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Totally 90’s

I heard the 90’s are back. Hello chokers, grunge, and iridescent makeup! I decided to fully commit to this trend resurgence and dress exactly like a 90’s R&B pop princess (RIP, Aliyah *cue tears*). You can get away with this look when it is 100% humidity and 98° (pun intended) outside. Otherwise, you might be cold with this level of cropped-ness. Do you think 90’s pop princesses were always cold? Or were they warmed by their abundance of Benjamins? Shoes: New Balance | Jeans: J. Crew Factory | Top: Nasty Gal (old, but want this) | Sunnies: I think Amazon, […]

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Summer Lovin’

Summer is my favorite season because I can leave the house without fear. In the winter, I spend the entire time hoping I will be warm enough when I get outside and dreading that first blast of cold air. I always feel an immense sense of relief when I get outside and I am automatically warm. Also, I get annoyed by those little belt loops on dresses. This dress has them. It’s like, don’t tell me what to do, dress! Maybe I don’t want to wear a dumb belt. Shoes: Sweetest Stitch | Dress: Banana Republic (love this one)

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Purple Swag

I’ve worn this dress before on the blog, but I never liked the way the light looked. It seemed like anytime I wore this dress it was either dark out (because, I mean, it IS more of an evening dress). Or it started to rain so we had to shoot inside. But I finally got the chance to shoot it properly! This is one of my favorite fancy dresses. This dress is also pretty easy to wear as a top if you pair it with a midi skirt. Shoes: Kate Spade (love these)| Dress: Asos (I am obsessed with this)

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Brunch at the Theater

A theater in the area has recently transformed into a yummy restaurant. The best part — it’s child friendly so Hannah can live her best life without getting any side-eye from the baby haters. Shoes: Asos (old, but love these) | Skirt: Club Monaco (old, but this one is so cute) | Top: Sincerely Sweet Boutique 

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polka dot skirt

I got this skirt on Amazon

I love Amazon deeply. I order everything from there. Except food and clothes. Okay, that is a lie. I have purchased a pair of shoes, a clutch, cheap sunglasses, and nursing bras from Amazon. But overall I don’t  buy real clothes on Amazon — until now. I was stocking up on Boogie Wipes for Hannah when this skirt popped up as a suggestion for me. I was like, this is cute and $30, I will buy this. The quality of the skirt is good and it is a super fun pattern. Overall, I am definitely pleased! This doesn’t mean I will start buying clothing […]

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crop top

All Black (with a side of Sass)

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to shoot with the amazing street style photographer Danny Foto, aka Danny Hernandez, for a blog post. She lives here in Richmond (though she is moving to Atlanta in a few short months — boo!!). She has done some pretty incredible work, and even though she is five months pregnant she has no issue jet setting around the globe shooting at fancy events. You can see the rest of the photos she took here. Make sure to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest too! Shoes: Nine West (old, but love these) | Skirt: […]

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spring style

Color Your Spring

Richmond has some pretty awesome murals. They are all over the city and they are all so beautiful. The murals definitely adds some really unique charm to the town. And it makes location scouting for the blog a thousand times easier. 🙂 Also, I am so excited to share that I just signed on to write for Mode, a fun blogging network. I will be sharing some of my articles here from time to time if you’re interested in reading them. My first one is all about summer beach day must-haves. Can you tell I am so ready for summer? Shoes: Go Jane (similar) […]

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spring outfit

Come on, Spring

Full disclosure — it was cold when I took these photos. I am getting to the point where I am dressing in my Spring clothes in an effort to rush the process along. Maybe if I dress Spring-y the weather will stay warm.   Shoes: Nine West (love these) | Dress: Humble Chic c/0 | Top: JCrew | Bracelets: Bauble Bar  

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Your Spring Shopping List

It’s almost spring everyone! I know because the daffodils have started blooming (also it was 78 degrees yesterday). In honor of Spring, I pulled together a shopping list of fun things to celebrate the season. Clothes I have been eyeing this skirt for weeks. This pink color is so perfect for spring. It looks like it would go really well with chambray (lol). You could also dress it up for wedding season or wear it to work. I am not sure how practical this dress is, but it is a total dream. If you’re getting married this summer THIS is your […]

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valentines day

Valentine’s Day Date

This is a tough shopping time of year. There are still at least two cold weather months ahead of us (Yes, April, I am talking to you, too!). However, stores are busting out their resort-wear like we are in the middle of a heat wave! The result? You end up buying something that is not weather appropriate and freezing your cute little fanny off. It is the plight of many girls who think they need to wear something new for Valentine’s Day. Spoiler: You don’t. Valentine’s Day isn’t even a real holiday so just wear something you already have. Here’s […]

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