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Friday Fab Four

I got Hannah her first apple cider the other day (which was also her first taste of juice! Double milestones!). Her drinking apple cider made me wonder what the difference between apple cider and apple juice is. Basically, apple cider is ‘raw’ apple juice. The more you knoooowwwww! This might be sacrilege to some, so prepare yourself. My husband bought Oreos the other day and they were not as delicious as I remembered. They tasted like chocolate and chemicals. I soon realized that the chemical taste was the filling. The filling was ruining everything! So I scraped the filling out and replaced […]

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By the Lake

These photos were taken on sunny Lake George. I was there last weekend, and the weather was just gorgeous. Old Georgie really came through for me this weekend, as it is common knowledge that winter (my least favorite season) in upstate New York lasts from September to June. Outfit is head-to-toe J. Crew

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