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winter style 4Is it cold enough for ya? I would rather be in giant fleece onesie, but I don’t think that is appropriate.

winter style 3

winter style 2


winter styleBoots  Enzo Angiolini | Jeggings: H&M | Sweater: H&M | Chambray: J. Crew | Scarf: Brooks Brothers | Coat: Vintage, it belonged to my husband’s grandmother

Fall Florals

floral skirtI firmly believe that bold florals are ideal for winter and fall. When it starts to get cold, color is essential to keep your mood lifted.

This outfit marks the first cold weather shoot of the year. Look at how stiff I am, lol. I am just standing there like, ‘Take the picture, I’m dying.”

It’s all downhill from here, folks. I will forgive if you quit this blog and resume in May when I am able to move more freely.

fall four

fall 1

fall five

fall threeShoes: C. Wonder (old, but these are cute) | Skirt: ChicWish (c/o) | Jacket: J. Crew | Top: Asos

The fair weather blogger

winter is terribleWell you guys, despite the fact that it is day two of Spring, I have decided to put the blog on a brief hiatus until the weather gets warmer.

Let me stress brief again with italics — because seriously, it will be like a week (maybe two tops). I just need to thaw out a bit.

I made this decision for two major reasons:

1. You have seen all my Fall/Winter looks (multiple times) and they are beginning to bore ME — so I know they aren’t doing anything for y’all anymore. I would love to be able to rework my cold weather items for Spring, but it just isn’t warm enough for me to do so yet. Tragedy.

2. Taking photos in the freezing cold just isn’t fun anymore. This blog’s primary goal is to make me happy — not to give me a cold. When I find myself dreading the idea of shivering through another photo shoot, I know it is time to take a weather-induced vacation.

But rest assured that I WILL be back. I am hoping April brings us some sunshine and fun shooting days. What’s even more exciting is that I will be back with a plethora of chambray new(ish) looks.


It’s not Spring

black dressMarch has always been my least favorite month– mostly because March is such a little trickster. Usually, “the first day of Spring” is in March. In your mind you may think — oh, warm weather will start in March! This idea is 100% false. March goes in like a lion and out like one too. Here in the city, it has snowed twice and remained a solid 46 degrees. Blergh.

This black dress I am wearing has been sitting, long forgotten, in my closet. I don’t like to wear it because it is so unforgiving — and almost impossible to get on and off. This dress is the only bodycon dress in the history of the world that has absolutely zero stretch or give and one tiny zipper along the side to “help” you get it on and off. Invariably, I get the dress halfway on or halfway off and it gets completely stuck around my shoulders or lady lumps and I have to call in for assistance.

As long as I don’t eat anything all day but water and the souls of small children, and have an assistant to get me in and out of this dress, it is actually pretty cute. I especially love the leather detailing around the collar.

little black dress


black dress and blazerShoes: J. Renee | Dress: Zara | Blazer: Target

Hooray Neon!

neon and chevronI don’t really have anything to say about this look. Other than the fact that the shoes I am wearing were/are too big. So I was awkwardly hobbling around for the entire shoot. Not sure why I bought too big shoes, but I guess you live and learn.

Ah, shopping. So hard.

chevrons and neon

chevron and neon

neon and chevronsShoes: Target | Skirt and Shirt: Tobi

Freezing Fists

blue colorblockingI would like to take a moment to commend the amazing men and women of the fashion blogging universe for taking outfit photos all year ’round. That ish is hard. So hard, I have developed the dreaded freezing fists.

What is freezing fists you ask?

Well, friend, freezing fists happen when you go out to take outfit photos and your fists get so cold that they involuntarily ball up into tiny frozen fists in a commendable, but ultimately failing, effort to warm themselves. Freezing fists are often found in every outfit photo taken between the months of November and March. Please see the photo below for an in-depth analysis:

freezing fistsSee if you can spot freezing fists in the rest of the pictures below.

blue sweater and jeans

blue on blueJeans: J. Crew | Shirt: J. Crew | Sweater: Brooks Brothers (worn here)

Ugg-ly cold weather fashions we just can’t quit

The weather has turned cold, the leaves are falling, the temperatures are brisk… it is time. Time for those non-water repellant, non-slip resistant, partially wind-proof, and therefore completely impractical wool-lined boots to make their debut.

Despite their totally unchic, unbecoming, and downright u-g-l-y appearance, Ugg boots continue to make an appearance winter after winter.

The uniform is simple: tan uggs; black leggings; oversized tee; long, black feather-down coat if you are from the North and a North Face Denali jacket if you are from the South.

Perhaps women think Uggs are practical, perhaps they find comfort in looking like everyone else, perhaps they are drawn to Uggs because they look kinda cute over leggings and skinny jeans (my favorite way to wear them).

Whatever it is, Uggs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We ladies just can’t quit them.