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Red Accents

red accentsIt’s Valentine’s Day week! Valentine’s is not my favorite holiday, but I like wearing red — so I have an excuse to bombard all of you with tons of red this week.

Annnyyyyway, I put together this look to show that you don’t have to get super dressy to look great this Valentine’s Day. If your Valentine’s Day plans include something more low-key or drinks with your girlfriends, you might not want to pull out your best cocktail dress. You can take an everyday outfit, add some festive accessories and have a perfect, comfy Valentine’s Day outfit that looks great but doesn’t try too hard.

red accents

red acccents 2 crop

valentino shoesShoes: Amazon | Pants: Gap | Shirt: H&M | Cardigan: Trunk Up | Sunglasses: Amazon | Clutch: Amazon

Saturday In the Park

everyday styleOkay actually these photos were taken yesterday — on Sunday. But that’s close enough to make the title perfectly fine.

I realize I hardly ever do super casual looks on the blog. This might lead you all to believe that I am always dressed up. This is not the case. Every day can’t be princess day. Sometimes, a girl’s gotta put on a t-shirt, jeans, and Keds and enjoy herself!

However, let’s clarify — by casual I do not mean pajamas. Sometimes that is hard for people to grasp (I am talking to you, Americans in airports). To be safe, just know that if you bought it at Victoria’s Secret PINK or if it is a pair of leggings, those things are pajamas, not casual wear.


everyday look

casual look

everyday casualShoes: Keds | Jeans: J. Brand | Shirt: c/o Redvanly | Sweater: Sincerely Sweet Boutique | Clutch: Persifor

Keeping it casual on Wall Street

black top, blue jeansI found myself way far away from my neighborhood this past week. In these very pictures I am standing in the heart of the financial district. So, despite my casual attire, I was basically surrounded by riches. Yay, accidental tourist! And yes, traveling from Harlem to Wall Street does count as legitimate travel.

Also, I just had  to include the photo below because it looks like I am confidently strutting into New York Sports Club — but we all know that’s a laugh.

blue jeans

blue jeans, black top

black top, blue jeans, white bag

blue jeans and peplumShoes: J.Crew Factory | Jeans: J. Crew | Peplum and Tee: Asos

Pops of Color

pink and blackI spent the bulk of this shoot dancing around because it was colder than cold outside and dancing is the #1 most effective way to warm yourself — trust me, I’m a doctor.

Would you all mind if, from now until April, I just wore my giant winter coat in every single outfit post? If you want, I will even switch up the scarf I wear! Any takers? No? Okay.

pink and black

pink and blackShoes: Keds | Jeans: J. Crew | Belt: J. Crew | Turtle Neck” H&M | Bracelet: Delia Langan