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BAMF — in Keds.

black and neon |ClarabelleAlso, you guys, do we remember this skirt being this short? Because without tights it is really short.

black, neon, keds | Clarabelle

neon and black | ClarabelleShirt: | Skirt: Tobi | Shoes: Keds

The animal print saga

cheetah print topI have a love-hate relationship with animal prints. Sometimes I love them, but other times I think they are basically the worst. This usually makes for fun “blog self-reflection days” which happen when I look back on my blog to see what I can get away with re-wearing. Sometimes, if an animal print outfit catches me on the wrong day, I will be all like, “ewww what is that outfit?! I look like a polyester cat” (because animal print stuff is almost always made from polyester). Then I am all like, I am never wearing that top/skirt/shoes/belt/bracelet/etc. again!

But by the time I make it to my closet to dispose of the offending item, I like animal print again. Thus the cycle repeats.

Good story, right?

cheetah print and white skirt

cheetah and a white shirtShoes: Kate Spade | Skirt: H&M | Top: Not entirely sure

Thanks, Critter Sweaters

critter sweater

Dear Critter Sweaters,

Thank you. You have carried me through Fall and Winter beautifully (and fashionably). But the weather is getting warmer and now I must retire you for the season. But don’t fret, I will hang you on cedar hangers and bring you back out again in November.

Okay, see you soon, critter sweater friends!



critter sweater


14th streetIn NYC, even the art wears hipster glasses.

at the present I am…

 wearing: My trusty Ralph Lauren button down, skinnies and nude flats
 listening: Kacey Musgraves’ album — Same Trailer, Different Park
 reading: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
 watching: Mad Men — isn’t everyone?
 doing: My nails. I am trying to get better at painting my own nails. I think I am making progress, if I do say so myself.
 loving: All the blooming trees in the city. Gorgeous.
 hating: Leggings as pants. But you already knew that.
 wishing: For a puppy!
 wanting: A whole piece bathing suit. I think I might get this midkini first, though. Baby steps

What about you, lovelies?

In Bloom

chevron and a crochet cardi

Chevrons make everything better!

chevrons, crochet cardi and jeansJeans: Zara | Shirt: Tobi | Cardi: Sincerely Sweet Boutique

What kinda shoes do you wear with a maxi skirt?

pink maxiI enjoy a maxi skirt as much as the next girl. However, when it’s not outright sandal weather, I have no idea what kind of shoes to wear with them. I am tall, so heels really aren’t an option. Maxi skirts are already “on the edge” of being too short on me anyway. Plus, I feel like a light, airy skirt deserves to be paired with a light, airy shoes.

I haven’t cracked the code on what non-sandal kicks to wear with my maxis yet. So I’ll just wear awkward, mismatched flats for now. I don’t care, I love it.

pink maxi skirt

parrots and a headscarf

spring maxi skirtShoes: J.Crew Factory | Skirt: Shabby Apple | Shirt: Sway Fashion 

11 Things You Need This Spring

11 things you need this springActually, you don’t need any of these things. You can basically just wear the same stuff you wore last Spring (like I plan to do), but if you feel like shopping — buy these things!

  1. Something floral
  2. A piece by Lilly Pulitzer because, RIP. I got this skirt.
  3. Something black and white
  4. Polka Dot heels
  5. A flirty full skirt
  6. Colorful strappy heels
  7. Some pastel colored jeans
  8. Some Keds
  9. The perfect beachy maxi dress
  10. A crisp Oxford
  11. Something rad with an anchor


onthestoopwbigbirdRemember this post? My friend Kyle superimposed Big Bird into this photo so my dream of sitting on a quintessential NYC stoop with a Sesame Street character finally came true.

at the present i am…

♥ wearing: A blue gingham shirt (of course), jeans, lots of random jewels and no shoes
♥ listening: The new Carrie Underwood CD — yes it really is good.
♥ reading: The Age of Innocence by my favorite author ever, Edith Wharton
♥ watching: Watching Dead (but can’t wait for Game of Thrones)
♥ doing: Prepping for Spring aka lots of florals, full skirts, and pastels
♥ loving: Making summer vacation plans with my husband
♥ hating: Nothing at the moment. All is great!
♥ wishing: For a puppy! Has this answer ever changed?
♥ wanting: A new bathing suit. Trying to decide between a whole piece and a bikini

What about you, lovelies?

Hooray Neon!

neon and chevronI don’t really have anything to say about this look. Other than the fact that the shoes I am wearing were/are too big. So I was awkwardly hobbling around for the entire shoot. Not sure why I bought too big shoes, but I guess you live and learn.

Ah, shopping. So hard.

chevrons and neon

chevron and neon

neon and chevronsShoes: Target | Skirt and Shirt: Tobi

Are wide leg pants a thing?

black blazer and wide leg pantsI was closet shopping and I found these old wide leg pants from United Colors of Benetton. I used to shy away from wearing these because they are linen and wrinkle something crazy just doing little things like sitting or, like, walking down the street.

Also, do people even wear wide leg trousers anymore? Well, I do. I am gonna get these bad boys starched and add them to my regular wardrobe rotation.

cheetah scarf

wide leg pants and a black blazer

wide leg khakis and a black blazerPants: United Colors of Benetton | Shoes: Payless | Basically everything else: H&M