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Worst Oscar Fashions… Ever

Before I begin, I must preface this post with a few things. #1. I don’t watch the Oscar red carpet. It is boring. During the red carpet drivel, I dutifully print and fill out my Oscar ballot. I take the Oscar’s very seriously and I will not allow my Oscar prep to be sullied by Gwyneth Paltrow in Armani, talking up her latest juice cleanse. I can usually see what people wear during the awards. #2. Have you ever noticed that the “worst dressed” pictures usually include little gold statuettes? That, boys and girls, is because actresses that spend less time worrying about what […]

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Top Ten Most Fashionable Leading Ladies

In addition to blogging, my other hobby is watching movies. Not those crappy movies adapted from ridiculous Nicholas Sparks “novels”, though. Good movies with fully fleshed out characters and beautiful cinematography. The leading lady can make or break a movie (we have all seen the disaster that is Twilight, so the importance of a competent leading lady cannot be disputed.) Me and my friend Victoria (remember her from this post?) spent some time determining who the most fashionable leading ladies of all time were. This was a incredibly hard list to generate, but I think we came up with some good picks. […]

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Wordless Wednesday | Bye Bye LBD

Say goodbye to the black dress standard. More fashionistas are picking rich, eye catching colors for going out on the town. I am loving all of the colors! What do you think of Gwen’s hot pink Prada dress? Is it a hit or miss, lovelies? sorry this post isn’t exactly wordless photo source

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