floral skirt black top and red shoes

Floral Fever

I love the vintage-inspired pattern on this skirt. It is pretty and it hides stains like a boss. Trust me, I know. Also I did have a lovely necklace for this post but it got lost somewhere in the depths of Hannah’s diaper bag. I may never find it again. Shoes: Nordstrom (there is a flat version that I NEED) | Skirt: Sincerely Sweet Boutique | Top — it’s actually a dress, though: Lulus (similar)

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drapey top

Summer Staples

I am a big fan of building a closet full of beautiful staples you can wear again and again. That usually means investing in solid basics that are versatile and wearable. With the exception of my shoes (which aren’t exactly versatile or wearable — but they are still hella cute, y’all) everything in this outfit is a piece I plan to wear over and over this summer. The shirt is particularly awesome. It was designed by my dear friend Naomi who just relaunched her clothing line Nao. This top is drapey, gorgeous, and designed to be worn multiple ways for […]

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crop top

All Black (with a side of Sass)

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to shoot with the amazing street style photographer Danny Foto, aka Danny Hernandez, for a blog post. She lives here in Richmond (though she is moving to Atlanta in a few short months — boo!!). She has done some pretty incredible work, and even though she is five months pregnant she has no issue jet setting around the globe shooting at fancy events. You can see the rest of the photos she took here. Make sure to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest too! Shoes: Nine West (old, but love these) | Skirt: […]

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Friday Fab Four

When I did my wedding guest dress post earlier this week I was reacquainted with ModCloth. Now I can’t stop browsing their site wanting to buy all of the dresses. Like, can we all take a moment to appreciate the majesty of this dress?! Apparently these are the greatest peanut butter cookies ever. I want to make them and then eat all of them. My only issue is the recipe calls for shortening. For some reason the idea of consciously cooking and eating shortening gives me major anxiety. I know I eat it without knowing all the time, but it’s the knowing that gets me. Maybe […]

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spring:summer style

Short Shorts

I love these shorts. Even though they tend to wrinkle at the slightest movement I still love wearing them. The high waist is super flattering and the overall silhouette is much more unique than normal shorts. I just have to invest in a hand steamer to wear these long term. Shoes: Kate Spade (love these) | Shorts: Asos (similar) | Shirt: Sincerely Sweet Boutique | Bag: Kate Spade

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7 Wedding Guest Dress Ideas

Something Lacy: Lace is perfect for a wedding. It’s special, classy, and always appropriate. Now comes the hard decision. Should you splurge or save? Something Classically Black: It is perfectly fine to wear a black dress to a wedding. Make sure the material is light and it doesn’t weight you down, though. This is a lovely option. Something Preppy: For a more classic style you can’t go wrong with ruffles, and pink. Pink is always a good idea. Something Formal: A formal wedding is hard because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress you can only wear […]

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The Books I Read in April

This picture has nothing to do with books, but it is so cute of me and Hannah getting ready to go a Coachella theme party. Hannah is rocking her tie-dye dress and ‘flower crown’. The Light of the Fireflies: I can’t decide if this is a genius books about the psychological effects of abuse or if this is the single most masochistic book I’ve ever read. I am leaning towards option two, sadly. This book is similar in plot to Room, but it focuses on an entire family who lives together in a basement. The book starts off promising but quickly […]

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Friday Fab Four

Is your mom a GoT fan? This shirt is perfect for Mother’s Day. I wish they had one that said ‘Mother of Dragon’ for those of us with one kid or ‘Mother of Dragon Dog/Cat’ for pet moms. But that might be getting too nitpicky. Hannah has little teeth now. I want to start teaching her good dental habits early but she is not too keen on the idea. Right now, I have been trying to wipe her little teeth and gums with a damp wash cloth, but she is NOT here for that. She clamps down her little jaw, turns […]

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spring style

Spring has sprung

I realize I have been trying to say ‘spring is here’ basically since January. I think it is finally safe to say that spring has officially arrived. I really hope so, Hannah is growing out of all of her coats and I am ready for her to wear her cute summer things! Is that too much to ask? I mean her little summer rompers are just too adorable to be sitting in the closet. Flats: J.Crew factory (similar) | Skirt: Zara (old, but love this) | Top: Express: Similar, but denim | Necklace: Manic Trout | Hat: Target (similar — and maybe […]

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coil ring

A Mother’s Day Giveaway (On Instagram)

I wanted to pop in to tell you that I am giving away TWO (one for you and one for Mom) gorgeous coil rings, just like the one that’s pictured above, on Instagram today. The ring is from one of my favorite online jewelry shops, Ann Revere Jewelry. I wanted everyone to know so they can enter! Okay, that is all for today. xo

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