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Pattern Play

Here’s a funny story about this look. I actually could not smile because of my sunglasses. I let Hannah ‘play’ with these sung’s and what she did instead was destroy them. They were so crooked and off balance. Whenever I tried to smile my cheeks pushed the glasses up so that they were completely lopsided. So I had to be really serious for these pictures — even though I love the playful print on this skirt! Shoes: Similar | Skirt: THML | Top: Sincerely Sweet Boutique

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pineapple shirt 2

Pineapple Summer

I hope everyone has a relaxing (and reflective) Memorial Day! It is a dreary day here in Virginia so we will be spending the day chillin’ in front of the tv chasing Hannah around the apartment. Shoes: Sweetest Stitch | Jeans: J. Crew | Shirt: Romwe  

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red accents

Red Accents

It’s Valentine’s Day week! Valentine’s is not my favorite holiday, but I like wearing red — so I have an excuse to bombard all of you with tons of red this week. Annnyyyyway, I put together this look to show that you don’t have to get super dressy to look great this Valentine’s Day. If your Valentine’s Day plans include something more low-key or drinks with your girlfriends, you might not want to pull out your best cocktail dress. You can take an everyday outfit, add some festive accessories and have a perfect, comfy Valentine’s Day outfit that looks great but […]

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Saturday In the Park

Okay actually these photos were taken yesterday — on Sunday. But that’s close enough to make the title perfectly fine. I realize I hardly ever do super casual looks on the blog. This might lead you all to believe that I am always dressed up. This is not the case. Every day can’t be princess day. Sometimes, a girl’s gotta put on a t-shirt, jeans, and Keds and enjoy herself! However, let’s clarify — by casual I do not mean pajamas. Sometimes that is hard for people to grasp (I am talking to you, Americans in airports). To be safe, just know […]

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Keeping it casual on Wall Street

I found myself way far away from my neighborhood this past week. In these very pictures I am standing in the heart of the financial district. So, despite my casual attire, I was basically surrounded by riches. Yay, accidental tourist! And yes, traveling from Harlem to Wall Street does count as legitimate travel. Also, I just had  to include the photo below because it looks like I am confidently strutting into New York Sports Club — but we all know that’s a laugh. Shoes: J.Crew Factory | Jeans: J. Crew | Peplum and Tee: Asos

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Pops of Color

I spent the bulk of this shoot dancing around because it was colder than cold outside and dancing is the #1 most effective way to warm yourself — trust me, I’m a doctor. Would you all mind if, from now until April, I just wore my giant winter coat in every single outfit post? If you want, I will even switch up the scarf I wear! Any takers? No? Okay. Shoes: Keds | Jeans: J. Crew | Belt: J. Crew | Turtle Neck” H&M | Bracelet: Delia Langan

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