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90 Fashion Tips To Help You Be (More) Awesome

90 fashion tips to help you be awesome

  1. Smile — we are all occasional victims of BRF, but there’s no need for it to be chronic.
  2. Wear it in black.
  3. Large, dark sunglasses are always chic (just never wear them inside).
  4. Denim is always in style.
  5. Find a tailor and visit her often.
  6. Do not splurge on trends (ever).
  7. Nude pumps are always a good idea.
  8. Loud, oversized logos are not okay after age 18.
  9. Don’t charge clothing to a credit card.
  10. Invest in a nice blazer.
  11. Show skin strategically.
  12. Wear colorful accessories.
  13. Take a skin, hair, and nails vitamin every day.
  14. Avoid ruching.
  15. Do not underestimate the power of a fashion scarf.
  16. Buy your size.
  17. Don’t shop with a friend. You will inevitably purchase something you don’t like.
  18. Always have a lint roller.
  19. Wear the right undergarments.
  20. If you don’t like it, don’t wear it.
  21. Embrace your personal style.
  22. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale.
  23. Pack emergency flats.
  24. Don’t dress for men. Just… don’t.
  25. Before you leave the house in white — do a light check. See-through stinks.
  26. Layer your accessories.
  27. Buy a nice pair of riding boots, you will wear them forever.
  28. Don’t criticize yourself. You’re a hot chick.
  29. Sundresses with pockets are the best kind of sundresses.
  30. Mix prints.
  31. Leopard print flats, buy some.
  32. Add an element of surprise to every outfit (even if it’s lacy undies).
  33. Polyester is a cruel mistress, avoid her if you can.
  34. Pair loose clothes with tight ones for a balanced look.
  35. Never wear loungewear to the airport.
  36. Own a killer LBD.
  37. Don’t be afraid of bold patterns.
  38. Get out of your fashion rut and try something new for a change.
  39. Dress for your body, not your age.
  40. Great coats are always in style.
  41. WWKMW — “What would Kate Middleton wear?”
  42. Check your backside before you head outside.
  43. Special events are no time for something new — wear what you know looks good.
  44. Own plenty of crisp white tees.
  45. Mix your girliest pieces with your most casual pieces for a great look.
  46. Cuff your boyfriend jeans and wear them with pumps.
  47. When in doubt, buy denim smaller — it will stretch.
  48. There is no excuse for pajamas outside.
  49. Leggings will never be pants.
  50. Buy fun tights (but they should always be mostly black).
  51. Go see a cobbler — make your favorite shoes last.
  52. Black bathing suits hide a multitude of sins.
  53. Dress in color themes, don’t worry about matching perfectly.
  54. Confidence is the best accessory.
  55. Jazz up an outfit with red lipstick.
  56. When it doubt, overdress.
  57. Don’t wear jeans to a wedding — even if it is “casual”.
  58. Speaking of jeans — they should always be dark wash.
  59. Layering is your friend.
  60. Clean out your closet every year.
  61. Double sided tape can save a girl’s dignity.
  62. If you feel uncomfortable in the morning, you will feel uncomfortable all day. Change.
  63. There’s no excuse for not owning an iron.
  64. Tide To Go pens (just saying).
  65. Get your white button down shirts starched for an extra polished look.
  66. Uggs are not for grown women.
  67. Invest in a good wallet.
  68. Know what neckline looks best on you.
  69. Shorts can be sneaky buggers, skirts are always a safer option.
  70. Get your pencil skirts tailored for an knock ’em dead fit.
  71. Go easy on the sparkle — less is more.
  72. You can be comfortable without resorting to pajamas or hoodies.
  73. Know your measurments.
  74. Organize your closet.
  75. Pick your outfits the night before.
  76. Don’t feel compelled to listen to your mother — get your own style. Let her have hers.
  77. Don’t wear anything too flashy on a first date.
  78. Good posture will make any outfit look better.
  79. Only wear heels your can walk in comfortably.
  80. Strapless is a very unforgiving neckline, choose wisely.
  81. It’s okay to skip a trend (even if “everyone” is wearing it).
  82. Know when it’s time to throw something out.
  83. Dress for the weather, colds are never cute.
  84. Learn from your fashion mistakes, don’t wallow in them.
  85. Only buy one special occasion dress per year.
  86. Don’t buy something just for the label.
  87. Don’t let your insecurities rule your shopping decisions (again, you’re a hot chick).
  88. Smile when you try something on. Even if you don’t like it.
  89. It is so easy to buy great clothes for less. Don’t buy things you can’t afford.
  90. Be your best-dressed self every day.

5 Fashion Mistakes You Might Accidentally Be Making

5 Fashion Mistakes You Might Accidentally Be Making Charging clothes to your credit card: If you are using your credit card to buy clothing, you should stop — immediately. Use your credit card to fund that trip to Europe you’ve wanted to take since you were five, or  to buy that new laptop to jump start your small business. Don’t use your credit card to buy an overpriced jacket. Just go to H&M if it’s that serious.

 Making reckless “on sale” purchases: Everyone loves a sale. No seriously, everyone really does. But the point of a sale is to buy something you want at a discounted price. Do not go into a store and buy some ugly sundress at an end of season sale because “Omg, it’s 75% off! I can totally get this tailored so it fits”. You will never get the dress tailored (and even if you did, it would still be ugly). Save your money and walk away.

 Holding on to clothes that are out of style: Now, every woman holds on to clothes that don’t fit. I mean, you have to. It’s motivation to work out one day in the future sometime. But, those low rise, light wash, flared jeans that landed you your first boyfriend in the sixth grade have got to go, honey. Take them to the trash, drop them in, and forget.

Neglecting to buying your size: Fact — you look skinnier wearing clothes that fit.

 Not educating your man: Now, you ladies always look good. I am serious. Some of you follow me on various social platforms and I see your avatars! You go, ladies. But behind every well-dressed woman is a lovable man in a sweatshirt. Ladies, educate your men folk. Introduce him to a tailor (suits are not meant to be worn off the rack — I am talking to you, Mr. Baggy Suit Pants). Teach him about the power of dark wash jeans. Warn him of the dangers of cargo pants after age 12. Ladies, it is your right to go to dinner with a man who knows how to properly button a suit jacket! Go forth and educate.

Do you have any accidental fashion mistakes to warn us about?

Let’s make transitioning to Fall easier

Eight tips to help you transition into fall

Labor Day will be here before we know it. *Tear*. As we say goodbye to lazy beach days and summer Fridays, let us look forward to chunky scarves and cute boots. Here are a few tips to help transitioning into Fall easier.

  1. First, use this list to buy things if you are itching to go shopping.
  2. Don’t chuck those sundresses! Pair then with opaque tights and a dark blazer for a look that’s perfect for cool Fall days.
  3. Embrace Fall colors. Don’t be afraid of browns, golds, reds and oranges. Especially in jewelry. I mean how cute is this burnt orange necklace or the matching bracelet? Perfect.
  4. Layer, layer, layer. Fall is all about layering. Those breezy button downs you wore all summer? Put a cozy sweater over them. I am also partial to wearing two button downs at once.
  5. Stock up on cute scarves, fun outerwear, and boots. Those items are Fall essentials. Once you have those, the rest kind of falls into place.
  6. Keep an all purpose jacket (like a nice denim jacket) at your desk. Fall weather can be a bit crazy, so be sure your look is always ready for the ever-changing temperatures.
  7. Invest in a statement cardigan. I recommend getting one with a bit of sparkle — as the weather cools down, you’ll need something to remind you of shining summer months.
  8. Pay attention to the fabric-to-skin ratio. It the summer, you can let it all hang out. In the Fall, you either show off your legs, or show off your arms. Not both. I usually like to go with arms. That way, if it gets chilly, you always have your emergency jacket.

Any other tips you would like to share? xo

50 Tips to Help You Blog Like a Rockstar

Wanna start a blog or make your blog better? I have compiled 50 tips to help you blog like a Rockstar.

50 tips to help you blog like a rockstar

  1. Blog about something you are obsessed with
  2. Write a post at least once a week
  3. Make sure your blog images are large and high res
  4. Make friends with other bloggers
  5. Use a white background for your blog
  6. Make sure the overall design of your blog is clean and modern
  7. Don’t underestimate the power of Pinterest
  8. Credit all images  you borrow
  9. Use original images as often as possible
  10. Write great headlines
  11. Reply to e-mails and comments from readers in a timely fashion
  12. Guest blog on other people’s sites
  13. Invest in a nice camera
  14. Don’t start blogging just to make money or get free stuff
  15. Promote your blog on social media (in moderation)
  16. Show your personality through your blog
  17. Don’t give up!
  18. Take time to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  19. Make commenting on your blog easy for your readers
  20. Have your own domain name
  21. Make sure you are proud of every post
  22. Rename all your images (img546.jpg is not an acceptable name)
  23. Remove the phrase, “I don’t have time” from your vocab
  24. Jot down inspiration as it comes (in a notebook or on your iPhone)
  25. Don’t be afraid to take brief blogging vacations
  26. Drink a glass of wine before you blog
  27. Always be creative
  28. Don’t second guess your ideas or put yourself down
  29. Proofread
  30. Never stop reading
  31. Blog about your life
  32. Have weekly or monthly features to give your blog consistency
  33. When in doubt, keep it short
  34. Don’t ever have auto play music on your blog
  35. Be funny
  36. Create a whole post based on a great reader question
  37. Keep your posts positive
  38. Keep up with current events
  39. Never be rude or belittle a reader
  40. Smile when you write
  41. Practice and refine your photography skills
  42. Learn basic photo editing.
  43. Use video
  44. Only collaborate with people/companies that you believe in
  45. Don’t forget why you started blogging
  46. Have fun
  47. Add share buttons to your blog
  48. Don’t forget: The harder something is to do, the bigger the rewards are.
  49. Embrace your haters (it means you’re doing something right)
  50. Be generous with your ideas and knowledge

So, about Instagram

I would just like to take a quick moment to speak about what is quite possibly my favorite social platform, Instagram. I freaking love Instagram. I have often considered moving my blog to Instagram because no one wants to read what I write anyway.

However, I do think there some things you should and should not post on Instagram. Listen to these tips. I am a professional.

Continue Posting These Things:


Photos of yourself lookin’ all fresh: You have to be careful with this one. Don’t turn into that girl with an Instagram account full of bathroom mirror shots. You gotta get creative with the selfie, y’all. If you just got a blowout — girl, you better show that ish off! You look hot. Own it!  A blowout only lasts, like, 12 hours tops. That hair needs to be documented for posterity.

Your Food: There are people who may disagree with me on this, but those people are wrong. Continue to post photos of your birthday fois gras or that “homemade” salad you made. I also enjoy the food captions greatly. Like when people call basic spaghetti, “fresh basil and tomato infused red sauce over organic bow tie pasta with hand grated parmesan cheese.” Continue doing that.

The city you live in: Many of the people I follow live in NYC, aka the most photogenic city in the world. Yes, I have seen the NYC skyline, like, a bajillion times by now. However, when you put the right filter on the Chryster Building, something inside me changes and I fall in love with it all over again. The same goes for you DC folks. The Capitol Building never gets old. Neither do photos of affluent Georgetown neighborhoods.

Throw Back Thursday: Let’s never stop doing this.

Artsy shots of random things: Nail polish bottles are art. I want to see them through your creative vision. While you’re at it, slap some Lo-Fi on that shot to boost the color.

Your outfit/nails: Because, obviously.

Things you should stop posting:

Screen shots of quotes: These quotes never make sense. They always say something absurd like, “No matter how deep the river, all you have to do is believe you can cross it to reach your dreams.” What? I don’t understand this. Save your dumb quotes for Pinterest (Yes, I have a dumb Pinterest quote board — and it’s the best.)

You ‘taking a nap’ with your significant other: This is bad because it perpetuates a lie. We all know  “sleeping in each others arms” is a myth created by Nicholas Sparks to sell books and make women think their relationships are inadequate. Also, we know the couple-sleeping photo is just a glorified selfie. So basically you are pretending to be asleep, which is just too embarrassing. If there is a third person in the room photographing your slumber, please stop what you’re doing and call the police.

Screen shots of those little yellow iPhone notes: This scenerio plays out something like this: Person writes, “If u aren’t gonna call me back, fine… if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.” in their notepad on their iPhone. Then said person takes a screen shot of the note and posts it on Insagram. This is a mistake because Instagram is about making photographic art out of nail polish bottles, not passive agression. Also, we are skirting dangerously into FB territory with that type of behavior. I don’t care about your relationship, I care about what color your nails are. Post your nails.

Anything else you want to add?

photo source

How to double your winter wardrobe — for free

double your winter wardrobeIf you are arriving from Pinterest, welcome!

Feel free to stay for a while and take a look around!


The number one question I get asked again and again is — “How do you afford all of those clothes?!”

Well, I don’t.

I just wear the same thing over, and over, and over, and over again in new ways (See? I bet you didn’t notice how much I wore that chambray top haha).

Recycling items is especially important in the winter. When sweaters cost $70+ a pop, you probably aren’t snatching them up like hotcakes the way you do with $30 sundresses in warmer months (I’m definitely not). So I compiled a few of my secrets below to help you double your winter wardrobe without buying a single thing.

♥ Layer: I can’t stress enough how important it is to layer effectively . You can wear the same sweater with different button downs and blazers until the cows come home and no one will be the wiser. My girl Molly over at Still Being Molly put together an amazing post about how to layer. Check it out.

Use your basics: That plain blue blazer and perfect tartan shirt? That white cable knit sweater? Those dark  jeans? Keep wearing them. Those four basic pieces can create a ton of cute outfits. Check out the different ways I wore the same J. Crew flannel here, here, and here.

Don’t forget about your jewels: If you’re like me, you have tons of random jewelry lying around. Jewelry can completely change the look of your outfit and breath new life into something you’ve worn before.

Approach your closet with a positive attitude: One lesson I have learned from blogging is to look at my closet like a lovely little (super messy) boutique. If I approach my closet thinking that I have nothing to wear, then I will inevitably get discouraged. I have tons to wear (and so do you!). Sure, I may have worn that purple gingham tons of times and my celebration jacket may not be much of a party anymore. But I can certainly wear it again in a fresh way!

What tips do you have to double the size of your wardrobe without buying a thing?

Matrimony Monday: How to be a great wedding guest

Attending weddings is one of my favorite things to do. Everyone is happy and dancing and having a good time. Planning my wedding taught me even more about how to be a great guest. I compiled a  list below to help you (and me) be the best wedding guest ever.

Pay attention to the invitation: The invite will tell you everything you need to know about the wedding. There are two important things to pay extra close attention to: the people named on the invite and the date on the rsvp. The people listed on the invite are the only people invited. Bringing an uninvited guest could cause issues with seating and available food. Secondly, the bride and groom want to know if you can make it (they are also loving the influx of mail they are currently getting)! Be sure to rsvp promptly so they can make all the necessary arrangements for you.

Sign out during the important parts: During the ceremony, the speeches, the first dance, and other key wedding moments don’t text, Facebook, Instagram, FourSquare or anything like that. Pay attention, smile, snap one or two photos, say things like “aww” and “how nice”. In short, be present.

Stay: Most weddings are about six or seven hours (combining ceremony, cocktail hour and reception time). During that time you are bombarded by free food, free drinks, happy people and general merriment. It’s awesome. So don’t leave halfway through. Really, what else do you have to do? Stay! Dance, chat, eat drink and be merry. If you ditch after dinner, the bride and groom are entitled to give you the side-eye.

 Dance: Music+free liquor=a good time. That equation is a proven fact. Get up and dance. Even if you “can’t dance” just do it. Good music and dancing makes everything more fun. If it didn’t then why are shows like Glee so successful? If you are that girl/guy in the back texting and eyeing the coat closet you probably shouldn’t attend anymore weddings. Ever. They aren’t for you.

Bring a card: Weddings can be expensive for everyone involved, including the guests. So if you are planning to send a gift to the couple at a later date that is fine (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise). You should always bring a card, though. And leave a nice note inside, too. Little things like that make a big difference.

Talk to people: Remember how I said everyone is happy at weddings? Well they are. So talk to people! Ask them to dance, too. Weddings are a great time to see people at their best. So don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to strangers.

 Show Up: Here’s a way to become really unpopular really fast. RSVP yes and then don’t show up, with no explantation at all. It is one thing if you call the bride or groom in advance and let them know you can’t make it. Things come up, that is understandable. However, if you are a straight up no show, expect a cold shoulder or two.

RSVP “No” if you don’t want to go: Remember, you are the master of your own social calendar — and your own bank account. A wedding invite does not mean you have to attend. Obviously, the couple wants everyone they invite at their wedding. However, the bride and groom don’t want Moaning Myrtle at their wedding either. So if you don’t have the cash or you are not on good terms with love at the moment. Don’t go. It will be fine.

Dress nicely: Use this mantra: This is a wedding, not a night club. Chant the mantra multiple times as you give yourself a once over in the mirror. If you  begin to feel pangs of self doubt after the third or fourth chant, you should rethink your look. Also, if you have to text a friend and ask if your dress has “too much white in it”  — it does, so you should pick another dress. Oh and don’t wear jeans. Ever. Even if the invite says “casual”. Stay strong and resist the pull of denim, comrade!

all photos via Katelyn James