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4 Beauty Products That Changed My Life

four beauty products that changed my life.jpgI have always been a bit of a product junkie. Products come, products go, but in the end there are a few that I could never give up. Ever.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment: I use this product mostly for my lips. But it also works well for cuticles, knees, elbows and other pesky dry spots. For lips, this product is extra amazing because it isn’t one of those chapsticks that just makes your lips more chapped.

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil: I know I have already raved about this product, but it is the bees knees. I swear my face has been transformed into a beautiful, silky portrait of fabulousness. And I know you are probably like face oil?? Won’t that turn me into a pizza face?? The short answer — no. In fact, the black heads I had on my nose are pretty much gone, and my t-zone overall is smoother and softer. This face oil is the biz’ness.

Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins: Beauty starts from within, y’all. These supplements can really help. Now I am not saying that you will turn into Rapunzel taking these vitamins, but your hair and nails will be stronger and healthier looking and your skin will look much more glowy and clear.

Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine: If you struggle with dry hair — this product will deliver. The ingredients are all natural — and the smell is amazing. I could go on for days about how great this product is. Even if you don’t have “ethnic hair” this treatment could work great for a pre-shampoo treatment for any type of dry, damaged hair.

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Same Dress, Different Wedding

black lace

I am not sure if you all know my wedding dressing policy – but it is pretty straightforward. One dress gets purchased for wedding season, and that dress gets worn to every wedding of the year. This year’s wedding guest dress is actually last year’s wedding guest dress because of laziness. Next year I will get a new one. This one is so cute, though! It is lacy and fluffy!

black lace dress

backless lace dress

Also, guess what! My creative directin’ husband is here! On the blog! Looking all handsome! This is rare event, y’all. So savor this moment.

usDress: Asos (old) | Shoes: J. Crew


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14th streetIn NYC, even the art wears hipster glasses.

at the present I am…

 wearing: My trusty Ralph Lauren button down, skinnies and nude flats
 listening: Kacey Musgraves’ album — Same Trailer, Different Park
 reading: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
 watching: Mad Men — isn’t everyone?
 doing: My nails. I am trying to get better at painting my own nails. I think I am making progress, if I do say so myself.
 loving: All the blooming trees in the city. Gorgeous.
 hating: Leggings as pants. But you already knew that.
 wishing: For a puppy!
 wanting: A whole piece bathing suit. I think I might get this midkini first, though. Baby steps

What about you, lovelies?


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The worst weekend to get your hair did.

full skirt and blue ginghamThis past weekend was straight up rain all day err’day in NYC. But I had a hair appointment that was tragically overdue so I went despite the weather.

My hair stylist was all like, “Wow! You are brave. It’s so rainy today.”

And then I was like, “Well, it isn’t raining Nair, so I think I’ll be all right.” Because I am so witty and I always have so many witty things to say, you see.

Well, as usual — the lady who has spent the last three years transforming my hair from a dry, breaking, rat’s nest into something moderately presentable was right. Approximately five seconds after leaving the shop, the beautiful, soft curls she gave me fell into a frizzy stick-straight disaster, just in time for me to shoot my outfit post.

So I got my nails done to make up for it — definitely a sound investment.

ANYWAY — on to my outfit. I had been seeing this skirt in every H&M window in NYC and I just HAD to make it mine. It is the best. You should buy it immediately for the sake of your happiness.

full skirt and gingham

gingham and a full skirt

blue gingham and a full skirt

blue gingham shirtShoes: Zara | Skirt: H&M | Belt: Target | Shirt: J.Crew


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Short Week

So see what had happened was….

I didn’t do any outfit shoots this week. Yes, I know, I have a fashion blog with no new fashions on it.

BUT I blame this little guy.

falstaffHere’s what happened — I went to Virginia last week to visit this sweet, adorable little pup (and my parents) then I got stranded, with no camera and no creative director, when Nemo hit. So, in essence, the lack of outfit posts is entirely the puppy’s fault. You can yell at him (if you have no soul).

So, because there are zero new outfits to share this week, I am going to put off blogging until Monday. By then I should have some new styles. Until we meet again next week, you can stare at sweet Baby Falstaff’s face.

Thanks for understanding!



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Outfit Post Outtakes: Part 2

outtakesYes, it’s that time again! Time for outfit post outtakes! Yaaaayyy!!

As a fashion blogger, it is easy to take yourself a bit too seriously. The pressure to style the perfect outfit and land the perfect pose can sometimes make you forget how fun (and hilarious) blogging can be. I like to ground myself by looking back through my old shoots and laughing at some of the hilariously bad photos that are taken. Then I like to put those pictures on the Internet — because, hilarity knows no shame. Oh, and if Beyonce can do it, so can I.

Below are a few of my favorite outfit post outtakes. Spoiler: They are embarrassing.

runningMovement photos: You know when professional models run or move in photos and it looks amazing? Well, apparently that doesn’t happen with me. Just look at those clenched fists and knock knees. I am like an Olympian, people. Pure stamina and health.

no armsMissing limbs: Sometimes a photo fail isn’t apparent right off the bat. This photo looks okay, right? Definitely blog worthy. Except for the fact that I look like a sparkly double amputee.

lens flareLens flare gone wrong: Lens flare is basically my favorite thing ever. It is so cool and artsy, amiright?! Sometimes, though, the sun has a mind of its own and I look like I am being engulfed in the fiery flames of hell an angel.

photo bombAll around fail: Everything is the worst in this photo. There is a random child in the background, I look like I am lost/confused/being confronted by an unsavory-looking stranger — and, of course, there’s the oblivious photo bomber that suddenly appeared to completely sabotage the picture for good measure.

whoopsDetail Shot? Ummm… yea. There’s this. We’ll call it a detail shot — so you can see the intricate detail of my sleeve, cheek, and eye corner.

movementAgain with the movement — It is just not good.


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Another Brick in the Wall

blue gingham, layered cardigan, a-line skirtThe sun came out in picturesque Harlem which made for bearable outfit post shoots. Hurray!

Also, you may notice that my new bangs are a bit shorter. They are because I decided to go big or go home. So I had my stylist cut them short and blunt.

However, short, blunt bangs require even more TLC than longer, swoopy bangs. For example, when I washed my hair after my stylist cut them, I didn’t realize that one has to style one’s bangs when they are wet.

Since I failed to do anything to my bangs when they were wet, when they dried they stuck out straight forward. They didn’t stick up or to side, they stuck straight forward and I looked like a full-on crazy person. Instead of simply re-wetting my bangs and starting again, I immediately began panicking and my husband thought my my Alfalfa-inspired bangs were just hilarious. Then, in my hour of need, the blow dryer and flat iron only made the situation worse. So I had to tie a scarf tightly around my head and sort of glue my bangs to my forehead and hope for the best. Luckily, the scarf worked, and in the morning all was well again with my bangs.

But now I know. Always style bangs when they are wet.

gingham, cardigan, and an aline skirt

layered blue gingham and an a-lineShoes: Brooks Brothers | Skirt: Asos also worn here | Cardigan: Forever 21 (old) | Shirt: J.Crew


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