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Sister, Sister

sistersFor as long as I can remember, if there is a fully-functioning camera lying around, you can bet your bottom dollar that my sister and I are doing extensive, and fabulous photoshoots. The shoots usually comprise of hundreds of photos, all more absurd than the last. Please see a sampling of the amazingness below.

sister lovesister love

Do you have any crazy rituals that you do with your siblings? Share them below, beauties!

Endless Summer

endless summerWe technically have a few more weeks of summer remaining, but I always count September as the mark of the end of summer. I am so sad to see it go. Summer is my absolute favorite season (hands down). I am trying to get all of my favorite summer outfits in before I have to officially switch to sweaters and boots.

lilly pulitzer skirt

lilly skirtShoes: J. Crew | Skirt: Lilly Pulitzer | Dress (worn as shirt): American Eagle

Spotted & Dotted Mani

spotted and dotted maniI am having a bit of a nail moment. I just love doing my nails all of a sudden. Perhaps it is because I have gotten better at doing my nails. I used to be awful. Honestly, it looked like a baby took some paint and dumped it all over my hand. But now all that’s changed. I can stay inside the lines!


This is some nail art I did this weekend. It is super duper easy to do (unfortunately, I completely forgot to take step-by-step photos) so I wrote out the steps below:

First, gather your supplies. All you need is white nail polish for the base (I used Essie’s ‘blanc’) and select three colors for the dots. You also need three bobby pins to make the dots.the supplies

Now you are ready to paint!

  1. First, widen your bobby pins so it is easier to make the dots later.
  2. Start by painting your nails white. Make sure the white has nice coverage. No streaks, please.
  3. Wait for the white to dry.
  4. Take the first color of the colored nail polish and make a little pool of it on a small painting tray or paper plate. You only need a little bit.
  5. Dip the ball end of the widened bobby pin in the colored nail polish and gently dab the polish thats on the tip of the bobby pin onto your nails to make tiny dots.
  6. Continue steps 4 & 5 with the remaining polish
  7. Done!

Caption This!

I spent hours sifting through fashionable photos and selecting the best, most inspirational photos for my blog posts. Fashion photography is often very expressive (and sometimes taken a bit too seriously). Since I am girl who likes to have fun, I decided to start a “Caption This!” post series.

The rules are easy. Once a week, I post a photo. You leave a witty, funny, serious or profound caption for the photo in the comments section. I will post the best captions on the blog the next day.

Sound fun?



C A P T I O N  T H I S !

photo via the fashion spot

A Very Brown Thanksgiving

I’m back! I hope that your holiday was filled with many blessings!

The Brown Family Thanksgiving was wonderful this year! Let’s do a quick pictorial tour.

The gorgeous place settings

Can’t eat without utensils!

hmmm, my favorite part! Well, besides anything w/ carbs

pie… before

pie after… yum!

and no holiday is complete without a little fashion!

Happy Monday, ya’ll!



This photo perfectly captures my mood right now:

carefree, relaxed, and super excited.

I’ll be heading off tomorrow to enjoy a wonderful weekend

by the Lake with Mr. M.

I will resume my posts Monday!

I hope all of you have a magical weekend!


Photo Credit: Creative Commons * Photography: Simon Pais Thomas / Photo Asis: Lars Stephan * Make-up: Carla Gasic / MakeUp’s Asis: Carolina Fernandez * Stylist: Gabriela Cordero / Stylist’s Asis: Daniel Pacheco*
Model: Dayane (New Models / Brazil)