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6 Signs That You Just Moved From NYC

It’s been nearly six months since I moved away from NYC. I miss it every day, but I am also getting used to my new digs and embracing life after The Big Apple.

However, there are some things that are really, really different…

A view of New York City from Central Park South.

  1. Everything is closed on Sunday: The good grocery store? Closed. Chick-fil-a? Closed. The yummy bakery? Closed at 2pm (which is basically closed in my book because who gets out of the house before noon on the weekend? No one, that’s who.). Look, I get that Sunday is a day of rest — but you can rest after I get my delicious chicken nuggets! Kidding, kidding. Sort of.
  2. You cannot hail a cab: Outside of New York if you stand on the pavement with your hand up in the air people will just stare; or maybe they’ll wave nicely thinking you’re giving the world a giant ‘hello’. To get a cab outside of NYC you have to follow this process: call a cab company, tell them your address, wait thirty minutes, then a middle aged man in a busted minivan will pick you up and take you to your destination. Or you drive. Most people just drive.
  3. The delicious fast food of your dreams is everywhereFive Guys, Chipotle, Tropical Smoothie, Panera, Sweet Frog, Chick-fil-a — all of these things are in one single shopping center. It is like paradise, people. AND, you don’t have to hide your Five Guys in your handbag and then eat it in your office bathroom, either. There is no shame in the fast food, game!
  4. The delivery options will make you cry: So long to the days of opening Seamless, seeing 50 delicious restaurants in your neighborhood that deliver and then complaining that, ‘ugh — NO ONE GOOD DELIVERS IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD!’ In other parts of the country the delivery options are Pizza Hut and Dominoes. Also, because there is no delivery you have to cook your own food. I can’t even get into that right now because the struggle is too real to write something coherent.
  5. Things are really cheap: $2 beers at happy hour. $7 salads for lunch. Oh, you can also rent an entire house for under $2k. Like, a real house with stairs and multiple bedrooms. It’s astonishing.
  6. There aren’t always lines: New York is pretty much a spotless, perfect haven in my eyes, except for the gosh darned endless lines. There were always lines. FOR EVERYTHING. I can’t tell you what a luxury it is to go to H&M and be able to try something on without standing in a line for twenty minutes.

I could add more to this list, but this is a good start :)

A Dress A Day Till Christmas DayVa Va Voom! This dress is not for the faint of heart. Grab it for NYE or a hot holiday date. See all the dresses on my Pinterest Board.

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A Farewell to New York

NYCNew York is my dream city. For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with NYC. It was the place I always dreamed of living and I was determined to make my dream a reality. So at the age of 23, I got the opportunity to move to New York and work at a small agency. I took the opportunity and haven’t looked back.

If someone told me I would spend my twenties in the city of my dreams working with some of the most influential people in my industry, befriending inspiring top fashion and beauty influencers, and planning and attending star studded events, I never would have believed it. But my New York dreams came true. I was completely devoted to this city and my job and I couldn’t have been happier or more grateful for my opportunities.


But New York is hard. Living in New York is harder than most can imagine. When you live here you are constantly battling. You battle the scorching heat in the summer and the unbearable cold in the winter, you battle for a seat on the subway and a place on the sidewalk, you battle for a dinner reservation or an invite to a glitzy event, you battle to make yourself heard in the boardroom, you battle to pay your rent and still eat, you battle to make time for drinks with friends or a date with your husband, you battle endlessly and it changes you as a person. For better or worse New York has made me ‘harder’. I know what I want and I’m not willing to compromise to get it. I never want to take a backseat in my life and I am lucky to be surrounded by people who think and feel the same way I do.

When I first moved to New York I thought I would live here for three years, five years max. Six years later I was still holding on but there were cracks in my perfect, concrete facade. What I realized was that I was never going to leave New York on my own, New York was leaving me. Like the college boyfriend who goes from sending flowers to only sending 2am drunk texts, NYC was pushing me away. The city was beginning to show me that I was becoming an outsider. I was slowing down. I couldn’t hang. Unlike my gorgeous, ambitious single friends, I was the married girl ducking out of industry happy hours to watch Netflix with my husband. Then I was the pregnant girl who could barely make it up the subway stairs without feeling faint. Going out was out of the question so I stayed in every weekend — and I worried endlessly about paying for childcare. The reality is, NYC is Never-Never Land for grownups. The more ‘adult’ decisions you make, the more the fairy dust wears off and you realize you need to return to the real world.


Then a few things happened all at once. My husband unexpectedly got a great job in my hometown, our lease ran out, and I was preparing to go on maternity leave for the summer. We were suddenly faced with the choice of staying in the city or returning to my hometown and be closer to family and raise our daughter in a balanced and more affordable environment. The choice was obvious. New York had officially broken up with me and I had to go.

I’m definitely not ready to go. If it was up to me I would live here until I was a crotchety old lady living with my husband in a Harlem studio with six or seven rambunctious dogs. I still love New York, but I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle the daily struggle of living here and the daily struggle of being a new mom. So when the opportunity to live an easier life with my new baby presented itself I had to take it. Trust me, once you see a woman lug a giant stroller up the subway stairs, or try to navigate her toddler away from the endless filth on the sidewalk, or overhear a mom talk about the kindergarten application process you realize motherhood in NYC is next-level hard.

So what’s next? I’m moving to Richmond, Va. We found a lovely apartment for less than half of what we pay now, we get to buy a car (I haven’t driven in seven years, people!) and I get to take some time off to enjoy my next big adventure: motherhood. Between loving on my new baby and cleaning her vomit off the walls of my new apartment, I hope to chronicle my new life on this blog like I’ve always wanted to.

Thanks for following along on my extended NYC adventure. I hope you’ll stick around for what’s to come!


Bump, meet The Internet

winter maternity styleYou guys, we have a lot to cover in this post. First, I’m pregnant! Yayayayayay! To answer your FAQs:

  • She’s a girl.
  • She’s due in late June.
  • We have a name but it’s not ready to be shared on the Internet just yet.
  • No, we aren’t moving.
  • Yes, we have a room for her (and a bathroom, too!).
  • I feel fine :) just tired, and really out of breath.
  • Matt is just as excited as me and super supportive!

Also, this post was supposed to coming to you from our fabulous Charleston babymoon. But the day we were supposed to leave our flight got cancelled due to ‘weather’ and wouldn’t be rescheduled for another two days. So we had to cancel the whole thing. It was such a bummer!! But we quickly remembered we live in NYC and can have a fun staycation, too. Even if it’s flippin’ FREEZING!

Okay, that’s all for now!

winter style

winter maternity style

winter style

winter styleBoots: LL Bean | Dress: Zara | Coat: Zara | Scarf: Zara | Gloves: Urban Outfitters

Winter Check In

Friends, I am so sorry I’ve been away so long! It is almost inexcusable. I have been traveling for work like crazy, and it has been so cold, I have been snuggled up in my house wearing sweats and dreaming of summer.

I hope you can forgive me. I promise to start posting more regularly again this month! I swear! Anyway, here’s a quick check in so you know what I’ve been up to.

winter style

wearing: Warm things! It has been so cold, I have been wearing layer upon layer of everything. You guys should have seen me at Fashion Week. Everyone was dressed so cute and I was over in the corner looking like a snow beast. Warmth over beauty, that’s what I always say!
listening: I actually need some music suggestions. I have been listening to my same old tired playlists. What have you guys been listening to?
reading: The Red Tent. I actually just started it. I am only about thirty pages in. So far so good, though!
watching: My husband and I watched Whiplash over the weekend and really liked it. Great movie with wonderful acting. Now we keep asking each other, ‘Are you rushing or are you dragging?!?!’ just like J.K. Simmons character. I also invented my own take on the question: “Are you a Russian or are you a dragon?!” Don’t ask… It literally makes no sense whatsoever. But I can’t stop saying it and thinking it is the funniest thing ever.
doing: Reading, watching TV, cleaning. Anything that involves me staying indoors :)
loving: The fact that, because of my work I have been able to travel to Miami and LA. I needed a change of scenery and a break from the cold weather and those little trips really helped. If only NYC had LA weather and LA palm tress. Then it would be paradise!!
hating: Ok this is weird, but because of the weather I have been wearing tights under my jeans/pants. But for some reason my tights do not want to stay up. It makes for an awkwardly saggy pants situation, which is not a good look.
wishing: Hmm I am not really wishing for anything at the moment. I am pretty content.
wanting: Some cookies from Insomnia cookies. Have you guys ever tried those cookies? Insomnia is pretty common in college towns. It is basically a place that delivers fresh, warm cookies. Seriously! It is the GREATEST invention of our modern world.

A pop of tweed

winter 3Head to toe black is a winter staple for any girl. It is chic, slimming, and most importantly, it’s easy to style. But sometimes, all the black can get boring. So adding a pop of color or pattern can really breath new life into an all black look. I added this old tweed jacket from Zara to complete my look.

winter 4

winter 5

winterShoes: Necessary Clothing | Pants: Asos | Top: H&M | Jacket: Zara (old, but this is a cute option)

Winter Brights

mural 1Hi all! Happy New Year! I took a short blogging break to spend some time relaxing on the couch with the hubsters. We watched enough HGTV to last a lifetime!

But don’t worry, I am back to start the new year with regular posts.


mural 2

mural 3

mural 4Shoes: C. Wonder | Jeans: H&M | Chambray: J. Crew | Jacket: Target (very old but love this) | scarf: NYC street vendor

Fall Chill Garb

fall styleIt kind of looks like I cut all my hair off in these photos. Don’t panic, I didn’t.


fall style

I went to Times Square so that you don't have to

times square 3Because we’re friends, I went to Times Square so that you don’t have to. Here’s what I saw there.

– Flashing lights around ads

– Crackheads

– Chain restaurants

– Construction

– American Eagle, Forever 21, Sephora, etc.

– Tourists

Your virtual tour of Times Square is now complete. You’re welcome! I hope you enjoyed it.

times square

times square 2Shoes: C. Wonder (old, but these are similar) | Skirt: Zara (old, but this one is similar AND on sale) | Top: J. Crew (love this one) | Necklaces: J. Crew and H&M


5 Years in NYC

This month marks my fifth year living in NYC, which is totally crazy to me. I always thought I would live in New York for one or two years and then head on back to VA where I would live with my parents forever and cater to them in their old age. Now I can’t imagine leaving this crazy town. I mean, where would I get my hair done?!

Fun facts: I haven’t driven a car since I got here. I will never own a home as long as I live in the city. I rarely grocery shop — mostly I order take-out because my kitchen is too small to cook anything worthwhile. I walk fast. I have to pay to do my laundry. I never have to worry about a designated driver on Saturday night. I don’t smile at strangers. I know the best froyo in town is on the 7th floor of Bloomingdale’s. I likely spend more to rent my apartment than you do on your mortgage. Living in New York is like living in whole new world. Sometimes I hate it, but mostly I love it.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 8.54.54 PM

Everyone is smarter than you: You might think you’re good at something, but you quickly find out that you’re mediocre at best when you move to the city. I think the phrase If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere, it’s up to you, New York, New York is basically a nice way of saying that this town is crawling with people who are better than you so sit down and shut up, ya big dummy. I firmly believe that you are only as smart as the people you regularly hang out with. So if you want to be a smarter person, come work in New York City.

You will become a bonafide food snob: I may have witnessed my husband, who is probably the chillest, nicest person ever, visibly cringe at the mention of TGI Fridays. When even your sketchy local bodega makes the best sandwich you’ve ever tasted, it is nearly impossible to go back to chains. My heart was broken when I recently went to Olive Garden (an old fave) and truly hated it. I could have cried. Curse you, delicious Eataly food!

People sometimes say passive aggressive (rude) things about living in NYC:

Stranger that you just met at a cookout in your hometown: “Oh, you live in New York?! Oh I could NEVER live there! It’s too crowded and loud and dirty and horrible.”

Now these haters people do have a valid point about the dirty and horrible part. Once you nearly step in human excrement in the park, a tiny part of you is never the same. But I also know that these people aren’t talking about human excrement, they are talking about Times Square — the only place they went when they visited NYC in the 11th grade. The memory of sweaty, doughy tourists packed together in a shimmering, blinking square mile of hell traumatized them for life. Don’t worry, I have a similar aversion to Times Square. It is the worst. The rest of the city is pretty great, though, so stop hatin’.

You will be poor: I am convinced that there is a secret ‘leaving fee’ in this town. The leaving fee states that the moment you step out of your apartment $50 is deducted from your bank account. This fee must exist otherwise I truly don’t know where all the money goes.

You will think about getting a dog, but then you’ll decide against it: I can not tell you how many times I have had this conversation:

Friend: Aww, look at that dog. Ugh, I want a dog!

Me: Me too!

Friend: I should get a dog.

Me: You totally should! Then I can play with it. My building doesn’t allow dogs (insert sad face).

Friend: Yea, but I work so much and the dog will be alone all day. Plus, dog walkers are so expensive. My neighbor has to pay one to come to her apartment twice a day!

Me: Totally. I guess it wouldn’t really be fair to the dog.

Friend: No, I guess not.


Seriously, I have this exact conversation every month. It never gets less sad.

Brunch: Brunch is a very important part of a New York dwellers life. Without brunch you would die. This is a fact. The best brunches have alcohol specials like unlimited or discounted breakfast cocktails. You will stop at nothing to get a table at this places. Then you will eat delicious yet overpriced breakfast foods and guzzle down mimosas like it is your last meal and you’re slated to be humanely executed by the state at 4pm (aka when brunch ends).

Anyway, all of this is to say that this city isn’t forever. New York isn’t exactly the best place to grow old. But if you ever get a chance to live here, do it.


Spring, finally.


spring has sprungYou guys, as of this weekend, it is officially Spring in NYC. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the all too familiar smell of evaporated dog pee is starting to permeate the air.

I. am. thrilled.

persifor dress

floppy hat and persifor dress

persifor dress and hatShoes; J. Crew Factory | Dress: Persifor  | Hat: Target (old, but similar here)