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A Mother’s Day Giveaway (On Instagram)

I wanted to pop in to tell you that I am giving away TWO (one for you and one for Mom) gorgeous coil rings, just like the one that’s pictured above, on Instagram today. The ring is from one of my favorite online jewelry shops, Ann Revere Jewelry. I wanted everyone to know so they can enter! Okay, that is all for today. xo

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Wearing a dress as a top

I don’t usually wear bodycon dresses in my daily life. They are great for special occasions, but tossing on a super form-fitting frock isn’t really for me. Instead of leaving them sitting all sad and neglected in my closet, I wear them as tops. Just tuck up the bottom hem a bit then tuck the dress into your jeans. Bam! You’ve got yourself a cute tee. Note: This method does not work for bodycon dresses knee length or longer. You will end up with a weird bulge around your waist which wouldn’t be so good. Also, I will be sharing […]

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Friday Fab Four

  Sometimes you find a store online that just makes your heart happy. I am SO excited to share the goodies I got from here in a few weeks. I mean, this coiled ring?! It’s like a jewelry dream. I am already looking at all the Spring dresses for baby Hannah. I LOOVE this one. Quick note about Baby Boden — it is the absolute cutest but it runs small. Size up one or two sizes. On the flip side, the Boden newborn dresses were the only ones that truly fit Hannah when she was brand new. You guys, I […]

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5 Online Shops I’m Obsessed With Right Now

  I recently discovered this ceramics shop on Etsy that makes every day ceramic pieces and (now here’s the kicker, people) ceramic jewelry. I ended up getting two pieces from the shop. This adorable heart necklace (pictured) and a giraffe pendant. I’ll show that one off soon. If you want to get yourself a piece from this store use the code ‘CLARABELLE’ to get 25% off!! Everyone is doing sassy t-shirts and makeup bags, but these pillowcases take sass to a whole new level. Oh, and for all you bed hogs out there, this pillowcase set perfectly stakes your claim on the bed. You guys, this […]

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The Perfect Gift Guide for Your Jewelry Obsessed Besties

Okay I WAS going to wait until after Thanksgiving to start gift guiding. Then I didn’t. So let the gift guides begin! As you can see from the photo below, Hannah is really excited to talk about gift guides. They are her favorite. A classic gold ring is the perfect gift for your very best friend. Give one to her and keep one for yourself. It’s like chic friendship bracelets (except rings and super cute). For your astrology obsessed friend, these zodiac rings are super cute and beautiful on! This is my favorite Etsy shop to buy jewelry. The options […]

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Fall Favorites

Now that Fall has become very real, some changes need to be made to my beauty routine. I emphasize a lot of fashion on this blog, but when I seasons change I usually change my beauty and accessorizing routines, too. Here are a few of my favorites for Fall: To put it as nicely as possible, my hair is a bit difficult to deal with. In the summer, it is easier for me to embrace the craziness that is my hair — but the Fall calls for sleeker styles. Now, my hair is prone to crazy dryness and breakage so […]

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Last Bit of Fall

It’s official, I am addicted to animal sweaters. I have had my eye on this J. Crew Scottie Dog sweater for  a while. When I saw it was 40% off at the outlet I just had to make it mine. Sweater: J Crew | Jeans: J Crew | Shoes: J. Crew (similar) | Shirt: J. Crew | Jewelry: J. Crew and Swell Caroline

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My Favorite Jewelry

Time for my second installment for Couture Cinco. I will be talking about my favorite jewelry in this video. Also, I have no idea why I am so close to the camera. However, if you haven’t gotten a good look at my face , now is your chance! Just in case you forgot, here are the remaining four members of Couture Cinco. Check out their videos too! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Couture Cinco is an initiative created by Dena and Leia to showcase five international bloggers who are all passionate about beauty and fashion.  

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Day 9: Casual and Carefree

I love this necklace. It is like carrying around a piece of the sea. skirt: Etsy | top: Urban Outfitters | shoes: Target | cardigan: Old Navy | necklace: H&M | Headband: Barney’s

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