformed into a beautiful, silky portrait of fabulousness. And I know you are probably like face oil?? Won’t that turn me into a pizza face?? The short answer — no. In fact, the black heads I had on my nose are pretty much gone, and my t-zone overall is smoother and softer. This face oil is the biz’ness.

Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins: Beauty starts from within, y’all. These supplements can really help. Now I am not saying that you will turn into Rapunzel taking these vitamins, but your hair and nails will be stronger and healthier looking and your skin will look much more glowy and clear.

Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine: If you struggle with dry hair — this product will deliver. The ingredients are all natural — and the smell is amazing. I could go on for days about how great this product is. Even if you don’t have “ethnic hair” this treatment could work great for a pre-shampoo treatment for any type of dry, damaged hair.


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