Prep-in for Fall

preppy fall lookWhenever Fall rolls around my style gets about a thousand times preppier. What can I say? Cable knits and button downs are much warmer than more edgy options.IMG_6314

preppy look

quilted jacketCoat: J. Crew | Shirt: J. Crew | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: Shabby Apple (they don’t do shoes anymore, but it’s still a great shop) | Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane



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Totes Ma Goats

toats magoatsIsn’t this bag hilarious? I saw it. It made me laugh out loud. I bought it.

Also, I recently rediscovered this pink trench from United Colors of Benetton that I bought in college. I was all like hmmm, why did I buy a pink trench coat? It kind of makes me look like an on-trend grandma. But then I asked my bag if I should wear the coat despite the grandma look, and my bag was all like, ‘totes!”.

Soooo, here I am in a pink trench.

totes ma goats

totes magotes

toats ma goats 2

toats ma goats 3

Shoes: Kate Spade (old) love these, though | jeans: Zara | Trench: United Colors of Benetton | Top: H&M | Bag: West Elm


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preppy patterned blouse and pencil skirtThis top has little French bulldogs on it. Which makes it the cutest, most amazing top ever. It is also my new favorite top… because of the French bulldogs.

patterned blouse

pencil skirt and patterned top


patterned top and pencil skirtShoes: Necessary Clothing (sold out, but love these) | Skirt: Asos (similar and on sale!) | Top: Anthropologie | Sunnies: Amazon


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I got the blues (but not in a bad way, just in a colorful way)

drapey maxiI am back, guys! Sorry to have been away for so long, I was working backstage at Fashion Week and things got a little busy to say the least.

However, I am super excited to be in this maxi dress from Gorgeous Couture. It is super comfy and drapy, but also ultra glam. I like it because it can be dressed up or down. It is also long enough. Usually maxi dresses are awkwardly short on me. This one is loooong and lovely.

blue maxi

maxi dress

draped maxi

blue drapy maxiDress: Gorgeous Couture c/o | Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger | Necklace: borrowed from a friend. Thanks, Julia!



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Pattern Play

mini skirt and a longer length crop topIt is safe to say that I LOVE this top from Zara. I seriously wear it once a week. You remember how on Daria and that old Nickelodeon show Doug all of the characters wore the same thing every day, all day no matter what? Well this top would be my every day, all day top. I haven’t figured out bottoms or shoes yet, though. I’ll keep you posted.

mini skirt and a longer length crop top3


mini skirt and a longer length crop top4


mini skirt and a longer length crop top2Shoes: Necessary Clothing (nearly sold out and ridiculously on sale)| Skirt: H&M (similar — and cheaper!) | Shirt: Zara (sold out — this one is great) | Necklace: H&M


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Strollin’ Soho

orange shorts and chambray

How is it already September?? I am so not ready for summer to be over. So I will hold on to my summer wardrobe for as long as I possibly can. Just say no to coats. That’s what I always say.

Also, I think I am wearing mismatched socks in these pictures — one of them is so much higher than the other. This is nothing new. I am always in mismatched socks in real life, but like I could have at least tried to do better for the blog.

chambray and shorts


late summer look

shorts and chambray

chambray and orange shortsShoes: New Balance | Shorts: J. Crew | Top: J. Crew | Necklace: H&M | Bag: Scored at T.J. Max


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How to take the best Instagram Photos

On Instagram, not every photo is created equally. There are great images, and there are not so great images. I want to make sure none of you ever find yourself on the not-so-great side of Instagram.

Instagram tips

Be picky: First and foremost, Instagram is a curation of your best moments. So go ahead and flaunt your best photos, girl! However, it is best to only post once or twice a day, and try to keep mirror selfies to a minimum.

essieGet Creative: Think of fun and unique ways to take pictures of every day things. Try using fun backgrounds and cool composition to really take your photos to the next level. Don’t be afraid to get inspiration from other Instagrammers. If you search #coffee on Instagram, you will find at least 1,000 unique ways to photograph coffee that you never even thought of!

nycThis might take a while: Capturing the perfect Instagram photo usually requires more than one take  (full disclosure — I take between 7-10 images before I decide on the perfect one). To accommodate all your snapping, it is best to take your picture on the camera app (in square mode) so you can snap multiple photos and choose the best one for Instagram.

Block IslandMake sure the light is right: Bad light can be detrimental to an otherwise great photo. Natural light is always best. I never use flash for Instagram photos as flash can add a forced, staged look to your images (not to mention the risk of zombie eyes *shudder*). Try taking pictures by or near a window for the best light (For a portrait, make sure the light is in front of you, not behind you).

Modifying the focus can also help you make the best use of light. To do this, tap on different places on your camera screen to focus on those areas of the image. This will also change up how much light is allowed into your lens.

photo (1)Make it pretty: Lately, I have been ditching Instagram filters entirely and using their creative tools (click on the little screwdriver on the upper right of the screen to use these.). These features allow you to straighten your image perfectly, and also tweak the brightness, saturation, contrast, shadows, highlights, etc. of the image. I am obsessed with these tools as they help to make my images look just right, and not too filtered. I highly recommend you explore Instagram’s creative tools!

kate spadeThe world is your stage: The best part of Instagram is the part when you get to arrange your stuff into something worth taking a photo of. I like to call these images, “staged photos of random things”. They are fun to do and great practice for getting light and focus right. So get to shooting your random stuff!

Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 3.47.04 PMWipe off your lens: Okay this should have come earlier, but I wanted to end with an obvious bang. You know how sometimes your pictures look like they are dusty and weird? Well it’s probably because your camera lens in dirty. Wipe off you lens before you take your pictures. You can thank me later for that tip.



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