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Friday Fab Four

After the endless rain this week, I decided that Hannah needs her first raincoat. I really love this one, but the idea of spending so much on a child’s clothing gives me pause. Before I had a kid, I used to fantasize about my child wearing the most fashionable clothes. Then I witnessed the horrors my child manages to inflict on her clothing before I can even get her downstairs for breakfast. After witnessing her blatant lack of sartorial respect, Hannah wears basic Gap and Target tshirts and leggings on the regular. This week I was randomly perusing Halloween treat recipes […]

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Friday Fab Four!

Uhhh, did you know you can buy swimsuits on Etsy?! Is there anything this site can’t do??? Hannah has been wearing overalls a lot this summer. They are SO CUTE. I put her in her little Martha Washington bonnet and she looks like a presidential farmer. I love these. I made my first homemade pizza! It was delish, except next time I am adding mozzarella to the recipe. Also, if you don’t have a pizza stone but you want to ensure your pizza crust is crispy, preheat your baking sheet to 500 degrees for 15 minutes before you put your pizza […]

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5 Online Shops I’m Obsessed With Right Now

  I recently discovered this ceramics shop on Etsy that makes every day ceramic pieces and (now here’s the kicker, people) ceramic jewelry. I ended up getting two pieces from the shop. This adorable heart necklace (pictured) and a giraffe pendant. I’ll show that one off soon. If you want to get yourself a piece from this store use the code ‘CLARABELLE’ to get 25% off!! Everyone is doing sassy t-shirts and makeup bags, but these pillowcases take sass to a whole new level. Oh, and for all you bed hogs out there, this pillowcase set perfectly stakes your claim on the bed. You guys, this […]

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Be Bold

This skirt was another Etsy find (I am obsessed with Etsy clothes!). The shop I found the skirt in has tons of gorgeous pieces made with beautiful African cloths. I definitely want to get a shorter one for the Spring. Booties: J. Crew | Skirt: Demestik’s on Etsy | Chambray: J. Crew

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A Very Etsy Holiday

In case you didn’t know. You can basically get anything that is cool and worthwhile on Etsy. This is a fact. So I have compiled 25 gift ideas, all from Etsy, to help make you the most popular gift-giver ever this holiday season. For the girl who’s house proud: This minimalist print for the newly married couple. This rope lamp for your friend who’s redecorating her bedroom in a nautical theme but, “doesn’t want it to get too over-the-top, ya know?” An antique wall mirror for your sister who is forever taking mirror selfies. An NYC-themed throw pillow for your best […]

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Hooray for Labor Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day off for Labor Day! To celebrate the American workforce (go us!) I wore some “stars” and stripes. It seemed fitting. Skirt: Etsy | Shirt: J. Crew | Shoes: J. Crew  

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Winter Patriotism

So, a few weeks ago I went to my Aunt’s ordination (woot!). We were all supposed to wear red to the service — but I wore black, ugh. The reason I wore black is not because I am terrible, it is because when I went to pack, I realized I had nothing red in my closet. Except for a sweater from Hollister which isn’t really appropriate for outside of one’s house. I found this absence of red very strange. How did I own nothing red? When I got back from the service I perused Etsy and I found this amazing skirt. It was […]

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Etsy Favorites

Etsy is THE best. Recently, I have started doing a lot more shopping on the site, so I wanted to share some of my very favorite stores. ♥ Necessity is the Mother: I have the cutest yellow skirt from this shop that I absolutely love. The designer of these stunning jumpers, skirts, and dresses makes everything by hand and, if my skirt is any indication, everything is incredibly well made. ♥ Delia Langan: One of my absolute favorite Etsy stores is Delia Langan. Delia handcrafts the most beautiful and dainty jewelry. I am obsessed with my I’m Hammered necklace. I never take it […]

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You had me at…

I am definitely buying this necklace. It is literally too cute to pass up — and SO affordable. And you know “affordable” is my middle name, y’all. photo from etsy p.s. this is my 500th post!

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Day 9: Casual and Carefree

I love this necklace. It is like carrying around a piece of the sea. skirt: Etsy | top: Urban Outfitters | shoes: Target | cardigan: Old Navy | necklace: H&M | Headband: Barney’s

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