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Closed: Shabby Apple Giveaway

shabby apple

Treat Yourself, ladies, to a $50 gift card from Shabby Apple!!

In this giveaway basically everyone is a winner.

There is a G R A N D  prize $50 giftcard that one person will win.

However, E V E R Y O N E gets a 10% off coupon code! (clarabelle10off)

So go ahead — Treat Yourself

tumblr_mab7quOC681rf4c93o1_250I couldn’t resist

So, you wanna win the giftcard? It’s easy peasy!

  1. “Like” Shabby Apple on Facebook.
  2. Leave a comment below with your favorite item from Shabby Apple
  3. Done.

If you wanna buy yourself a little something as well, like this amazing dress, feel free! Be sure to use clarabelle10off to get 10% off.

I will randomly select a winner for this prize on Monday.

The Whole Look

A few of you asked for me to “stand up” so that you could see my whole look when I introduced you all to Falstaff. Well you are in luck! There were a few full body photos. The entire look is below.

And no, wearing those Frye boots every day never, ever gets old haha — but seriously, they are amazing.stripes and aline | Clarabelle

stripes and aline | Clarabelle

Shirt: J. Crew | Skirt: J. Crew | Shoes: Frye

Lenox Lounge

camel coat, chambray and pastelThese photos were taken at the now defunct Lenox Lounge in Harlem. Since it was such a major hotspot in the neighborhood, the community was pretty depressed when it shut down. However, there are whispers that it is making its triumphant return down the block at a venue that charges less rent.

camel coat, pastel skirt and chambray

camel coat, chambray and pastel

camel coat, chambray and pastelBoots: Frye | Skirt: Custom made | Tights: Asos | Chambray: J. Crew | Coat: J. Crew

22 Degrees

vintage coat and polka dot dressIt’s cold in NYC — really, really cold. However, there are a few things that warm my spirit even when the weather feels like I am living in the arctic. Those things include this super fun polka dot dress from The Red Dress Boutique and my husband’s grandmother’s coat. When I wear these items together, it is like a happiness explosion.

polka dot dress and vintage coat

polka dot dress

vintage coat  Shoes: Shabby Apple | Tights: Duane Reade | Dress: c/o Red Dress Boutique | Coat: Vintage | Bag: Target

Playing in the Light

polka dot sweaterThere was such beautiful light the other day, so me and my dear creative director decided to play around with it. Now I wish I had worn something more ethereal since the light was so warm and lovely– but who doesn’t love a good polka dot sweater? Also, I am obsessed with my leopard print flats. I can’t take them off.playing in the light

polka dot sweater

poka dot sweater Sweater: J. Crew | Jeggings: J. Brand | Shoes: LuLu’s

Meet Falstaff

falstaffThis is my parents’ new black lab, Falstaff. He is the cutest, sweetest, most handsome dog in the whole world. I was so excited to meet him and I am very jealous that he belongs to my parents instead of to me haha.

falstaffLook! A Falstaff rainbow!

falstaff 3Shirt: J. Crew | Skirt: J. Crew | Shoes: Frye

Lincoln Center Follies

simply styling: tattered jeans and a crochet cardiIt’s hard to believe that this very spot will be overrun by the best dressed people in the city next month for Fashion Week. Since every blogger in the country will want to shoot their gorgeous duds in this location in a few weeks, I wanted to get my Lincoln Center shoot in early! So, after seeing Zero Dark Thirty (a stellar movie that has my vote for Best Picture — so far.), my husband and I descended upon Lincoln Center and shot a few photos. I am not exactly in my NYFW finery — but this will do.

crochet sweater, leopard scarf, skinny jeans

skinny jeans, crochet cardi, leopard details

tattered jeans, leopard flatsShoes: c/o LuLu’s | Jeggings: J. Brand | Cardigan: c/o Sincerely Sweet Boutique

How to double your winter wardrobe — for free

double your winter wardrobeIf you are arriving from Pinterest, welcome!

Feel free to stay for a while and take a look around!


The number one question I get asked again and again is — “How do you afford all of those clothes?!”

Well, I don’t.

I just wear the same thing over, and over, and over, and over again in new ways (See? I bet you didn’t notice how much I wore that chambray top haha).

Recycling items is especially important in the winter. When sweaters cost $70+ a pop, you probably aren’t snatching them up like hotcakes the way you do with $30 sundresses in warmer months (I’m definitely not). So I compiled a few of my secrets below to help you double your winter wardrobe without buying a single thing.

♥ Layer: I can’t stress enough how important it is to layer effectively . You can wear the same sweater with different button downs and blazers until the cows come home and no one will be the wiser. My girl Molly over at Still Being Molly put together an amazing post about how to layer. Check it out.

Use your basics: That plain blue blazer and perfect tartan shirt? That white cable knit sweater? Those dark  jeans? Keep wearing them. Those four basic pieces can create a ton of cute outfits. Check out the different ways I wore the same J. Crew flannel here, here, and here.

Don’t forget about your jewels: If you’re like me, you have tons of random jewelry lying around. Jewelry can completely change the look of your outfit and breath new life into something you’ve worn before.

Approach your closet with a positive attitude: One lesson I have learned from blogging is to look at my closet like a lovely little (super messy) boutique. If I approach my closet thinking that I have nothing to wear, then I will inevitably get discouraged. I have tons to wear (and so do you!). Sure, I may have worn that purple gingham tons of times and my celebration jacket may not be much of a party anymore. But I can certainly wear it again in a fresh way!

What tips do you have to double the size of your wardrobe without buying a thing?

Is Eloise Home?

scotty sweater and oxford shirtHubby and I were over on the east side getting tie hooks from the Container Store because we are adults and purchasing tie hooks is how adults spend their weekends. Since we were so close to the Plaza Hotel, I insisted upon an impromptu outfit shoot that featured one of my favorite sweaters. Then we got froyo from the Plaza Food Hall. It was all very touristy and fabulous.

scotty dog sweater and boots

scotty dog sweaterShoes: L.L. Bean | Jeans: J. Crew | Sweater: J. Crew (worn here) | Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Cinderella’s Boxing

layered t-shirtI rarely wear t-shirts. I think t-shirts are pajamas and shouldn’t see the outside of your house — unless you are in a sorority and it is Rush Week or you are ill and have to make a quick NyQuil run. However, if a t-shirt is witty and makes me smile widely upon seeing it, I will abandon my rules and purchase it. I got this shirt from and it is now my favorite thing. Cinderella’s Boxing! I want to join this made up gym. Who’s with me?

cinderella boxing

layers and colored jeans

layers and colored jeansShoes: Asos | Leg Warmers: Target | Jeans: Urban Outfitters | Chambray: J. Crew | T-Shirt: and in black here| Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger | Mittens: My husband’s grandmother