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Christmas Time Is Here!

christmas Let the holidays begin! I am obsessed with my holiday dress this season. It’s from Shabby Apple and I never want to take it off. Also, I can’t get over little girl’s serious face. Her little squishy face is just my favorite.



christmas 2Shoes: J. Renee (old, but these are similar) | Dress: Shabby Apple (c/o) | Earrings: Bauble Bar

 A Dress A Day ‘Til Christmas Day: I remember how hard it was to find the perfect dress when I was pregnant. It was hard to find affordable maternity dresses that fit correctly and weren’t weird, shapeless or poorly made. I relied heavily on Asos maternity to make me look presentable as I got rounder and rounder. They still have the best maternity dresses I’ve seen. And they don’t cost an arm and a leg either. This dress is airy, flowy and comes in two holiday-perfect shades.

Animal Theme

critter sweater and plaid

I took these photos across the street from the Natural History Museum. I had this novel idea that I would take my picture (wearing my puffin sweater) with the famed dinosaur skeleton in the lobby.

Puffin+Dino= Instant Animal Theme!!

Well, my animal theme plans were soon foiled. I did a quick location scout and realized that every Upper West Sider in the city was also in the lobby of the Natural History Museum just milling around and generally being in the way of my plans for an epic animal theme (let me just say “animal theme” again to really drive my point home — animal theme). So, I am really sorry, dinosaur. No photos for you. The sidewalk wins again.

critter sweater

plaid and a critter sweater

Shoes: Zara | Jeans: Forever 21 | Plaid: J. Crew | Sweater: J.Crew

Lenox Lounge

camel coat, chambray and pastelThese photos were taken at the now defunct Lenox Lounge in Harlem. Since it was such a major hotspot in the neighborhood, the community was pretty depressed when it shut down. However, there are whispers that it is making its triumphant return down the block at a venue that charges less rent.

camel coat, pastel skirt and chambray

camel coat, chambray and pastel

camel coat, chambray and pastelBoots: Frye | Skirt: Custom made | Tights: Asos | Chambray: J. Crew | Coat: J. Crew

Playing in the Light

polka dot sweaterThere was such beautiful light the other day, so me and my dear creative director decided to play around with it. Now I wish I had worn something more ethereal since the light was so warm and lovely– but who doesn’t love a good polka dot sweater? Also, I am obsessed with my leopard print flats. I can’t take them off.playing in the light

polka dot sweater

poka dot sweater Sweater: J. Crew | Jeggings: J. Brand | Shoes: LuLu’s

Geek Chic

geek chic These photos were shot in sunny, gorgeous Virginia! My hubby and I came into town to see my lovely parents and their new dog (who you will meet tomorrow). The weather was beautiful and it was great to shed my coat for a few days.

geek chic

geek chic

geek chic Shirt and Jeans: J. Crew | Shoes: c/o of LuLu’s

Pops of Color

pink and blackI spent the bulk of this shoot dancing around because it was colder than cold outside and dancing is the #1 most effective way to warm yourself — trust me, I’m a doctor.

Would you all mind if, from now until April, I just wore my giant winter coat in every single outfit post? If you want, I will even switch up the scarf I wear! Any takers? No? Okay.

pink and black

pink and blackShoes: Keds | Jeans: J. Crew | Belt: J. Crew | Turtle Neck” H&M | Bracelet: Delia Langan

A Casual New Year

preppyNurse your hangover in style.

Happy 2013!!

preppy blazer


blue blazerShoes: Zara | Pants: Urban Outfitters | Shirt: Ralph Lauren | Blazer: Tobi

A Year in Review

I just couldn’t resist the urge to make cheesy collages to highlight 2012.

What a great year it was!

Life Highlights

2012 life CollageI had some great life updates in 2012. I put my favorite moments in this collage.

I got married  I went on a glorious honeymoon  I celebrated three years as a Harlem gangsta  I got bangs  I have been blogging for nearly four years (though, in my humble opinion, I hit my stride this year.)

Outfit Highlights

2012 outfit CollageThis year I tried to introduce way more outfit posts and change this blog from a fashion inspiration blog to more of a style diary. It has been a great journey refining my personal style and showing off my tendency to wear the same thing over and over again on the blog.

In 2013 — expect even more outfit posts!

Happy New Year!

Freezing Fists

blue colorblockingI would like to take a moment to commend the amazing men and women of the fashion blogging universe for taking outfit photos all year ’round. That ish is hard. So hard, I have developed the dreaded freezing fists.

What is freezing fists you ask?

Well, friend, freezing fists happen when you go out to take outfit photos and your fists get so cold that they involuntarily ball up into tiny frozen fists in a commendable, but ultimately failing, effort to warm themselves. Freezing fists are often found in every outfit photo taken between the months of November and March. Please see the photo below for an in-depth analysis:

freezing fistsSee if you can spot freezing fists in the rest of the pictures below.

blue sweater and jeans

blue on blueJeans: J. Crew | Shirt: J. Crew | Sweater: Brooks Brothers (worn here)

Feeling Festive

plaid shirt and a-line skirtMay I just say that tartan shirts are one of the best inventions ever?  Instead of freezing your butt off in a drab black sweater, tartan adds color to your winter suffering.

Like I always say, suffer the cold fashionably, y’all! ( I have actually never said that. I usually suffer the cold quite unfashionably, but this year we’re turning things around, people!)

aline skirt and plaid shirt

plaid skirt and turtle neck

plaid skirt blue skirtSkirt: J. Crew ( similar — and even cuter here) | Shirt: J. Crew (similar) | Turtle neck: Old Navy