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Fall Prep

fall styleThis is the best time of year for layering because you can layer for looks instead of warmth. I mean when else can you wear a puffy vest and sandals? No other time, that’s when.

ALSO, I recently became obsessed with The Gap. I used to shop there in high school, but I stopped in favor of more trendy clothes from Express. Y’all I LOVED me some Express in high school. I once bought a tank top with a giant sparkly flower on it and nobody could tell me nothin’ with that tank on!

Anyway, back to the Gap. I sort of forgot about the place until Hannah arrived.  The Gap has some of the best baby clothes because they are 100% cotton, can be washed a lot, and they don’t have weird little sayings on everything. Also, they constantly have sales, which is helpful since Hannah grows out of her clothes so quickly. I decided to buy a pair of  Gap jeans while I was getting Hannah some new duds and they were amazing. So yea, now I love The Gap.

fall style

fall style 2

fall style Shoes: Necessary Clothing (love these!) | Jeans: Gap | Top: Gap | Vest: J. Crew Factory | Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane | Hat: Gap

A Dress A Day Till Christmas Day: You guys, I forgot to post a dress on Friday’s post! So today I am sharing two dresses. In honor of the holidays I chose one dress that’s a tiny bit naughty and one dress that’s nice.

Marty McFlyGirl

fall styleThis outfit reminds me of a glam Marty McFly. Though in hindsight I should have worn my puffy vest OVER my jean jacket. A rookie, error. I will try harder next time. Or maybe I will build a time machine and go back in time, reshoot this look, and repost it! OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH, tricky…

fall layers

fall outfit

fall look

fall lookShoes: Necessary Clothing (old, but love these) | Skirt: Express| Shirt: J. Crew Factory, similar | Vest: J. Crew | Jean Jacket: J. Crew | Sunglasses: Amazon (buy them in bulk)


In the trenches

trench coat for fallFashion experts tend to go on and on about ‘fashion staples’ that you must have in your closet. Many of these staples are not necessary, but a trench coat is! It is very necessary to get a trench coat in your life. They go well with everything and a solid trench will get you stylishly through the Fall and Spring seasons.

I will admit that buying a trench is a bit of a pain in the butt. So I compiled some shopping tips so you get the trench you want the first time (Unlike me. Don’t be me.):

  • Be sure to buy a classic trench in a classic color. The first trench I ever bought was baby pink. I loved it at first, but then I realized that a baby pink trench is not exactly wearable. There would be a day when the weather was perfect for a trench coat. But, alas, I would need to put together an outfit that goes with a dumb baby pink trench. Ugh, bad choice. Bad, bad choice! Always just get the khaki or stone colored trench. Learn from my mistakes. Do not buy a trench coat in a novelty color.
  • Make sure your trench is fully lined and made of good, thick fabric. Sometimes you’ll get a trench and it is just a thin piece of nothingness. That is not good. You want your trench coat to be both stylish and warm. Don’t settle for less than that.
  • You can splurge on a trench but you don’t have to. Yes, a Burberry trench is the gold standard. But don’t feel bad if you can’t get one. I got my trench from J.Crew Factory and I looove it!
  • Size up. I almost always wear my trench with bulky layers. Your trench should never be tight or pull so the safest option is to size up!

trench coat for fall

trench coat for fallTrench: J. Crew Factory | Shirt: J. Crew | Dress: J. Crew Factory (similar) | Boots: Nordstrom (similar) | Sunglasses: J.Crew Factory (similar)


Waaay Up!

off the shoulder top and jeansIt’s time to have a serious conversation. I need new jeans. I am still hanging on to my old Express jeans from college. I mean they are lovely but I want fancy, big girl jeans. The issue with jeans is you have to go to the store and try them on and make sure they fit perfectly and the whole song and dance. I prefer online shopping because it never involves fitting rooms, or salespeople.

But I must bite the bullet and go shop for jeans.

What are your favorite jeans brands? What jeans do you hate?? I’ll take your tips with me shopping!IMG_3686


off the shoulder top and jeans

off the shoulder top

off the shoulder top and jeansShoes: J. Crew Factory (love these) | Jeans: Express (OLD) | Top: Amazon | Sunnies: Amazon (similar)

The Story of the Alleyway

Graphic tee and pencil skirtSo here’s the thing. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I miss NYC every single day. I miss my friends desperately, I miss the familiarity, and I really miss getting everything delivered. This going to the store business is for the birds. But I am slowly getting used to my new life, and occasionally cool things happen that tell me that even if Richmond isn’t where I want to be right now, it is where I am supposed to be.

So, when I got married (in Richmond) my photographer shot some great portraits of me and my wedding party in a random alley. It made for great photos — see below:

ruffle collar wedding gown

modern-chic-wedding_716Well you guys, I ended up moving to an apartment — literally — right next to this alley. So random, right?! So of course I HAD to do a shoot here, and show also Hannah. (Note: Hannah was so impressed by the alley that she fell asleep.)


graphic tee and pencil skirt

graphic teeSkirt: Victoria’s Secret (similar) | Top: Etsy | Shoes: Necessary Clothing (similar) | Sunnies: Urban Outfitters (love these)

Style After Baby

post baby styleGetting dressed post baby is a challenge. You don’t quite fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes yet, and you’re sick of wearing the same tired maternity outfits you wore on repeat during the last trimester.

For me, it is my newly acquired pregnancy booty that is keeping me out of my pre-pregnancy pants and skirts. I’m still trying to decide if my new butt is really so bad. It definitely needs some major toning, but maybe I’ll just buy new pants…

Anyway, I have been staying true to my maternity dresses (and pajamas, let’s be honest) in the first few weeks since Hannah’s debut. This one was my absolute favorite. My old boss actually gave it to me after her pregnancy. It is the best most comfortable, breezy, cute dress ever. I think it looks just as good without the bump.

post baby style

post baby style

post baby styleShoes: Necessary Clothing (love these) | Dress: Asos (love this one) | Sunglasses: Amazon

East Coast Mama

pregnancy styleComfort and cuteness is hard to attain when eight months pregnant. But I partnered with Oh Baby Chic who has the cutest maternity tees that also happen to be the softest material ever. The great thing is you can dress their tees up or down — I’m addicted.

pregnancy style

pregnancy style

pregnancy styleShoes: Nasty Gal, love these | Pants: H&M Maternity | Tee: Oh Baby Chic | Blazer: H&M

End of Winter Brights

maternity styleOh hey, it’s your favorite puffy-faced pregnant friend checking in to tell you that I’ve officially broken out my spring colors. I just can’t bear to wear another black sweater!

winter maternity style

winter maternity styleShoes: Piperlime | Dress: C. Wonder (now closed, but this one is similar) | Coat: J. Crew Factory | Bag; Persifor: (old, but love her new ones)


winter style 4Is it cold enough for ya? I would rather be in giant fleece onesie, but I don’t think that is appropriate.

winter style 3

winter style 2


winter styleBoots  Enzo Angiolini | Jeggings: H&M | Sweater: H&M | Chambray: J. Crew | Scarf: Brooks Brothers | Coat: Vintage, it belonged to my husband’s grandmother