Friday Fab Four

kate spade heels

I have a thing for crotchet cowl scarves. I’ve thought about learning to crotchet a couple of times — but then I’m like, ‘naaaahh’. So instead I buy my crotchet goods. This oatmeal hood/scarf is so darn cute.

For some reason, I think rainbow cakes are THE coolest. These rainbow cupcakes are a super cute option and they actually look easy. Time consuming, yes, but not hard.

I think this hat is technically for baby boys, but screw gender boundaries! The little antlers are so cute. I want one for Hannah.

And now for something completely fascinating, but maybe a bit pointless: I bring you — Sheepoflage.

A Dress A Day Till Christmas Day: This lacy number is way on sale for a limited time. It is the prettiest periwinkle. Light blue may not be a traditional holiday color but the peek-a-boo lace style makes it perfectly special for a party. Nab it while it’s on sale. See the dresses you missed on Pinterest.

What I’ve Been Reading Lately

I feel like I haven’t done a reading post in so long. In reality, I just did one at the end of September — but still it feels like so long ago. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been reading lately.

reading listThe Martian (finished): In my last reading post I had just started this book. I finished it and it was great. This book is definitely a feel-good read so I recommend picking it up to read during the gloomy winter. Despite being science fiction, the writing was funny and smart and fast-paced which makes it easy to get through. The Martian also made me realize that if I ever got stranded on Mars I would last for about three days, maybe five days if there was enough water in my spaceship. I think I would give myself the same time table if I was stranded here on Earth, too. Survival skills are hard, and I’m an indoor kid. So yea.

Paper Towns: So I got this book because it was on sale and it seemed like it would be entertaining and mindless. I somehow didn’t make the connected that this book was written by the same man who wrote The Fault in Our Stars. So Paper Town was actually really good, thoughtful, and slightly profound. I mean it didn’t change my life or anything, but it was a lovely book. I must say, John Green writes awesome teen fiction. I love my Young Adult novels and John’s got skills, yo.

A Dance With Dragons (aka the 5th Game of Thrones book): Okay this book was over a thousand pages so it kind of hijacked my reading for the month of October; hence why this list is so short. Book five was better than book four, I will say that. However,  I still feel like George R. R. Martin is trolling me with these books. For example, one chapter would be all action packed and exciting, and the next chapter would be 40 pages of one character crossing a camp to go to a well. I’m not kidding. There was actually an entire chapter where a character is carrying a bucket to a well! I still have every intention of reading his next book, but I’m on to the trolling, Georgie Boy. You can’t fool me!

Okay that’s actually it! I told you GoT hijacked my reading time tremendously. But I’ll be back with my fall reads in a few months.

A Dress a Day Till Christmas Day: This dress is perfect for an office holiday party or a fancy get together at a significant other’s house. This dress is figure flattering, is super classy, and the slightly lowcut back is a great statement. For a more conservative look you could pair this dress with a blazer and low boots. To turn every head in the room, pair it with a statement necklace and heels.

To see the dresses you missed, check out my Pinterest board.

Summer Recycling

wearing white in fall/winterThe problem with being hugely pregnant then having a newborn during the summer is that you don’t get to wear all of your summer favorites. A lot of my favorite summer pieces sat unworn in my closet all through the summer. But by golly, I’m going to wear them now! I don’t care what season it is.

Wearing summer pieces in the fall and winter is possible. It is just a matter of how you wear them.

  • Stick with heavier materials: If you’re going with a summery pattern, make sure the material is a heavier cotton. You can absolutely wear lightweight chiffon or more flowy cotton pieces, but you’ll be more pleased with your outfit if you wear those materials in darker colors.
  • Pair your summer pieces with fall/winter staples: A cute wool blazer, a fun hat, and some great boots with ensure your outfit looks seasonally appropriate even if you’re wearing summer pieces.
  • Layer, layer, layer: Stay warm, and give your summer pieces a new look with some crafty layering. Have cute summer crop top? Try pairing it with a high waisted pencil skirt and a cute cardigan. Finish the look with a tailored jacket and booties.

In these photos I took one of my favorite summer pencil skirts and paired it with a fall-weight chambray, a long coat and booties. The pattern on the skirt is bright and summery, but I think the finished look is perfect for fall.

fall style

fall style

fall styleBooties: Nordstrom (love these!) | Skirt: Express (old, but this one is super cute) | Coat: Zara (old, but this one is similar) | Chambray: J.Crew


A Dress A Day Till Christmas Day: Talk about business in the front, party in the back! The LBD gets a makeover with this sassy number that is oh, so sweet from the front, but shows just enough skin at the back. ALSO, my friend Cori had a great idea to make a Pinterest board of all the dresses (she’s a genius). If you miss a day, the board can be found here. xo

A Dress A Day Till Christmas Day

holiday dressIt’s officially the holiday season, y’all. Halloween is over and we are weeks away from Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years! I don’t know about you gals but this is my biggest time of year for buying new dresses. I spend a lot of time scouting for cute holiday dresses so I thought, why not share them with all of you?

Every time I blog up until Christmas I will add a link to a cute holiday-appropriate dress at the bottom of the post. Note, the dresses will always be $150 or less. They will preferably be under $100, but NYE sparkle dresses tend to get a bit pricey.

Let’s get started. The dress above is from last year, but this one is similar. It also comes in black.

Get ready for much more holiday dress inspiration in the weeks ahead!

Friday Fab Four

autotuneI saw this on Instagram and it gave me all the lolz.

ANYWAY, Friday Fab Four tiiiime:

  • Remember those bow heels everyone had last season that were sooo cute but soooo expensive? Well, just in time for the holidays, there are cheaper versions out there now, people. Get yours here or here!
  • Yesterday I made this for dinner. It may have changed my life with its deliciousness. It’s basically the perfect Fall recipe — it isn’t complicated and it’s delish. Did I mention it’s delish? Cuz it is.
  • So you know how cows and giraffes and monkeys have babies and BAM! they are basically fully functioning cows, giraffes, and monkeys just days after birth? Then you have human babies over here and it takes them months before they can even roll over! And you’re all like, ‘Why are you letting the animals win, babies?! Whyyyy??’ Well there is a reason humans are one of the few mammals to give birth to completely helpless offspring. The more you knooooowwwww!
  • This haunted house video may be from 2010, but it will never, EVER get old. It gets really good around the 1:08 mark.

Have a good weekend and Happy Halloween!

My Current Beauty Obsessions (all under $20!)

BEST BEAUTY BUYSUnless I am going out, I generally don’t wear a lot of makeup day-to-day. I like to let my skin breathe, y’all! So instead of a lot of makeup, my beauty favorites tend to focus on skin health. With a pop of red lipstick, of course. Here are the current beauty products I’m loving.

  1. Aquaphor: I can’t live without Aquaphor so it’s always on my must-have lists. It’s my go-to lip balm, and it also helps with pesky dry patches on elbows and knees. You can also use Aquaphor on cuticles, and it does a really great job setting and smoothing eyebrows.
  2. Burts Bee’s Acne Spot Treatment: Okay, here’s the thing, after you have a baby something on your body always goes straight to sh*t. Whether it’s extra weight, or stretch marks, or hair loss, there is always something that is the worst post-baby. For me, it was my skin. My formerly blemish-free mug turned into an acne covered disaster when I was nine months pregnant and got progressively worse after Hannah was born. I am finally getting my skin under control again thanks in part to this blemish treatment. The good news is, babies don’t care about acne so I am (shockingly) not freaking out about my skin as much as I generally would be. Also, this product is 99.9% natural, unlike other acne treatments. So that’s a plus!
  3. Maybelline Color Blur: This is my newest holy grail lipstick. It is actually the greatest thing ever. Matte finish, heavily pigmented, not drying, long lasting perfection. You can also manage the strength of the pigment with a blurring tool on one end of the product. So if you want a red lip, but don’t want it too red you can make that happen, too.
  4. Essie’s Feet in the Clouds Cream: Okay, I’ll admit that I am a bit snobby about my creams. I like my creams to be thick, but not greasy. I like for them to smell good, but not be overpowering. And I like for them to compact, but not skimpy on the goods. I use this cream on my hands and my feet. It fits all my criteria and it’s marvelous.
  5. Mario Badescu Facial Spray: Ever want to spend two seconds feeling how Kim Kardashian must feel every moment of her life? Get yourself a good facial spray. I am not exactly sure what a facial spray does for your skin other than slightly soften it and make it smell like the most luxurious roses ever, but the overall experience of using a facial spray is just so lovely and pampering and refreshing. Really. Just give it a try. This spray is only $7. Basically the same price as a pumpkin spice latte but far more glamorous.

p.s. Sadly, the pictured Glam Kit bag is sold out everywhere. But this one is super cute, just as witty, and it’s bordeaux! Score!!


Marty McFlyGirl

fall styleThis outfit reminds me of a glam Marty McFly. Though in hindsight I should have worn my puffy vest OVER my jean jacket. A rookie, error. I will try harder next time. Or maybe I will build a time machine and go back in time, reshoot this look, and repost it! OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH, tricky…

fall layers

fall outfit

fall look

fall lookShoes: Necessary Clothing (old, but love these) | Skirt: Express| Shirt: J. Crew Factory, similar | Vest: J. Crew | Jean Jacket: J. Crew | Sunglasses: Amazon (buy them in bulk)


Four Months Old!

four monthsLittle baby girlie turned four months last week. She is the cutest, sweetest thing!!

Baby Updates:

  • She is getting more and more ‘her’ every day. She is always cooing and ‘talking’, she is way more generous with her smiles, and sometimes she even laughs!
  • She is a great night sleeper, but we are working on her naps. She’s not so good with the naps.
  • Her hair has a mind of its own and it is the funniest, cutest thing.
  • She tries to suck on her hand and drink her bottle at the same time. It never works, but she is determined.

Mommy Updates:

  • I look at ‘old’ photos of her every night to see how she has grown.
  • She amazes me with some new thing she has learned every day.
  • I am getting more confident leaving the house with her. We try and go to ‘fancy lunch’ (aka a lunch that isn’t at home) every day. I can usually only get through half a sandwich before Fancy Lunch comes to a grinding halt and Hannah wants to come home, but it’s still really fun.
  • I still watch her when she sleeps. Not in a creepy way, more in an awww she’s so cuuute way.

FullSizeRender (2) IMG_2011 IMG_2049

Friday Fab Four

momma and babyIt’s that time again! Friday Fab Four time, that is. I am rounding up the four coolest things I found on the on the Internet this week (in the specified categories, of course).

  • It’s blanket/plaid scarf season. You need to get yourself one, girl! Don’t worry, I did the shopping for you. I love this one, this one, this one, this one and this one.
  • Okay, if apple chips aren’t the perfect Fall snack than I don’t know what is. These look amazing and also really easy to make. Note, you do need a mandolin slicer to make this recipe, though. I don’t own a mandolin, but I am tempted to purchase one just so I can make these. I actually had no idea a mandolin wasn’t just a tiny guitar-shaped instrument favored by Renaissance musicians of yore! You learn something new every day.
  • I love bows for Hannah, but I REALLY love bonnets more. They are much more wearable and just as cute. I want to buy all these ones with pom poms.
  • This 100 Years of Halloween costumes video is going viral. Honestly, if you think the sexy Halloween costumes of today are annoying, at least we aren’t wearing that costume from the 1930’s. Scary Town, USA, people!

Have a great weekend!!!

Five Baby Products Grownups Should Be Using

What happens when a product junkie has a baby? She tests the baby products on herself, of course. Baby products are always touted as gentle, and kind, and wonderful. I needed to see for myself. What I discovered is that baby products really are more gentle than grownup products. Yet despite their toned-down ingredients, they are often just as effective. Quick Tip: If you have sensitive skin, I recommend always getting the baby version of everything for the rest of your days. Here are some of my favorites:

five baby products grownups should be using1. Mustela Facial Wipes: I decided to only use scent-free products on Hannah so I had a bunch of these Mustela Facial Wipes left over. The scent is lovely don’t get me wrong, I just did not want to put perfume on Hannah’s skin every day. So I started using them on her behalf. These wipes are great for refreshing your face on the go. But I really like using these on my hands. They aren’t a replacement for sanitizer, but if you have a messy lunch or your hands just need a pick-me-up, these little wipes will do the job and leave your hands soft and smelling great.

2. Boogie Wipes: When I first had Hannah, my very best friend sent me a care package of super useful baby products. I am talking a pack of basic white onesies, hand sanitizer, nursing pads, my favorite tea, candy, and Boogie Wipes (note: this is a really good idea and a perfect gift idea for a new mom.). I had never heard of Boogie Wipes before, but I am officially obsessed with them. They are ultra soft towelettes that are dampened with saline. They are awesome on baby noses, but they are also awesome for adults. I got my first cold of the season a few weeks ago and I was constantly blowing my nose. These wipes were so soft and refreshing it was like a cloud soothing my nose. The saline also helped to break down the nasties in my nose so I didn’t have any post-nose-blow stranglers (gross). Also, my nose never got chapped. These little wipes are the bees knees. I may never use a standard tissue again.

3. Honest Baby Wipes: Okay, I am not going to get too detailed on the benefits of using baby wipes, but I will say that not all wipes are created equal. I love Honest’s wipes because they are thick and have just the right amount of dampness. They are also completely scent-free which is very important. Also, wipes are great to have lying around for minor messes. I spend a lot of time cleaning up minor baby messes because my child is a mess ninja. It great to have an absorbent towelette to thoroughly clean things.

4. Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns: Dandruff is annoying. I got it something fierce during my pregnancy and I still struggle with it more than I used to. The issue with adult dandruff shampoo is that it is very harsh. My hair is very fragile and prone to extreme dryness so I need to be really careful with the type of shampoo I use. This shampoo is really amazing. It is foamy, and I really like foam because it’s super fun to play with. But in addition to the foamy wonderfulness this shampoo is also super gentle and very effective. Quick note, though. This shampoo is made for fine, glorious newborn hair. So if you have a lot of hair like me, you will need to use a lot of product.

5. Honest’s Organic Healing Balm: You know how the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding** puts Windex on everything to fix it? That’s how I feel about this healing balm. I put it on everything. My cuticles, my dry heels, my ashy elbows, etc. Technically this balm is supposed to be a diaper rash cream, but it performs much better as an all purpose moisturizer. The only issue I have with the Balm is it kind of smells weird. I think that’s because the Healing Balm is made with totally natural ingredients and is perfume-free, so that may account for the scent. Either way, I still highly suggest that you get some and put it your bag. You can thank me later.

** also that Big Fat Greek Wedding trailer is lol lol lol. It’s SO cheesy.