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Another Brick in the Wall

The sun came out in picturesque Harlem which made for bearable outfit post shoots. Hurray! Also, you may notice that my new bangs are a bit shorter. They are because I decided to go big or go home. So I had my stylist cut them short and blunt. However, short, blunt bangs require even more TLC than longer, swoopy bangs. For example, when I washed my hair after my stylist cut them, I didn’t realize that one has to style one’s bangs when they are wet. Since I failed to do anything to my bangs when they were wet, when they dried they […]

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Bangs: An Analysis

Last weekend, I got me some bangs. I have had them for approximately five days and they have already changed my life — for worse and for better (like marriage!). Here’s why: The Good: The bangs, overall, are quite lovely. I look exactly like Zooey Deschanel with bangs. In fact, people have stopped me on the street and they are all like, “Omg,  are you Zooey Deschanel??” and I am all like, “Oh, hehehe yes no. It’s just my amazing bangs!” So that is good. The Bad: I have prided myself in waking up (about) thirty minutes before I need to leave my […]

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