Snow Day

winter style

This little girl is not here for the snow life. Her snow day stank face is the funniest, though.

Also, did you catch Hannah’s flat-out kiss rejection in the photo above? *Insert sad face*

winter styleBoots: Hunter | Skirt: H&M (similar) | Sweater: Nordstrom (similar) | Scarf: Etsy | Sunglasses: Amazon

Seven Months With Hannah

FullSizeRender (9)

Hannah turned seven months last week. I have to admit, six months was a trying month. Hannah was growing and teething and not a lot of things made her happy. Also, she refused to be put down (still does). So I have to carry her around like an extra appendage. Girlfriend is heavy. Adorable, but so heavy!

Like I said before, I am Katie Holmes 2.0. I will carrying Hannah around till she’s 12.

Hannah Updates:

This month was a bit of a doozy. My formerly quiet, stern-but-content child transformed into a Fussy McDemanderson! Let’s say I wanted to quickly use the ladies room. In order to do that I would have to put Hannah in her Excersaucer to play. This would be a grievous and unacceptable error on my part. First of all, Hannah would have to play alone (not happening) and second Hannah would be unable to see me (not okay). Basically Hannah would look at me like, ‘Girl, you best hold it until nap time because you better not even think about putting me down or making me play alone’. Like I said, she’s a Fussy McDemanderson.

Despite her fussy phase she is still a great sleeper, the sweetest little snuggler, and my very favorite tiny bestie.

She started solids and it is the most hilarious. Every time she has the first bite of ‘solid’ food she acts like it is the single most disgusting thing that has ever been consumed by a human. Then after the first bite she loves it.

She is smiling much more, but still rarely smiles at strangers.


Mommy Updates:

I don’t have many updates this month. Other than I expected my arms to be more jacked than they currently are from baby carrying for seven months. So my non-jacked arms are slightly disappointing.



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Friday Fab Four

low back dressDress: Asos (old and sold out, but this one is currently on my wish list)

I really want some Moscow Mule mugs. They are so cute! But unfortunately, the good ones are always sold individually (and expensively). Ugh. I found this set of two, though. AND you can get them monogrammed.

Thai food is not something I usually think I can make at home. But this Thai soup recipe looks easy and completely delicious. So I am gonna make it this week. (P.S. the fruit salad from last week’s Friday Fab Four was so yum!)

For mommas with teething littles, I found this teething biscuit recipe. The only issue is, if I make these I feel like I would eat all of them. I love dry, moderately flavorless food as snacks (I’m not joking). So I feel like I would secretly love these.

I discovered this Tumblr this week. Click at your own risk. It will diminish your productivity by at least 96%. You’ll learn something, though. So it’s not all bad.

How To Dress Up A Sweatshirt

casual fashionAdd a blazer, a fun necklace, some cute shoes and BAM — that sweatshirt suddenly becomes chic.


casual styleShoes: old (similar) | Jeans: J.Crew Factory (sold out, but these are similar) | Tumblr: I got this at my old job, but this one is super cute | Blazer: H&M | Sunglasses: old (similar)

Work Friendly Style

work style detailsBefore I get to the meat of this post, let me just complain about the weather right quick:

You guys, it is getting cold. I always curse myself for choosing to live on the east coast and be a fashion blogger (which requires outdoor shooting) in the winter. I see all these west coast bloggers traipsing around with bare legs and a light jacket, and I am over here like — ‘I want that life, ma’am’. Ugh, the sads.

Moving along — I was talking on the phone with a stylist friend of mine and we were talking about the rut women often find themselves in when choosing appropriate work garb. It’s so easy to always go to Ann Taylor Loft and buy black trousers and a button down. Now, y’all — I love me some Loft and you know I love a good button down (ahem, I wear chambray weekly), but after a while that look gets boring. My friend’s advice was to simply stop going to the stores that are diluting your style when you feel bored with your wardrobe. By choosing to shop at a new place you are forced to freshen up your look! For me, when I feel like my go-to, J.Crew, is getting a little mundane, I always switch to either an edgier store like Express or Asos or I shop at small boutiques and Etsy shops. Switching up my shopping destination helps me to get unique, fresh pieces that freshen up my whole look.

Easy AND genius.

work style

work outfit details

work outfitShoes: Cole Haan | Pants: J.Crew | Shirt: J.Crew | Necklace: J.Crew Factory (all necklaces on sale) | Sunglasses: old (similar)

5 Online Shops I’m Obsessed With Right Now


IMG_5345I recently discovered this ceramics shop on Etsy that makes every day ceramic pieces and (now here’s the kicker, people) ceramic jewelryI ended up getting two pieces from the shop. This adorable heart necklace (pictured) and a giraffe pendant. I’ll show that one off soon. If you want to get yourself a piece from this store use the code ‘CLARABELLE’ to get 25% off!!

Everyone is doing sassy t-shirts and makeup bags, but these pillowcases take sass to a whole new level. Oh, and for all you bed hogs out there, this pillowcase set perfectly stakes your claim on the bed.

You guys, this site is a home decor dream! I want all of the things. Don’t forget to check out the gifts section for all the cuteness.

Calling all mommas! This shop specializes in the sweetest pinafores for girls. I want then all for Hannah. I can just see her fluffy-headed little self rockin’ the heck out of a pinafore!

This African store is Beyonce approved — and for good reason! There are so many cute things. Great patterns, flawless silhouettes. Can we just take a moment to swoon over these printed pants?


Friday Fab Four

matching-crop-top-and-skirt-with-sunhatThis outfit is old, but you can get the winter version of it here. (it’s also available in black)

I love colorblocking, and this dress is so cute (and it’s on sale). Dress it up with heels, dress it down with a denim jacket, throw a blazer over it for work. The options are endless.

I think I am going to make this fruit salad and this veggie salad for brunch on Sunday. Yummmmm (and healthy — it will go great with my bacon)!

You guys, this hula hooping video had me dying laughing. I love how the baby’s family is cheering him on in the background. He really believed he was doing something great.

Alan Rickman died this week and as a die hard (pun intended) Potterhead I am so very sad. Let’s watch this video of Rickman’s best film moments and collectively cry onto our keyboards.

The perfect little grey dress

little grey dress

A little black dress is a closet must-have — but it’s cousin, the little grey dress is equally as important. Grey is chic, but the color is softer than black. Also the wide range of grey shades makes it easy to dress up or down.

  1. My favorite dress when I was pregnant was a grey midi dress. It showed off my bump and was easy to style. The dress that’s pictured above is similar, and the high-low hemline adds another layer of interest.
  2. For curvy girls, grey is an awesome color. The wrap detail on this dress is perfect for highlighting your waist and accentuating your curves.
  3. For boy-shaped figures, the high neckline of this frock will accentuate your lean torso and the ruching around the waist provides the illusion of curves.
  4. Fit and flare looks good on everyone. This light grey dress can easily be dressed up or down. It’s also a sweater dress — perfect for warmth!
  5. Bodycon dresses are made for hourglass figures. Sometimes bodycon dresses can seem daunting because they tend to skew sexy, but the shape and length of this dress is totally wearable.
  6. For curvy girls with more of a boyish shape, this fit and flare dress is perfect. The little belt cinches the waist and the full skirt has beautiful detailing that make this dress extra special.


casual outfitBetween the wind and rain the weather has been working against me. However, I am thankful for milder Virginia winters. I mean NYC is the greatest town ever, but the winters really tested my spirit. And my ‘tested’ I mean NYC winters crushed my spirit into the cold, hard pavement.

So I’ll take a little wind and rain if I get milder temps in return.

Also I promise I won’t talk about the weather every day this week.


cheetah loafers

felt hatHat: H&M | Leggings: Gap (similar) | Chambray: J. Crew Factory | Coat: Zara (similar)| Necklace: Bloomingdales (similar)

Blowing In The Wind

winter lookThe wind is one of my biggest weather enemies. Nothing turns me into a tangled, disheveled mess more quickly than a strong wind.

You know how people get all excited to ride in the car with the top down? Everyone is like, “Oooh, let’s put the top down on the car and drive on the highway. So fun! I love the outdoors.”

And I am over in the corner like — no. No one wants to see my hair after a 65 mph wind and some car exhaust has torn through it.

So anyway, you have to forgive my poor hair in these photos, it was a victim of circumstance.

winter style


winter outfitShoes: J.Crew Factory | Skirt: H&M (similar) | Shirt: H&M | Jacket: Anthropologie (similar)