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black dress leather detailHere’s a fun story about this dress. I got it a few years ago, and even though I love it and think it is super cute, I rarely wear it because it is impossible to get off. I am not sure what happened with the design of this frock but it has no stretch and this weird, worthless side zipper. So while it is easy to put on, taking it off is always an ordeal to the point where I stress about it the entire time I am wearing it. I like to avoid stress at all costs, so I only wear this dress when it’s absolutely necessary.leather detail black dress

black dress with leather detail

black dress

leather detail black dressShoes: J. Renee (sale!!) | Dress: Zara (old — this one is similar) | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (similar)

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A definitive list of the books I read this summer in rank order

So I am really, really, really into reading. I usually read about two or three books a month. I would totally nerd out and read more if I didn’t limit myself to reading only when I am ‘in transit’ (i.e. on the subway or otherwise traveling). I am also, admittedly, a huge book snob. You will never catch me reading any Nicholas Sparks or some ridiculous drivel by a celebrity (except Bossypants). I also don’t really do self-help books much (Though I did like He’s Just Not That Into You). I am a novel/memoir purist to my core, peeps.

Summer is a big reading time for me because I travel a lot and I find myself waiting for the subway to come a lot. Below are the books I read this summer (so far) in order of least favorite to most favorite.

Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 9.19.44 PMNote: I didn’t read this book.


11. Under Observation: Okay, I am only 75% through this book. So this might be a premature statement. If you have any interest in true, unbiased stories about mental institutions and psychology, this is a good read. This book is very clinical, though and a little dry (like reading a text book that desperately wants to be cool).

10. When The Nines Roll Over: I am a huge David Benioff fan. His books The 25th Hour and City of Thieves are two of my favorites. So I had to pick up this collection of short stories. Some stories were really, really great — some I got to the end of the story and I was like, ‘uh, what?”. I think longer novels are David’s strong suit. I will stick to those from here on.

9. The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao: Yo, this book starts off so slooooow. It does heat up (thank ya lawd), but overall this book is a slow burn to an unsurprising end. The story telling is superb and Junot builds characters that are unforgettable. But I actually can’t get over how slow this book starts.

8. The Bell Jar (reread): I hadn’t read this book in so long. It’s a classic, very powerful but still easy to read.

7. Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids: I bought this book because it won the Nobel Prize forever ago. It was intense, but what else would you expect with a title like this?! If you dare, you can read this little book in a day or two — but it will leave you thinking for days after.

6. The Yellow Wallpaper: I borrowed a friend’s Kindle and read this short story on the subway ride home. It is a powerful look at how women with mental illness were treated not so long ago. This book is a definite must-read.

5. We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families: Stories from Rwanda: So if you haven’t noticed, my reading choices skew bleak. Not sure why, but they always have. This particular bleak book is a super in-depth look at the Rwandan Genocide. This non-fiction story is eye opening to say the least. It gives a full 360 picture of what happened in Rwanda starting with the disastrous colonization of the country all the way to the aftermath of the horrific genocide hundreds of years later. It is a fascinating and heartbreaking read.

4. Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim (reread): I have read all the David Sedaris there is to read, but I still have to reread at least one thing by him a season. His story telling never gets old. He is one of the few authors who can make me ‘lol’… loudly… and usually in public.

3. Where’d You Go, Bernadette?: This book is hilarious and sad and heartwarming and so great. I also love how it was written. This is a perfect travel book.

2. Prep (reread): OMG, I loooove this book. It is literally (no joke) like reading about my high school experience (well, the second half of it). If you are a girl and you went to high school and you ever once felt even a little bit like an outsider, you really need to read this one. It’s like the author read your diary and then published it. Fo’ serious.

1. Drown: This was my favorite book of the summer. You know how a book just reaches out and grabs you and you’re just along for the ride? No? Is that just me? Well this book is amazing and a half. I am obsessed with it, and you should really read it. Junot Diaz is just the bees knees.


The end.


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mirrored vintage style sunglassesI have officially jumped on the mirrored sunglasses bandwagon. I got these cheapy-cheap ones on Amazon. After a tragic accident with a pair of RayBan aviators, I now know I can’t spend money on sunnies. I break, lose, or otherwise maim most pairs of sunglasses within the first month.

mirrored sunglasses grey sweatshirt long length shorts

mirrored sunglasses

sweatshirt and black long shorts

mirrored sunglassed and a grey sweatshirtShoes: J. Crew Factory (similar) | Shorts: Asos (similar) | Sweatshirt: J. Crew Factory (on sale) | Sunglasses: Amazon

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OMG, it’s time to shop Pre-Fall

It seems like yesterday I was writing this same post last year. This summer has just flown by (way, way, way too fast). But all good things must end.

So guess we gotta start talking about Fall. Blergh.

sweater season

The Essentials

The Non Essentials that are way more fun anyway

  • This dress because you always need a new fancy dress — and girl, you better treat. yo. self.
  • This floppy felt hat because everyone will have one this season, and you want to fit in, don’t you? But seriously, this hat is only $28. Don’t think, just purchase.
  • These flats are just purrrrfect. They are a splurge, but they are cat flats!
  • But wait, this dress is perfect.
  • This crisp white crop top is as classy as it is  perfect.
  • And you can always use another full skirt.

And now for the really impractical

  • This tulle skirt for all the parties you plan to attend this fall.
  • This tee that you can probably really only wear once or twice before you have to retire it.
  • You could just spend all your money on these shoes, too. No judgies.
  • A necklace that’s intense, overpriced, and entirely necessary.

What do you have your eye on? Leave a link to the things you love below.


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Garden Party

white sundress with floral detail 2Is it just me or has this summer flown by? Maybe it is because it really didn’t get super hot this summer. So it just felt like an extra long Spring.

Since this summer is going by so quickly, I feel like I haven’t gotten to wear all my favorite sun dresses. This one from Joules is quickly becoming my ultimate fave. You know how sometimes you’ll buy a white dress and you’re all excited about it, but when it comes it is totally see-through and kind of cheap looking? Well this dress is the ultimate white dress.It is a rich, breathable linen and it’s fully lined. So you don’t have to worry about flashing the world when you step into the sun.

You should actually check out Joules’ entire vacation shop. Now that it is all on sale, you have no excuse not to stock up for the final days of summer.

white sundress with floral detail

white dress with floral detail

floral details

white sundress with floral detail 3Shoes: Zappos | Dress: Joules | Hat: Target (old)


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Crabby on Block Island

block island 11This past weekend, my husband and I went on an adventure to Block Island. Y’all it was gorgeous. Everyone should go. As you will see from the abundant photos after the jump, it was a bit cloudy. That did not take away from this place’s beauty.

Oh, and another thing happened on Block Island. Matt made me hike seven miles. Your girl was scaling cliffs and walking through overgrown grass so he could see a lighthouse. Is that the definition of love? Being covered in leaves, sand, and sweat and following your betrothed all over the wilderness so he can see a lighthouse? Oy. Here’s the photo of said lighthouse below. Worth it? Maybe.

block island

block island 8

block island 5

block island 6

block island 9

block island 4

block island 2

block island 10

block island 3

Shoes: New Balance | Shorts: Made ‘em from old jeans | Sweater: J. Crew | Belt: It is (was?) my Dad’s from Brooks Brothers


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Let’s talk unmentionables

undiesAlright ladies, it’s time to be honest with ourselves for a minute. Our underwear drawers could probably use an overhaul. Sure, you have 3-5 fab pieces, but the rest of your underwear drawer has probably seen better days. Nothing matches, your bras are stretched, your panties (hate that word) have faded. It’s time to give your underwear drawer some lovin’!

There’s a reason fashion experts call underwear ‘foundation garments’, your bras and panties are the foundation of a great outfit. It’s time to rehabilitate your undies, lovelies!

Take it easy on the crazy colors: That bright pink bra is great — okay, it’s more than great — but you should stock up on black, white and nude bras and panties before you go for novelty colors. However, that does not mean you need to go full on boring, girl! Go lacy, get something with fun embroidery, try for subtle pops of color in the stitching, just because you bought a neutral color doesn’t mean you can’t feel sexy or special.

Okay, now you can get the crazy colors: Once you feel like you’ve stocked up on your neutrals, now you can go crazy. Buy fun underwear! Trust me, when winter hits (curse the thought!) and you’re bogged down with tons of layers, a fancy, lacy, matching bra and underwear set is like a tiny piece of sunshine hidden under your sweater dress.

Don’t skimp on support undies: When you’re faced with a difficult skirt or dress, it is easy to just throw on a thong and call it a day. No way, mami, you gotta stop doing that. Thongs not only show off every wobbly bit in your backside, they also tend to cut into your love handles giving even the slimmest girl a muffin top. The worst part? Thongs still show panty lines! They are just thong shaped lines instead of brief shaped. Invest in some great supportwear and put your best body forward under dresses and skirts. Save the thongs for more forgiving bottoms.

Don’t be afraid to diversify: Bras and panties comes in all shapes, sizes, and fits. Try them all! From lacy to seamless, you will not only find new ways to feel totally glam under your clothes, but you’ll also have plenty of different cuts and colors to choose from so you can avoid that ‘oh, sh*t’ moment when you discover you don’t have the right underwear.

What are your favorite underwear tips?

Bra: Leonisa (c/o) | Underwear: Leonisa (c/o) | Necklace: J. Crew Factory (similar)

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