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The Perfect Gift Guide for Your Jewelry Obsessed Besties

Okay I WAS going to wait until after Thanksgiving to start gift guiding. Then I didn’t. So let the gift guides begin! As you can see from the photo below, Hannah is really excited to talk about gift guides. They are her favorite.

mommy and baby holiday

A classic gold ring is the perfect gift for your very best friend. Give one to her and keep one for yourself. It’s like chic friendship bracelets (except rings and super cute).

For your astrology obsessed friend, these zodiac rings are super cute and beautiful on!

This is my favorite Etsy shop to buy jewelry. The options are endless for unique, dainty, beautiful gifts.

Pearls and sparkles make this any girl’s dream necklace.

These tinsel drop earrings are perfect for the party gal on your holiday list.

Help your jewelry loving friend get organized with this giraffe trinket dish.

For your friend who’s always changing her mind, get her ‘jewelry‘ that turns heads but is totally not permanent.

A Dress A Day Till Christmas Day: Is it possible to have too many swing dresses? I don’t think so. This dress comes in black and red and is only $58!

10 Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts That Aren’t Wine

Thanksgiving is next week, you guys. Many of us our going to someone else’s home for The Big Feast. I’ve never cooked Thanksgiving dinner myself, but my mom has — let me tell you, it looks hard. So if you’re going over to someone’s house for dinner, bring a gift for the cook. She or he deserves it.

Also here is a picture of me and Hannah because she’s cuter than a picture of a Turkey.

preppy style

Here are some fun hostess gift ideas that aren’t boring. Not that wine is boring. It’s delish. It’s just that, you can do better — especially on a major holiday:

  • A cute ornament for the Christmas tree is sure to make your hostess smile.
  • Everyone needs a mobile phone charger. Goodness knows these iPhone batteries can’t hold a charge worth a darn. This one is as cute as it is practical.
  • A witty mug filled with luxe tea bags is a simple gift anyone would love.
  • Every girl needs cute sticky notes, amiright?
  • A jewelry dish is an essential item, and therefore a perfect hostess gift. Women should have a trinket dish in every room. I think I would lose a lot less bobby pins and earrings if I had a jewelry dish in every room.
  • Whether it’s a old sorority shirt, a shirt from your favorite concert, or some other special tee, everyone has an old tshirt they love. With this kit they can turn that tee into a lampshade. When I write it out it sounds kind of dumb. It’s actually really, really cool and would make a perfect gift for a crafty girlfriend or neighbor who’s cooking you a turkey dinner.
  • Flowers are always a great gift. Bring them in a cute vase so your host remembers the gift even after the flowers wilt.
  • For an extra special hostess gift, give the ultimate in home fragrance with a Jo Malone candle.
  • A pair of festive studs are perfect to help your host celebrate the season.
  • Pom-pom hats are all the rage this winter, and are surprisingly flattering on most face shapes. A cozy pom beanie in a neutral color is a great gift.

A Dress A Day Till Christmas Day: A good sweater dress is hard to find. They are either too bulky or don’t feel quite luxe enough for a special occasion. This one is a great combo of both warmth and unique details that make it feel fancy.

Your last minute Valentine's Gift Guide

Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is this weekend. Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to just send flowers to yourself and move on.

However, if you want to give a small gift to friend or lovah, but you accidentally/on purpose put it off until the last minute. I have compiled a few great last minute gifts that are sure to please:

If you feel like giving something sweet, but don’t want to spend all darn day in the kitchen because Netflix is waiting:

Blooms! (I happen to love flowers. I think they are a great gift for any occasion. But they are especially special on Valentine’s Day)

The Perfect Accessory:

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! I love all of you :)

A Very Etsy Holiday

In case you didn’t know. You can basically get anything that is cool and worthwhile on Etsy. This is a fact. So I have compiled 25 gift ideas, all from Etsy, to help make you the most popular gift-giver ever this holiday season.

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

For the girl who’s house proud:

For your friend who loves a good piece of unique jewelry:

For those girls who are weirdly obsessed with winter, and somehow always look cute despite the cold:

For pretties who love paper:

For the (moderate) nature lover:

I took the picture above in Williamsburg, Va.

A gift for your Mister!

hook and albertI recently collaborated with the lovely folks at hook + ALBERT to create a mini gift guide for men. Seriously, ladies, there is some great stuff on this site in terms of gifts for gents. Just a tip, hook + ALBERT socks are the best of the best and your man will love you forever and ever, amen if you buy him a pair. Also, gents check this shop out, I think any man could find something to love on hook+ALBERT.


Oh, and here is a surprise!! When you find something you like you can get 20% OFF using the code CLARABELLE from now until Jan 31st!! YAY!