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Jennifer Lawrence — Red Carpet Winner

I like Jennifer Lawrence. I like her because she is incredibly talented and truly deserves the success she has seen as of late. I also like her because she epitomizes the girl next door. Lots of young actresses are called “the girl next door” but no one truly lives up to the title like Jennifer Lawrence. She is a quintessential white gal. I feel like everyone knows at least two people that closely resemble Jennifer Lawrence — blue eyes, moderately spray tanned, and a perfectly blown out blonde coif. Amiright?? Total girl next door. But here is the thing, ever since her big […]

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Worst Oscar Fashions… Ever

Before I begin, I must preface this post with a few things. #1. I don’t watch the Oscar red carpet. It is boring. During the red carpet drivel, I dutifully print and fill out my Oscar ballot. I take the Oscar’s very seriously and I will not allow my Oscar prep to be sullied by Gwyneth Paltrow in Armani, talking up her latest juice cleanse. I can usually see what people wear during the awards. #2. Have you ever noticed that the “worst dressed” pictures usually include little gold statuettes? That, boys and girls, is because actresses that spend less time worrying about what […]

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Wordless Wednesday | Bye Bye LBD

Say goodbye to the black dress standard. More fashionistas are picking rich, eye catching colors for going out on the town. I am loving all of the colors! What do you think of Gwen’s hot pink Prada dress? Is it a hit or miss, lovelies? sorry this post isn’t exactly wordless photo source

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The Costume Gala | Best Dressed

The annual Costume Institute Gala was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last night. I love this event because everyone always looks so wonderful. Also, all the stars who aren’t invited to the events during Red Carpet Awards season finally get to strut their stuff at this gala. The detail of this dress is what blows me away. Jennifer Lopez looks like a perfect princess in this luscious frock. Figure flattering, but not over the top like many of her other looks, J-Lo is spot on for this event. Anne Hathaway maintains the princess theme with her layers of […]

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My Golden Globe Favorites

I decided to omit the “Worst Dressed” section in this post. I  did this simply because it was raining at the Golden Globes last night. I noticed that Yahoo! some sites knocked on stars because their dresses or hair were “limp” or somehow not lustrous. Well, it was raining. Just because you know how to memorize lines and act in front of a camera does not mean you are immune to the horrible-outfit-ruining power of rainfall. I am sure starlets didn’t come to the Golden Globes with limp updo’s on purpose. This occurred because of the rain. Therefore, I commend everyone […]

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Taylor Momsen: You’re Halfway There!

One of the crappiest parts about being a 16-year-old, millionaire actress is the fact that you have to “find yourself” (and your sense of style) in front of the whole world. Miss Taylor Momsen is doing just that. She wants to be a rocker chick, but half the time she ends up looking like she just got robbed. However, Taylor seems to be finding a way to give her look that rocker edge and still look moderately normal. Her attire is still far from age appropriate, but that is not a battle not worth fighting. What do you think of […]

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I miss you, Gisele!

Gisele is the master of fabulous red carpet looks. Those silky, slinky, long, fabulous frocks she wears never fail to impress. Despite the intricacy of her dresses, she never looks over done. It’s almost as if she got ready last minute, one eye on the TV, texting Tom Brady, and generally paying little or no attention to the outcome of the look. Nevertheless, the look is always pure perfection. Flawless, careless, and completely fabulous. Now, Gisele, I know you’re off be fabulous and married with Tom Brady, but the red carpet really needs you back, dahlin’. Perhaps Baby Gisele can […]

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A surprisingly non-disastrous red carpet showing

When I think of young fashionistas I usually think of Emma Watson, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Chanel Iman and the like. Usually Audrina Patridge is the first person who pops into my head when I picture “self-centered” or “over privileged” or “moderately lifeless”. Nevertheless, Audrina has been surprisingly fabulous on the red carpet this summer. Perhaps she knows she has no business being at these events so she knows she better bring it. Whatever it is, she better keep it up. Her classy and age appropriate red carpet attire is refreshing. Let’s take a look… The 2009 Teen Choice […]

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